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Welcome to the first Subplot blog post! My name is Jess and I am an Acquisitions Director at Amplify Publishing Group. I started Subplot, a new imprint launched in 2021 dedicated to compelling and literary works of fiction, and we’re excited to announce that our first few titles are releasing in early 2022. Subplot (noun): a side story that runs parallel to the main plot.

As an Acquisitions Director, I review manuscripts for all of our imprints and make the ultimate decision on which titles have the right elements for Subplot. For each Subplot book, we will be releasing featured blog posts, some guest posts from the authors, and a few interviews to provide backstory to these wonderful projects. This new blog post is about one of our anticipating releases, A Tangled Affair.

How did the relationship with
A Tangled Affair begin?

A Tangled Affair
’s journey with Subplot started back in August of 2020. Upon my review of the title, not only did Anne C. Scardino’s author voice stick with me, but so did Clair’s perils. Normally I read the first few chapters to get a good sense of what the book entails, how the author sets up the plot, what are the characters like, etc. but Scardino’s writing looped me in so fervently that I had to stop myself from reading more so I could get other work done! Throughout that day, Clair’s journey clung to my mind and I itched to take a peek at what she was going to do once she uncovered Vince’s secret life. That is how I knew we had a Subplot book on our hands.

What is the book about?

A Tangled Affair, Clair Bondi makes the painful decision to divorce the only man she ever loved—Vince Bondi, her husband of twenty-five years. But Clair never gets the chance to tell Vince she is leaving him, because he is found fatally shot in his Porsche one night when driving home from his weekly tennis game. Haunted by his death, Clair is determined to help the Philadelphia police find the killer. Vince’s secret life, including an account in Turks and Caicos, forces Clair to realize that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. No longer the “good wife,” Clair’s strength and resilience take her from her darkest moment to a life unimagined—one with true love and purpose.

What makes A Tangled Affair the right fit for Subplot?

Throughout the years, Amplify Publishing Group (formerly Mascot Books) saw an increase in strong, high-quality fiction titles. With the success of our imprint Amplify for business books, we knew that we wanted a fiction imprint where our titles would have a specific brand to them.  The ins and outs of Subplot were still piecing together when Scardino signed with us. As the book developed and the gorgeous cover design came to life, I knew
A Tangled Affair absolutely had to be part of Subplot’s inaugural release. 

When thinking of what makes a good fiction book, there are two things that immediately come to mind: strong characters and intriguing plots. Readers don’t want to read the same story over and over again just told with different settings and vague characters. They should be drawn into these unique people—so much so that they feel they know them, care for them—and the plot should be the characters’ main accessory. 

Scardino does just that. Readers want Clair to find a happy ending. They mourn with her as she figures out where her life will lead after Vince’s death. They rejoice in how strong she gets as the novel moves along. The twists and surprises throughout leave the reader on the edge of their seat and the many dreamy settings, such as the cobbled streets of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, and the glistening beaches of the Turks and Caicos, are wonderful elements. This title is sure to be one that readers finish in one night, which, in my opinion, is the highest compliment to an author. 

If you’re a fan of romance, mystery, and suspenseful dramas, A Tangled Affair has all the ingredients for your next favorite read. Order your copy at the Mascot bookstore here.

If Subplot sounds like the right fit for your fiction manuscript, send us a synopsis and the first three chapters at jess@mascotbooks.com.  

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