The Rumble Hunters


For the courageous Rumble Hunters, the things that go bump in the night don’t stand a chance! When James, their fearless leader, hears a curious rumble in the middle of the night, he embarks upon a late-night mission to “hunt that sound.” Along the way, he gathers a heroic band to aid in his quest. It’s hard to know who or what will be found, but one thing’s for sure — there’s fun to be had on this rip-roaring adventure.

Allow your imagination to run wild as you come along to help the Rumble Hunters catch this thunderous culprit!

Title of Book Cover
ISBN-13: 978-1-64307-120-6
Publisher: Mascot Books

About the Author

This raucous tale comes from the creative mind of first-time author, Courtney B. Dunlap. She smiles now, but as a kid, Courtney was a scaredy-cat and would never dream of exploring in the dark. She’s got a hunch that amongst her younger readers, she’s not alone.

For those whose childhoods are a faint memory, The Rumble Hunters might remind you of a time when you, too, heard your first curious bedtime sounds. This is why The Rumble Hunters’ enchanting sense of childlike wonder will appeal to all.

Courtney is married to Curtis, the love of her life, who willingly endures her famously corny jokes. She has the great honor of homeschooling three of her four beautiful children! When she’s not tackling lesson plans or chasing her (almost) toddler, Courtney writes curriculum for The Gospel Project for Kids with LifeWay Christian Resources. She is also a sometime blogger over at You can also follow her on Instagram at the handle @courtney_b_dunlap.

Saying she’s ecstatic about publishing her first picture book would be an understatement! She believes The Rumble Hunters will be the first of many that spark imaginations for generations to come. She hopes that with this book, children of all ages will go beyond their fears to see the world through new eyes!