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Why Some Traditionally Published Authors Should Consider Going Indie

(Published on Mar. 29, 2016)

New authors have long been drawn to self-publishing for reasons related to convenience, control, and in most cases, out of necessity. Let’s face it, most new authors will never get a fair shake—no matter how brilliant their work—from the publishing establishment (i.e. literary agents, large publishing houses, and national bookstores). For less established authors, self-publishing, indie publishing, or whatever you want to call it, is the only way. And that’s not a bad thing. But what about traditionally published authors? Why are some established authors diving into the indie fray more than ever before? The reason is simple: it’s a ... read more


January New Releases

(Published on Jan. 3, 2017)

Mascot books announces new releases for January 2017. Fiction The Congressman’s Wife by Rhett Dawn ... read more

December Releases

(Published on Dec. 6, 2016)

Mascot books announces new releases for December 2016. Non-Fiction   INDO DUTCH KITCHEN SECRETS: ... read more

Killer Book Marketing Secrets - Secret Number 2 The Rule of Ten

(Published on Dec. 2, 2016)

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to sell books? One clue comes in an Associated Press poll on consumer reading habits from back in 2007. According to the results, one in four Americans didn’t read a single book during the prior year, and the average number of ... read more

A Legacy from Ashley -How the Firefly Got Its Name

(Published on Nov. 17, 2016)

  Books are written for innumerable reasons; to teach, to entertain, or possibly to ... read more

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