Hotel Cuba

IMAGINE an island off limits for so many years, a forbidden fruit Americans have been deprived of tasting. Then, the gates open. When Don Nightengale, a budding hotelier, husband and father, opened a mysterious sex-fueled cabaret in the catacombs of an ancient slave castle in Cuba, his former life as a suburban Long Island insurance executive ended. Seeking a taste of his carefully crafted masquerade, revelers from around the globe arrived in droves. But Don couldn’t have his cake and eat it too. To fulfill his dream of building the world’s most spectacular resort, he partnered with men he ordinarily would not have and convinced his wife that this was the road to success and happiness. Instead of maintaining his hotel as a secret gem, he made a decision that some would later say was a deal with the devil. Don offered his guests what he claimed to be a guarantee by God that there would be no consequences for their actions. That guarantee, even God could not deliver.

sku: 08-157-01