written by Fiona Smart

“I can be a superhero with a mission to save the world.
I can be a dancer on stage and twist and spin and twirl.”

Jump into the fun-filled world of an animated little girl
and discover just what she can become using her own imagination.

Download the official song, “I can be a Superhero.”

ISBN-13: 978-1-63177-467-6
Publisher: Mascot Books

About the Author

Fiona was born and raised in London. She studied Art History at university and now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Previously, she lived in Sydney, Australia with her husband Oliver and their young daughter Sienna, where she was inspired to write this story.

Her love of poetry and rhyme started at a very young age. She still remembers the first poem she ever memorised as a little girl. Influenced by the lively imagination of her daughter Sienna and their love of reading countless stories together, Fiona wanted to encourage other children to explore their own make-believe worlds using the best tool they have—their imagination. Fiona is also a singer/songwriter and enjoys turning her stories into songs. She also loves to travel, has a passion for interior design and fashion, and has big aspirations to become a superhero.

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