Which shining star are you going to be?

She wants to grow up and show the world what girls can do. There are so many options! Join Harper and her supportive mom as they talk about all the potential jobs girls can do when they grow up. But maybe Harper doesn’t need to be in such a rush, everyone will have a chance to shine in time!

Written by Jessi Rausch
Illustrated by Monica Nicolosi
Border image illustration by norm4eva
She Shines Bright Cover

She Shines Bright
ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-603-7
Publisher: Mascot Books

About the Author

Jessi RauschJessi Rausch is a Nebraska native who moved to New Jersey in 2011, where she currently resides with her husband and their three daughters, Harper, Colbie, and Dyllan. After pouring through countless books with her girls, she discovered her new-found passion in writing. Jessi hopes to help her daughters and other children understand that women can be whoever they desire. It’s her dream that one day her children will live in a world without stereotypes…even as Jersey girls!