The Pride of Pittsburg
A children’s book all PSU Gorilla football fans will love! This RivalReads story is about Gus (a young fan with a very familiar name), who lives in Pittsburg, KS and dreams of playing for D2 powerhouse Pittsburg State University. PSU fans young and old will enjoy following Gus as he visits Gorilla Village and is challenged to a football game by an out-of-town rival—dressed in Northwest green, of course. With distinctive campus landmarks illustrated into the colorful backdrops, the game goes back and forth, and Gus ultimately finds inspiration in the PSU winning tradition and does his part to send the rival home and uphold the pride of the entire Gorilla nation! In the PSU vs. NWMSU rivalry, you’re never too young to pick sides! ISBN: 1-936319-26-8

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sku: 04-248-01