Our goal is to help authors achieve both creative and financial success.

Mascot helps authors produce and distribute high-quality books. We are experienced in all phases of book production, book marketing, and book distribution. Our proven publishing methodology is designed to maximize each project’s potential. Having good content is a start, but there’s much more to the publishing success equation.

A look at the state of publishing


Traditional Publishing

In order to explore traditional publishing, authors must search for a literary agent to represent their work to large publishing houses. Without a well-developed author platform, track record of book sales, or celebrity status, this path is unfortunately closed to the vast majority of authors, regardless of the quality of their content. Authors do not contribute to production costs, but as a result, author royalties are generally in the 8%-12% range. Authors are required to play an active role in book promotions and marketing.

Pure Self-Publishing

Access to the marketplace, content control, and speed to market are just a few characteristics that are enticing a record number of authors to pure self-publishing. Because there are no significant barriers to entry, a crowded marketplace has developed making it difficult for authors—even those with exceptional content—to get their content noticed. Unfortunately, substandard production quality and difficulty accessing meaningful distribution channels have been a problem for far too many self-published authors. While the self-publishing revolution has created more avenues for authors, it has also increased the level of competition.

Mascot Publishing

Combining the best elements of both traditional publishing and pure self-publishing, Mascot offers a smart alternative. We help our authors with all phases of book production, book marketing, and book distribution. Our titles are professionally produced, and with the backing of a reputable publishing partner, our authors gain access to the critical distribution channels.

Our author services have proven to help both new authors and authors who have been traditionally published, but are now interested in taking greater control of their content, their distribution, and improving their business terms.

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