The state of Nigeria rests upon a knife’s edge. Dwindling oil prices, global shifts away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and the ubiquity of corruption in the country’s bureaucracy has created palpable fear. It cannot only be felt at the local, state, and national levels, but in communities, schools, and the homes of its citizens.

Despite these issues, as one of the leading oil- and gas-producing countries in the world, Nigeria has a responsibility to lead the African region out of poverty and into the modern world. They have the resources and determination, but it will take overcoming decades of entrenched corruption to find a way forward.

Nigeria: A Failed State? treats in exhaustive detail the history of Robert Nwadiaru’s home nation and the contemporary political, social, and economic obstacles facing the country as it attempts to modernize.

Nigeria - A Failed Statei

Nigeria: A Failed State?
Profound Treatise On A Crippled Giant

ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-576-4
Publisher: Mascot Books

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Robert Nwadiaru

About the Author

ROBERT NWADIARU is a Nigerian writer, motivational speaker, catechist, former Religious Brother, and university professor. For the past twenty-five years, he has published articles about his home country and his faith, three of which can be found in the appendices of Nigeria: A Failed State? He is a member of Tate Speakers Bureau and jointly managed a public relations agency with his cousin in Lagos, Nigeria. He resides in New York City.