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Naren Aryal
CEO and Publisher
Mascot Blog

Josh Patrick
Sales and Marketing Director

Todd Civin
Acquisitions Editor

Laura Vasile
Senior Production Manager

Meghan Reynolds
Author Services Representative

Josh Taggert
Design Manager

Brad Vinson
Graphic Designer

Danny Moore
Graphic Designer

Debbie Nosil

About Us


Mascot Books was founded in 2003 with a single title about a university mascot. That’s how we got our name and that’s how we got our start. From there, we’ve gone on to publish nearly 1,200 books of all genres. Through our Mascot Authors Program, we’ve introduced a trusted and respected alternative to pure self-publishing that offers authors the production capabilities of “traditional” publishing and access to meaningful distribution channels.

It all starts with good content, and if you have that, we welcome the opportunity to review your submission and talk further about your project and our program for authors.

Naren a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
CEO and Publisher

With over 12 years experience as both an author and publisher, Naren is an industry veteran who knows his stuff when it comes to book production, marketing, and distribution.

Josh a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
Sales and Marketing Director

Josh has been with Mascot Books since 2008. He started off in retail sales and has sold millions of dollars of books in the past 7+ years. Currently Josh is the Director of Sales and Marketing. He works with children’s book authors, providing guidance and advice through production, marketing, distribution, and sales.

Laura a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
Senior Production Manager

Laura has been with Mascot Books since January of 2012. After starting out doing freelance editing for the company, she was quickly hired as a full time project manager and editor. Within a year, Laura became the senior project manager and now oversees the department as a whole, as well as managing many of her own projects directly. The project management side of her position allows her to work closely with authors on their books from the script stage all the way through to printing and shipping.

Meghan a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
Project Manager

Meghan joined Mascot Books in February of 2014. She is a project manager, working with authors from the early stages of script all the way through production and printing. Meghan’s job involves coordinating all the many pieces that go into producing a book.

Susan a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
Production Manager

Susan joined Mascot Books in March 2015. She serves as a Production Assistant and manages a few projects of her own. She loves working with authors on their manuscripts and she has even been known to write a few stories herself! Susan also handles shipping books from the printer, mostly because she loves sending the “your books have shipped!” emails.

Maria a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing
Manager of Author Services

Maria joined the Mascot Books team in March of 2015.  She is looking forward to working directly with authors to aid in marketing, sales, and distribution efforts.  In addition, Maria enjoys keeping Mascot Books’ social media following up to date on our latest releases and events.

Debbie a Self Publishing Expert from Mascot Books Publishing

Debbie joined Mascot Books in December 2010 as the assistant bookkeeper. She became the bookkeeper in January 2014. She gets really excited about spreadsheets (especially those containing nifty formulas)!

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