April 2022 New Releases

This April, we have four incredible nonfiction titles debuting across two of our imprints: Amplify Publishing and Mascot Books. All of them are great reads to inspire you, feed you, and teach you. Plus, we have six wonderful Children’s books from Mascot Kids. We hope they catch your eye and look forward to hearing your reviews!

New Books from Amplify Publishing

Amplify Publishing, our flagship imprint, is dedicated to excellence in business, politics, and big ideas. This month’s new releases include Expansive Impact by Sarah Young, a book that aims to empower  readers to lead in everyday situations, The Golfer’s Wife by Janet Thompson, which details Janet’s personal story of being married to a pro-golfer as well as the stories of seven other wives of golfers, and finally The Business of Timeshares by W.H. Campbell, which illuminates the world of timeshares for the non-real estate readers as well as exposes the problems in the industry. 

Additionally, Steve Cadigan’s book, Workquake, is being released in paperback after its successful debut in hardback in 2021.

The Golfer's Wife
Expansive Impact    

WorkquakeThe Business of Timeshares

New Books from Mascot Books

Mascot Books publishes everything from fiction to nonfiction, and each month features a different mix of genres and titles. This month, we are excited to share our latest cookbook, written by Heather Antonelli. Filled with beautiful photos and delicious recipes, this book is sure to send you into your kitchen and have you planning a dinner party!

The Brooklyn Suppers

New Books from Mascot Kids

Mascot Books started by publishing Children’s books, which are still a large part of our work through our imprint, Mascot Kids! We always have a wide variety of stories to share and this month is no different with bunnies for Easter, lots of sports, and even Rosie going on an adventure in Paris. 

Bunster, An Easter Story
Touchdown Auburn

Chickens Chickens EverywhereSecret Angel Meetings

Bonjour RosieGo Dawgs

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February Book Releases

This February, we’re bringing you children’s books about ocean pollution, memoirs about humorous travels, the first titles from Subplot, and more! 

Our new imprint of Mascot Books, Subplot Publishing is an independent hybrid publisher focusing on compelling and literary works of fiction. We publish titles with strong voices, intriguing plots, and dynamic characters in the adult fiction setting. All of our titles are hand-picked for this imprint during the submissions process based on theme, marketability, and overall tone.

Explore our new titles below to stock up on your reads this winter!

Children’s Books

Evelyn’s Wild Imagination

By Elizabeth Gephardt

Hi there! My name is Evelyn. What’s your name?

It’s very nice to meet you! Are you as curious as I am to know what this book is about . . . hmmm? Maybe it’s about . . .


Or, Halloween?

. . . nah.

Maybe it’s about cats or dogs, both big and small, or maybe it’s about going somewhere, like to Disney, Hershey, or Niagara Falls! We will have to wait and see, but in case I forgot to mention this—thank you for choosing me!

First, I want to get to know you. Tell me what you like the most about school. Is it your teachers? Classes? Lunch? RECESS? Who are your friends? For this story (are you ready?) . . . you get to be . . . MY FRIEND FOR THE DAY!

Come take a journey with me and see what a WILD day in school is like and what BIG ideas are in store. This isn’t just any sort of school day. What do I mean, you ask? Let’s check it out, explore, and so . . . much . . . MORE!

For the Love of Laxmi

By Bijal Shah

You know how your mom tells you to oil your hair, or you’ll go bald? Or no one is going to marry you because you can’t find the blouse she put away? This is a compilation of those everyday moments. Oh, and. . .hi! I’m Laxmi. You’ll get to know me soon.

Gordo Goo

By Ruth Neikirk

What is MAGIC POTION #2?
Well, that is the key for Gordo Goo!
Turn the pages to find out.
You will be the wiser, no doubt!

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the William R. Neikirk Scholarship Fund in the College of Communication and Information.

Guapo’s Giant Heart: The True Story of the Calf Who Kept Growing

By Janet Zappala and Wendy Perkins

Guapo’s Giant Heart is based on the true, heartwarming story of a baby calf with no place to live until a kind human adopts him and gives him a loving home. With a safe place to rest his head and plenty of food and love, Guapo keeps growing . . . and growing and growing!

Although Guapo is a sweet, friendly cow, not everyone is kind to him at first. While the animal friends who’ve known him since he was a baby calf love him, those who meet him later in life aren’t so sure—they find Guapo’s larger-than-life presence intimidating.

Towering over everyone he meets, can this gentle giant teach the other animals that being different is a good thing?

Esperanza y Pecas: huyendo hacia un bosque mejor

By Bill Kiley

Esperanza, una cierva de cola blanca, y su cervatillo moteado, Pecas, se enfrentan al hambre y al peligro en su bosque. Esperanza decide que deben abandonar su hogar e ir en busca de un lugar mejor donde estén a salvo. Cuando llegan a un nuevo bosque, Esperanza y Pecas se enfrentan a retos inesperados que les obligarán a separarse. ¿Podrán volver a estar juntos algún día?

Después de leer la historia de Esperanza y Pecas, sigue explorando las historias de personas de todo el mundo que tienen que abandonar sus hogares para escapar del peligro o del hambre. Deja que la historia de Esperanza y Pecas te enseñe sobre los millones de personas que se enfrentan a las mismas dificultades que esta madre cierva y su pequeño hijo enfrentan como refugiados.

How the Bay Was Saved

By Steve Gray

What can one little dolphin do to stop humans from littering and save the Chesapeake Bay? Join Donnie Dolphin on this exciting adventure as he formulates a plan with the help of a very wise seagull and his friends. Together, can they teach humans that polluting the bay is wrong?

I Can’t Wait till You Know

By Trey Little

What could be more inspiring than seeing the world once again through the eyes of a child? As parents, we can’t wait until our kids get to have some of the same experiences that we did growing up, especially when we can share them together. These pages follow a father and daughter on a journey through nature, using their senses to enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights of the beauty around them. There is anticipation for something new at every turn that will bring fresh joy to both the parent and the child as they make discoveries hand in hand.

If Puppies Had Backpacks

By Lyn Willy

If puppies had backpacks. . .what would they do? This charming board book is the perfect bedtime read for you and your little one.

Imperfectphil Is a Friend

By Sue Steinhardt

Hi! My name is Phil Basher, and I love life!

If you’re ever feeling down or starting to wonder what this journey is all about, read my stories. I promise to bring you all the happiness and joy I can pack into my giant puppy body. I won’t let you down because I’m perfect…I’m Perfect…imperfect. I’ll tell you more about this later.

Imperfect. Just. Like. You.

In book three which you are holding in your hands, you will learn what it means to be a friend.

Karis & Brook Stories: Lakeside Friends: A Story About Cancer

By A. B. Namy

Brook doesn’t know why his friend Joel can’t spend time with him at the lake, like they usually do. When he learns that the reason is Joel’s cancer diagnosis, he has even more questions. Thanks to some ants and his quick-thinking Mom, Brook comes to understand the situation in his own way, and he even comes up with a creative way to spend some lake time with Joel.

Using real-life analogies to explain complex circumstances, the Karis & Brook series seeks to assist adults in structuring conversations with children. By utilizing the principles of Encounter, Educate, and Encourage, these books facilitate memorable and lasting conversations that go beyond the pages of the story, while recognizing and inspiring others.

Nora’s Hockey Dream

By Ryan Minkoff

Nora has never attended or even played in a hockey game. When her parents take her to the Women’s Professional Hockey League Championship between the Booming Thunder and the hometown Wicked Waves, Nora discovers a newfound passion. However, chasing after her big hockey dream might be harder than she thinks.

Nora’s Hockey Dream is endorsed by Team Canada Captain and Hockey Night in Canada‘s Cassie Campbell-Pascall, USA Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Brandt, and Minnesota Whitecaps Captain Winny Brodt-Brown. Minkoff’s passion for giving back to the game of hockey inspired him to pen his first children’s book. 

Olive and the Valentine’s Spell

By Helen Millman

Olive is a sweet elementary school boy who is afraid to go to school on Valentine’s Day. . .because he thinks he’ll have to get married! Olive’s mom joins in his fight to defeat the “princess of love,” but along the way he learns an even bigger lesson, discovering the true meaning of love.

Olive and the Valentine’s Spell is an inspiring children’s book for all ages that shines a humorous light on Valentine’s Day and overcoming your fears.

Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever

By Julie Thiessen

Meet Reese and Addie—two girls, one great friendship.

It’s summer break! Reese is on her way to vacation at Camp Lake Shore with her family. When Reese meets a new friend, Addie, the two immediately connect and form a lasting friendship. Swimming, boating, laughing, and soaking up the sun are just a few highlights of their summer vacation. The girls become best friends. When their vacation comes to an end, Reese realizes she may never see Addie again. Determined to stay in touch forever, can Reese and Addie find a way to continue their friendship and share their adventures?

Recess Magic

By Bonny Spence Dieterich

We are kind every day and in every way.

On Greyson’s first day at a new school, his excitement turns to embarrassment when a classmate asks about his disability. At first, Greyson wants to hide. Then, he learns that sometimes, it takes courage to speak up. With his help, Greyson’s class learns that it’s important to understand new perspectives. And with kindness, empathy, and a little magic, a special friendship begins.

Self-Care with Ted and Friends

By Najma Khorrami

Ted and his friends invite you to join them on their journey of self-care! Watch Ted fly his kite, share lessons, and so much more. Self-care starts with this book!

Simply Samrina: Marvelously Mixed

By Shamim Rupani

Hi, I’m Samrina, and I’m proud to be a mixed kid—a child of two unique cultures and traditions. Even though other people make fun of me for being different, I know these differences make me, me. I’m proud to be marvelously mixed. Come meet my family!

Starr’s Wonderful Discovery

By Trey Jeffries

Starr is a loving, talented panda who finds happiness in her uniqueness. She shares her uniqueness every day with her family and friends in the forest. One special morning, she ventures out of her valley and discovers a lonely panda named Shine, who is sad and lonely because he has not yet learned to embrace his uniqueness. Can Starr help Shine find happiness in himself?

The Magical Path Leading to the Glass Bottom Boat

By Candice Zafran

Meet Prince Blake and Princess Brooklyn, a brother-sister pair who love going on adventures together. In this first installment of The Adventures of the Glass Bottom Boat series, join the siblings on a magical journey to their destination. Along the way, you’ll meet talking animals, discover hidden waterfalls, and walk through every color of the rainbow. Hurry now, the glass bottom boat is waiting!

The Truth about the Tooth

By Mistie Psaledas

Do you ever wonder what children all over the world do with their lost teeth? Or what tooth fairies actually look like?

In this delightful, educational book, tooth fairies reveal their secrets and share what happens to children’s lost teeth around the world. The Truth about the Tooth is a story about the diversity, creativity, and imagination of different tooth fairy legends—one from which the entire family can take inspiration.


J.C. in the Kitchen

By John Contratti

Growing up, cooking and eating were ways to gather people together. With this cookbook, I hope to bring people back to the kitchen and the dining table to become close again. During hard times, we can find comfort in family and good food, and that is what I want to inspire in everyone who opens these pages.


Get Me Out of Here! Reflections of PD the Put-Upon Pug

By PD the Pug

More cookies than a Mrs. Fields’ warehouse, his own house constructed under the stairwell, too many toys to fit in his four beds, a veritable Life of Riley for dogs…yet PD the Pug is convinced that his life is a Ruff one, a life of penury, destitution, and want. He longs to be “OUT,” convinced that Out There is where happiness lies, where he can chase every squirrel, forage for more food than his pug belly can hold, and play until he passes out. But…does PD really have a lousy existence with Mommy? Or does he live the life of a Prince and is too silly and spoiled to know how good he has it? More important: Does PD find a way to escape Mommy and see what life on the outside truly is all about? Find out! Order Get Me Out Of Here! Reflections Of PD The Put-Upon Pug today!



Along For the Ride: Living My Fantasies as a Flight Attendant’s Husband

By C. J. Nicholas

From Europe to the Caribbean and back to the U.S.A., C. J. and Alejandra take you on their true and funny adventures of traveling the globe on standby and making the most out of their exploits. From traveling with severe food poisoning to their honeymoon destination, to listing their return flight plans in a marijuana bar in Amsterdam, to having an audience with the Pope in Italy—these are their stories.

How to Suck at Business Without Really Trying

By Marah Archer

As the World’s “Best” Boss puts it: I’ve never shied away from giving great advice— especially when free food or money is involved. Money is my lover, and boy, is she into bondage. I’ll show you how to master money’s rules to foreplay for navigating the business world. I’ll take you on a trip that teaches you all there is to know about starting a world-class business and to rubbing elbows (or even more) with the world’s elite.

Listen, I have an MBA from a top university (an American one, of course), no debt, millions in the bank, and an animation studio start-up that I can proudly say does a lot of stuff that I don’t quite understand. And that’s a good thing, because it keeps me focused on my money.

I’ll teach you how to run a business my way. A few of the things I’ll cover are:

• Human Resources

• Strategy

• Marketing & Business Development

• Leadership

• Tech & Big Data

I promise to give you a peek at my abundant life so that it drives you to be just as successful as I am. If you’re already a millionaire, you should pick up this book to validate what you already know to be true.

Legacy Culture

By Ronald Monack

Legacy Culture helps coaches establish their personal ethical values and bring themselves and their athletes in line with these goals. For any coach who desires to impact their athletes beyond the game they teach, this is their guide.

The Forbidden Fruit: A True Story of Sex, Drugs, and the Afterlife

By Tina Scott

My story is full of secrets. A twisted novel of my life’s journey—a failed marriage, death, sex, a touch of insanity, and an insatiable desire to believe there is a god. There are no more skeletons in my closet.

The Forbidden Fruit is a raw memoir told in an honest and resonating tone. It is the story of facing fears and finding ways to hurl through the unknown.

Young Adult 

Dr. Ford Freud: Skeletons Are Not Scary

By J. A. Ford

“So many questions. So many skeletons.”

Jered Barstow is only eight years old, but he’s burdened by serious concerns. Why does he suspect he’s being raised by people who aren’t his real parents? His family now seems preoccupied with skeletons. Paper Skeletons. Candy skeletons. Why so many skeletons? Skeletons are scary, right?



A Tangled Affair

By Anne C. Scardino

Clair Bondi makes the painful decision to divorce the only man she ever loved—Vince Bondi, her husband of twenty-five years. But Clair never gets the chance to tell Vince she is leaving him, because he is found fatally shot in his Porsche one night when driving home from his weekly tennis game. Haunted by his death, Clair is determined to help the Philadelphia police find the killer. Vince’s secret life, including an account in Turks and Caicos, forces Clair to realize that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. No longer the “good wife,” Clair’s strength and resilience take her from her darkest moment to a life unimagined—one with true love and purpose.

Sainted in Error

By Glenda Winders

What do you wear when you testify against your best friend as she goes on trial for murder?

As Maggie Patterson runs her hand over the clothes in her closet and muses about the prosaic details of preparing for a shockingly personal murder trial, she is catapulted into the memories that led her to this moment. Piece by piece, she assembles the fragments of her past to make sense of a violent crime, the echoes of which ripple through her recollections.

Maggie and Cynthia meet as college freshmen and are seemingly destined to be best friends for life. As the years pass, however, Maggie’s marriage and career lift her to success and wealth while Cynthia’s jealousy and untreated mental illness cause their relationship to disintegrate. As the stories of the two women’s lives unfold, Cynthia’s paranoia and anger sour every relationship she has and turn even the people who have loved her most against her, ultimately bubbling over into an event that Maggie never sees coming.

Not a murder mystery in the usual sense, and spanning time and space, Sainted in Error delves into the tenacity of friendship and the damage that the stigma still attached to mental illness can do.

The Art of Traveling Strangers

By Zoe Disigny

It’s the 1980s, and art historian Claire Markham reels from a series of heartbreaking losses. Desperate to escape her shattered reality, she becomes an art guide in Europe for quirky stranger Viv Chancey and embarks on a life-changing journey through the art-filled cities of Milan, Venice, Ravenna, Florence, Siena, Rome, and Paris.

Once abroad, Claire tries to hide her woes by focusing on Viv’s art education, but Viv—who is not who she seems—has a different learning experience in mind. Frustrated and wanting to reimagine her life, Claire embraces the idea of reality as illusion and finds herself slipping into the tales of art and history.

When threatened with one more crushing loss, Claire must learn from the spirit of her eccentric companion and the lessons from the art they encounter to take charge of her life or lose the most precious thing in it.

The Art of Traveling Strangers is a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment inspired by the great art masterpieces of Italy and France. It’s a tale of female bonding and the amazing powers of perception. After all, reality, like art, is just an illusion.


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December Book Releases

It’s beginning to look a lot like….holiday shopping season! From early chapter books about magical underwater cities to cookbooks that include delectable recipes for home cooks, our December releases are perfect gifts for all the book lovers in your life. Jump into the holiday spirit by checking out our list of new books!

Children’s Books

A Fairy on My Sleeve

By Mari Sherkin

If you look closely through the green, there are wonders to be seen!
Join author, poet, and actress Mari Sherkin as she glimpses a magical world where things are as real as they seem.

Can You?: A Food Allergy Story

By Emily Duty

When Maya first meets a new boy at a party, she thinks his habits are a little strange—especially when it comes to eating. After the new boy explains that he has food allergies, Maya starts asking questions, and she learns they have more in common than she thought.

Dash and Nikki and The Jellybean Game

By Anthony C. Delauney

Welcome, kids of all ages, to The Jellybean Game! Dash and his sister, Nikki, are so glad that you came. Discover what awaits—there are surprises in store: candy, competition, and a little something more! Join in the excitement as they challenge one another, and learn a life lesson that’s unlike any other.

Football Freddie & Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Tampa Bay

By Marine Schneider

There’s only one thing that Freddie loves as much as football: sightseeing! Every time she and her trusty companion, Fumble the Dog, visit a new city, they set out to learn all about the location and its history before cheering on the home team!

It’s gameday in Tampa Bay! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to RJ Stadium to cheer for the Buccaneers. But first, they’ll explore beaches, meet some manatees, and visit other historic locations to learn everything they can about this coastal city in the Sunshine State. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Tampa!

Gingerbread Cone: Under Construction

By Melissa Tumpane

The Gingerbread Cone is being chased by a fleet of hungry trucks! Will he make it to safety, or will he be their snack?

Go Be The Light!

By Robin Bennett

Lester is a little firefly who suddenly loses his tail’s special glow. Even though his glow is gone, he learns how to gain it back by spreading kindness and looking for the good in each day. Go Be the Light! is the perfect book to help children—and adults as well—learn the importance of sharing their light with the world. After the story, it includes a journal that prompts readers to reflect on their blessings and make plans for spreading kindness.

Good Brother No

By Pastor Dave Oravec

If God came to you with a scary request, would you be like Brother No? Would you answer with a “yes?” Good Brother No retells the Genesis flood narrative in invigorating and relatable rhyme that all young readers can enjoy. Pastor Dave Oravec’s rendition of the Noah story is honest and hopeful. It’s a wonderful reminder of God’s love and what happens when people trust in God’s promises.

Goodness Gracious Golly Gee: I Forgot My Christmas Tree!

By Carol & Cori Burcham

Goodness Gracious Golly Gee, I forgot my Christmas tree! Goodness Gracious Golly Gee, what will Santa think of me?

With Christmas right around the corner, a stay-at-home dad scrambles at the last minute to get everything ready for the holidays. Like many parents who experience holiday-related anxiety, the father is overwhelmed by the many expectations that come with Christmas. From putting up the tree, decorating the house, and baking Christmas cookies, the father worries he won’t be able to get it all done in time for Santa’s arrival.

Will his family, not to mention jolly old St. Nick, be disappointed if there’s no Christmas tree? In this whimsical rhyming Christmas tale, the pressures to buy the perfect present and maintain holiday traditions take a backseat as the father is reminded of the true spirit of Christmas (with a little help from a mysterious, magical Christmas figure who comes to save the day)!

Happy in Hope

By Kristina Gipe

Romans 15:13 – May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What is Hope?

It is through God’s word that we learn more about hope. We learn how to trust in Him through each step in our journey through life. We can be happy in hope.

Howdy’s Adventures in Aggieland

By Annabeth Reeb

This is the story of Howdy, a friendly golden retriever who lives on a farm outside of College Station, Texas. When Howdy’s family goes missing one afternoon, he sets off on an adventure that takes him all over Aggieland. Filled with familiar College Station scenes and faces, Howdy’s Adventures in Aggieland is the perfect book for little Aggies.

Listen and You Can Hear the Call: The Journey of Kansas State University’s Bluemont Bell

By Debbie Mercer

Answer the call of Kansas State University’s Bluemont Bell! Journey through the bell’s 160-year history with illustrations by Kansas State teacher education students and discover what makes the Bluemont Bell a K-State icon, from a lightning strike to the theft of the bell’s clappers. 

Little Lu Finds Courage

By Denise Dagash

A tiny, skittish chihuahua, Little Lu spends most of her life terrified of just about everything. But when a thief breaks into her house one fateful evening, Little Lu faces a scary decision: she can either find the courage to defend her family or stay terrified. Read along to discover what this tiny little chihuahua will do!

My Favorite Day of the Year

By Jessica DeGorter

Imagine yourself walking into a sweet little bakery in a quaint little town. Bells chime as you enter, the delicious smells surround you, and you’re greeted by so many desserts that it’s impossible to pick just one.

Behind the front counter a little bit of magic is helping to create the dozens of beautiful, joyful sugar cookies that rest in the gleaming display cases. You will find smiling cookie cutters and their friend the baker hard at work. People come from all over just to try this bakery’s beloved sugar cookies, and now you will too. Which will your favorite be?

Popper and Friends

By IL Ritchie

Popper is a sweet little woodpecker who is trying to find a new home. Now that he is grown, it’s time for him to leave the nest and find a home of his own. The first book in the Popper and Friends series, follow along as Popper explores different options and gets helpful advice from his friends.

Raising Betty

By Sarah Zagaja

Betty is a golden retriever who is training to be a guide dog. Follow her family’s heartwarming and whimsical adventures as they attempt to raise a successful and confident puppy. With the help of her friend Old Tess, Betty learns the ins and outs of the training process. Does Betty have what it takes to become a hero and change someone’s life?

Super Girl Azalee

By Shameeka Spann

Azalee is a second-grade girl raised by a single mom, with help from her grandmother and aunt. She struggles with low self-esteem because she feels like she does not look or dress like her peers. Azalee focuses so much on what she does not have that she forgets that she is special. She has great family members and friends who try to help her understand her worth.

In this book, Azalee is nervous about the first day of school because she is afraid kids will pick on her for not looking like them. Azalee also faces a bigger challenge: bullying. With the help of her friends and family, she stands up to her bullies and finally understands her worth. This book focuses on the bond between family and friends, and how these bonds can positively affect us in life. This book also encourages children to develop self-love at any age.

Tails From Down Under

By Tara Lala

When Paradise Royale goes on a vacation with her cruel adoptive family to Italy, she discovers an entrance to a world full of mermaids and mermen. But how does she unlock the entrance as a human? Will she be able to solve the many mysteries in this magical underwater city called Aquaria? Or will the monster living in the depths of Aquaria capture her first?

The Bubble’s Day at LSU

By Rachel Chustz

Do you ever wonder where bubbles go once you have blown them into the air? Most of the bubbles pop, but what about the bubbles that slip away? Where do they go?

Well, the little bubble in this story floated right over to Louisiana State University. She rolled through the campus, where she got to see Mike the Tiger, an LSU football game, and a performance by the Golden Band from Tigerland. The little bubble even got to dance with the Golden Girls! Join her as she spends the day at LSU and becomes a true Tiger fan!

The Hero of Hawk’s Nest Beach: A Sea Turtle Rescue

By Barbara Gervais Ciancimino

“Finn, who was good at finding things on the ocean floor, jumped into the water to look for the bucket. He looked in seaweed beds and behind rocks, but he couldn’t see it anywhere. Then, just as he was about to give up, he noticed something in the distance. Swimming closer, he saw a fishing net wrapped around a piling…and there, caught in the net, was a very frightened sea turtle. Finn knew he had to work fast, but would he be able to free the turtle in time?”

Finn, who considers himself to be a “regular everyday” dog and his best friend, Little Mutt, spend every summer together on Hawk’s Nest Beach, fetching driftwood and playing with the children. The last thing Finn expects is a life-and-death adventure beneath the waves. After unexpectedly coming across a trapped sea turtle, Finn does what heroes do: he selflessly jumps into action to save the turtle’s life. Finn discovers that being ordinary doesn’t mean you’re unable to do extraordinary things. Many regular everyday” heroes give of themselves to help others and save lives, no matter how “ordinary” they may think they are.

The Rescue of Philip the Houseplant

By Casi Babinchak

When a happy little houseplant is left behind in a dorm room at Penn State University, his rescue and the adventures that follow capture the hearts of many during a time when hope is needed the most.

The Truth Fairy

By Tori Praver

Lily is an ordinary little girl, but she has one bad habit that gets her into trouble: she often tells fibs. One day, Lily learns about The Truth Fairy and starts to think twice about telling the truth.

There’s a Hummingbird in My Garden

By Donna Brainard

Marcus is a boy living in Brooklyn, New York, who loves to ride his bike and his skateboard in the park. He loves moving FAST, but everyone is always telling him to slow down. One day, in a rare moment of standing still, a hummingbird whizzes past his head! Marcus is intrigued and begins to observe this wonder of nature. In time, the hummingbird teaches him a valuable lesson: some things are worth slowing down for.


Fine Dining Made Easy: Galley Gourmet with Chef Lisa Mead

By Chef Lisa Mead

Lisa Mead, international TV host of Galley Gourmet With Chef Lisa for the last seven years, has perfected the ability to cook quickly and efficiently within very limited spaces, particularly about luxury yachts and for private estates. Her goal is to satiate hungry people waiting to be wowed—something that will resonate with home cooks around the world. The recipes in her debut book are all favourites of her tropical yachting guests, with each dish easily translatable to home cooking. Have fun preparing and cooking what she terms “global cuisine,” enhanced by the bountiful flavours of the Caribbean, her home base when not in Australia.


Experiencing the Lowcountry

By Pamela Craft

Dive into the Lowcountry with these gorgeous pictures and insights into South Carolina living.

Verdaderamente Poderoso

By Dr. Rosa Romero

Permite que la ponderosa palabra de Dios transforme tu vida, cambiando tu rutina cotidiana atraves de tus pensamientos y tu manera de hablar. Para poder vivir segun la verdad y sabiduria, hay que aprender a razonar uno mismo. Con un mensaje importante y sencillo este libro te ayudara ha encontrar tu proposito en la vida, te identificaras con el de principio a fin, esta basado en testimonios reales que tocaran lo mas profundo de tu alma.

Reconoceras que eres el unico dueno de tu destino y que tienes el poder de reescribir tu historia, que cada crisis, cada reto son para profundizarnos en una intimidad con el creador. Busca dentro de ti hasta encontrar a Dios, el esta en el interior de todas las personas, todo mundo tiene por lo menos un atributo positivo, el cual es visible a todos aquellos con una mente y corazon abiertos.

Rosa Romero una gran mujer de Dios, multifacetica con un doctorado en letras humanas, madre, empresaria, instructora de comestilogia, master coach certificada, Pastor y Profeta que obedeciendo la volunta de Dios junto a su esposo el Pastor Fredy Gonzalez, iniciaron en el 2015 la Iglesia Cristiana Unity Life El Reyno de Dios para las Naciones en el area de Manassas y son ellos mismos quienes continuan al frente de la misma como Ministros Principales.

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October Book Releases

Pumpkins, apple cider, hayrides, and new books! These are just a few of the necessities to start off the new season. Come join us by checking out our October releases, and Happy Fall!

Children’s Books

A Tale of Two Princesses

Rianna Matter

Princesses Jade and Jane came to their kingdom in very different ways. Their stories are unique, but they’re beautiful in their own ways, and both end in the same place—with a Queen and King who love them.

Cloud Monsters

By Francine Piriano-Davila

Jack is expecting to spend the day celebrating his little brother Charlie’s birthday, but the universe has something very different in store. During the party, his family’s world is turned upside down by some uninvited guests—cloud monsters. After watching family and friends be abducted by these strange creatures, Jack embarks on a journey to save his family, while trying to understand the motives of the seemingly villainous group.

Will they make it to safety in time? Or are they in more danger if they flee? Follow along with Jack, Charlie, and their parents as they struggle to understand the cloud monsters and accept their new reality.

Cool Kids

By Arlene Freeman

Like most kids, Michael and his friends are so excited for their first day at a new school. They have a lot of questions about what to expect, but most of all, they wonder if they’ll get to join the football team. That would be the perfect way to start the year!

However, Michael soon finds out that it’s not as easy as he thinks. The team is filled with bullies, and to join, he has to become one of them. In order to be cool enough to get a spot on the football team, Michael has to start changing his behavior—for the worse! Suddenly, terrible things start happening to him. Finally, he begins to wonder: Was it all worth it?

Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are

By Jodi Meltzer

One fateful night, a child notices a magnificent star that looks like it’s following him during a car ride home from the beach. When he asks his mom about it, she gives him a textbook explanation at first, and then makes him think twice. Heartfelt and reassuring, Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are helps kids cope with grief, loss, and longing in an enchanting way, sparking meaningful conversations about the everlasting power of love. With an imaginative point of view, kids will discover that the connection they share with the person or pet who died transcends the space between them. Children can reflect on their unbreakable bond with an “I Remember” page at the end of this delightfully illustrated picture book, providing comfort during trying times.

Humbugs and Ladybugs

By Julian Klazkin

Gerry and Dana have a farm with lots of animals who simply do not get along. They fight, chase each other, and sometimes look at one another as their next meal. They’re just a bunch of humbugs! Luckily for Gerry and Dana, a kindly ladybug shows up one day to help them with their problem.

How? Through exercise, of course . . . ladybug style!

What does that mean?

Gerry and Dana have no idea, but they’re about to find out what a little magical fun and creativity can do. A funny story with a quirky heroine, Humbugs and Ladybugs reinforces the concepts of kindness, respect, and gratitude in young readers. And yes, there are even a few chicken jokes along the way!

It’s Time to Say Good Night

By Dr. S. Amna Husain, MD

The day is coming to a close, and bedtime is drawing near. Animals come together as their parents cuddle them dear. The sky darkens, and the stars glow bright. They shine down upon the world to tell us, “It’s time to say good night!”


By Jeremy C. Gredone

Maxwell is a unique children’s book that celebrates the power of imagination and dreams. It’s a story about transcendence, and the extraordinary blossoming out of the ordinary. It is about the timeless and ever-expanding bond between parent and child, and the priceless lessons of love they hold for each other. While Maxwell is primarily created for children, parents will be delighted at the extras designed with them in mind. Truly something for all ages to enjoy!

  1. 40-page children’s book with vibrant and layered illustrations that will encourage many a reading to discover all the hidden magic within.

  1. Children will become part of this interactive story themselves as they are invited to take part in the “imaginative process,” creating new roles and adventures for “The Amazing Maxwell!”

  1. Includes a separately bound 28-page “True Story of Maxwell + Time Capsule” attached in back pocket of the book–Read the true story of Maxwell (a wild spider) as the author experienced it AND take part in your very own “Time Capsule” between you and your children–the making of a keepsake that can be handed down for generations!

My Cat Is Blue

By Sarah Sommer

When someone you love is feeling down in the dumps, you try everything to help. But sometimes, you don’t have the cure, and those blues can even become contagious. It just might be the unexpected that allows you both to shed your blues and move toward a bright and colorful future.

The Famous Phoebe of Long Island: Phoebe’s Adventures at Sailors Haven

By Jean Derespina

When Phoebe was a young pup, she was adopted from a shelter by Jeana and Frank. She had no idea how exciting life with her forever family would be. Phoebe’s new parents planned to take her with them on all their boat trips.

Come along as Phoebe tells the story of her first boat trip to Sailors Haven on Fire Island. When they took off into the Great South Bay, Phoebe was a bit frightened, but she soon realized what a delightful adventure she and her new parents would have as they explored the wondrous national park from the forest to the beach, making many friends along the way.

The Legend of the Mask: A Sloan the Sloth Story

By Aaron Fox

The legend of Ninja Sloth began with The Secret Life of Sloan the Sloth. Now, that story continues with a new beginning. Where did Sloan’s mask come from, and what was its purpose? Find out in . . . The Legend of the Mask!

Read other books in the Sloan the Sloth series:

The Secret Life of Sloan the Sloth

The Story of Me from the Inside Out

By Christine Heimbach

Did you know your blood tells a story? Read along to learn about blood work and the unique, important messages our blood tells about us. Instead of being afraid, look at your blood work as an exciting time to learn more about your body and what is going on inside of you!

The Story of the Curious Elf

By Joan C. Yingling

One Christmas Eve, a little boy encounters a lost elf who let his curiosity get the best of him. Stuck far away from home, the elf doesn’t know if he’ll ever see Santa again!

Will he ever find his way back to the North Pole?

Tripod Kitty and the Recipe for Kindness

By Clarice Nassif Ransom

Orie is a handsome and athletic kitty who overcomes cancer and the loss of a limb during summer break. He is afraid to go back to school because he is now different. Through a wise teacher, Orie and his friends learn that the recipe for kindness can be as simple as baking chocolate chip cookies.


A Taste of Living in Charleston: Lowcountry Dishes Anyone Can Cook

By Bobby Shealy

A Taste of Living in Charleston is the ultimate guide to Southern cuisine. The recipes Bobby includes are an accumulation of more than forty years of cooking. Some are from family and friends, some are originals, and other are repurposed classics with Bobby’s own twists.

A staunch believer that, “If I can cook it, so can you!” Bobby’s delicious and soulful recipes, along with his insights into setting an elegant atmosphere without breaking the bank, are your ticket to perfect lowcountry cuisine.

Bake Away: A Collection of Recipes Capturing the Spirit of Creativity, Experience, and Expression

By Sahana Vij

Bake Away is a celebration of baking’s impact on our creativity, self-expression, and personal experiences. It’s a reflection of what’s important in our lives.

From the delicate Portland Berry Cream Pie to the towering Atlanta Crêpe Cake, Sahana Vij brings you on her journey of inspiration, sharing the simple steps to create an array of delightful desserts, each crafted from personal connections and beautiful memories. Each recipe is accompanied by exquisite food photography and portraits of stunning locations.

Explore an elegant fruit garden in Temescal Valley as you make a luscious Citrus Poppy Seed Bread. Learn a little about Maui as you prepare a decadent Coconut Chocolate Tart. Share a subtly spiced Chai-Infused Cake, inspired by visits to a prominent tearoom in Seattle, with those you love. Bake Away is more than a cookbook: it is a beautifully written book grounded in family, relationships, and giving.


Inspiration from Legendary Zim

By Cathy Papplardo

What qualities does it take to become a legend? Photographs from Don Zimmer’s career as a professional baseball player, coach, and manager highlight his positive personal qualities. He left a legacy of success, mentorship, and love of the game!

It Can Be You: Humanizing Homelessness

By Jordana Guimaraes

It Can Be You encourages the world to become more compassionate and understand the reasons behind homelessness, rather than judge. This book tells the challenging and complex stories of forty-five fashion influencers from all over the world and how they’ve overcome those obstacles to be where they are today.

Author Jordana Guimaraes’s compassion for the homeless, combined with her experience in the fashion industry, inspired her to tell these stories to decrease the stigma surrounding homelessness. Life’s circumstances have the power to uplift us or, just as easily, sink us. It Can Be You takes a transparent look into the lives of fashion influencers and homeless individuals who, when placed side by side, turn out to have many common struggles.

Search for Signers: Visiting the Graves of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

By Jennifer Epstein Rudnick

What started out as a quirky hobby soon became an obsession. During a road trip with friends to Boston, in a cemetery with three Declaration signers’ graves, a project was born—traveling to and photographing the graves of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. It seemed an easy task. As photos were taken and names checked off the list, questions arose. Is this where the signer was first buried? Was he moved from an original burial spot? Why did that move happen? Is the actual grave location known? Along the quest, it turns out that a number of Declaration signers—prominent men in their colonies—are not interred in their original burial locations. Follow the adventure with some unusual stories, and discover how many graves were found and how many signers are not really buried where their marker sits.

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5 Ideas to Sell Your Books Fast

You’re ready to sell all your books in our warehouse as fast as possible, but you’re in a marketing rut. It happens to all of us, especially when it’s been a few years since the book’s release. But don’t fret because we laid out five marketing strategies to get you back on track! 

Read more below on relaunching your book, getting your audience excited, and selling the last of your copies in no time.

A Sale!

What better way to grab someone’s attention than a sale? Through your Mascot marketing contact, you can set up a promotional discount on your Mascot listing for whatever percentage and time frame you’d like (we usually recommend anywhere between 10 and 25%)! This can be something you activate for a particular holiday or for a reason related to your book (ex. if your book is about rescue dogs, you can start a sale for National Rescue Dog Day). It could be something as simple as starting a sale for the start of fall. Either way, everyone loves a good sale. Build some excitement on your social media platforms and in your community, and get consumers ready to type in the promo code when the sale has begun! 

Amazon Ad Campaign

Purchase an ad that we’ll run for you! The Amazon-sponsored product advertising campaign is an effective digital marketing tool to generate Amazon sales and drive traffic to your listing. A Mascot marketing person would list keywords on the backend of Amazon that relates to your book’s content and themes. We try to think of the phrases that consumers are typing into the search bar. For example, if your book teaches children to accept everyone’s differences, we’ll add keywords and phrases like “children’s books promoting acceptance” or “picture books with diversity.” Once it’s activated, the ad will bid with other ads to appear on a consumer’s screen!

Media Spotlight

Try re-launching your book in the news, even if it’s been a few years! Tying your book in with hot topics in the media can be a successful game plan to getting your book out there again. Compile a list of local media outlets, or outlets that fit your book’s audience, and reach out to them with a persuasive pitch. One of our authors has been a big hit in the news. In the last year, as much of the national conversation has been swirling around children getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Mascot Author Kat Picarde has appeared on major outlets telling parents how her book The Little Ouch can help children overcome the fear of shots.

If you can find anything in your book that can connect to current events, go for it! It can be as easy as telling outlets how your book is perfect for back-to-school. 

Pitch, again!

Pitch your book again to schools, organizations, reviewers, and bookstores. Sometimes it’s about emailing the right person at the right time, and completing another round of pitching can increase your odds of a response. Like with media outlets, find a way to make your book relevant again. Why is it especially important for children or your target audience? Why is it a must-read today? Why should a bookstore shelf it? Give it another shot, and see what happens. Approach these locations directly if needed!

Wear Your Book

Don’t just sell your book; BE your book! Think about ordering t-shirts, hats, canvas bags, pins, stickers, or any kind of gear that you can wear when you’re out and about. We can even design bookmarks and postcards for you to always have on hand. People WILL stop and ask questions! This is a fun word-of-mouth marketing technique to meet new people, talk about your book, and get some sales.

And although we’ve hit five ideas already, there’s one more thing you should always make sure to do: keep up with your social media channels. Stay on the minds of your readers by posting consistently and engaging with your followers. 

If you have any tips or questions for us, ask and tell us on social media by tagging @Mascotbooks on:





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May Book Releases

Those spring allergies can be miserable, but luckily, we have new books to distract yourself from the sniffles and sneezes. From heartwarming picture books to gripping memoirs, enjoy our May releases below!

Children’s Books


Balloons for Tiger

By Lori Orlinsky

How can children begin to heal after losing a pet? Balloons for Tiger takes an imaginative look at this tough topic as colorful balloons travel from the hands of children to their beloved cat who has passed on. This book lets children open up their hearts and imaginations for a magical journey to the farthest corners of the world, where they’ll meet skydivers, astronauts, superheroes, and everything in between. As they watch the balloons’ voyage to the other side of the rainbow bridge, they learn to positively process their grief. Balloons for Tiger is a great tool for any child who has experienced the loss of a pet—or any other loved one, too.

Bluette and Poppy Celebrate a Birthday

By Kelli Baker-Bennett

Bluette is a seahorse who loves blueberries, pizza, and her Poppy! Poppy’s birthday is a very special day…so special, in fact, that Bluette saved up all of her clams to buy Poppy the best gift imaginable.

But when the gift falls through on Poppy’s birthday, Bluette will have to think on her fin to come up with a creative solution.

Will Bluette save Poppy’s birthday?

Fishy, Fishy

By Brielle Lilygarten

Fishy, fishy has so much to do! Will little fishy be able to get it all done? Follow along with little fishy as it finds some food, plays with friends, and sings along to a happy tune.

Go Bananas!

By Emily Cole

Hannah is a girl who is confident and cool,
until her classmates start to make her feel like a fool.
You see, she is different in a way some don’t understand,
because Hannah was born without her left hand.
She learns that trying to find your place in the world is hard,
especially when your “friends” leave you scarred.
However, on a trip to a Savannah Bananas game,
Hannah starts to understand it’s ok to not be the same.
She starts to realize that she is special in her own unique way,
and that won’t change, no matter what others say.
Join Hannah and the characters and players at the park,
and learn how you can show the world your special spark.

I Am a Rainbow Baby

By Lindsey Leask

I am a rainbow baby. But what does that mean? Before there was me, there was another baby. Then some storms came, and when they were over, there was color and light—that’s me! Now, Mama and Daddy have me, and we still love the baby who came before we became three. I am a rainbow baby, and this is my story!

A note for parents: a miscarriage is likely one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Whether the parents were expecting their first child or had a future sibling to share in the joy of a new baby, the loss is heartbreaking. In this story, a rainbow baby shares the tale of the painful events that happen to a family during a miscarriage, but proves that light can shine after even the darkest storms.

I Love You More

By Logan Phillips


How much does a father love their child? This fabulously funny book tries to answer this important question. Story time, bedtime, or anytime—this is a perfect way for any dad to laugh with their kids and let them know just how much “I LOVE YOU!”

It Smells Like Tuesday

By Amy Thomas

Have you ever smelled something, and the scent immediately took you to a specific place and time? Like the smell of roasting marshmallows around a bonfire or walking into the warm, sweet smell of a bakery?

A little boy named Tyler never wants to forget his favorite smells. He bottles them up, adds a label, and puts each one neatly on his bedroom shelf to smell whenever he wants.

What new, exciting smells will Tyler sniff and save next?

Lexi Decker and Her Super Power

By Amy K. Harris

Lexi Decker wants to try new things — but she’s worried about feeling silly and making mistakes.
Until one day, she realizes that believing in herself is the best way forward.
Follow along as Lexi discovers her super power … CAN-fidence!

Lima The Lime Green Bear

By Judy Gray

Lima’s the new toy on the block, and while she thinks she’s great, the other bears aren’t so sure. Join Lima on her rollercoaster journey to explore self-esteem, resilience, and confidence.

My First Book of Shona and Ndebele Words

By Yeve C. Sibanda

Little learners will read essential first words in Shona and Ndebele, the two main native languages of Zimbabwe. Colorful illustrations are paired with simple first words for readers of all ages to learn.

Papa’s Gift

By Denise D’Angelo Roland

Kurt loves to visit Papa’s farm! There’s just something different about being there, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Spend a weekend unplugged with Kurt, his family, and Papa on the farm to discover the secret of Papa’s gift.


By Kyle Little

Every year, flamingos flock by the millions to the heart of Africa to feed on the algae in the fiery-red Lake Natron. The lake becomes the perfect place for the beautiful birds to hatch and raise their newborn babies, absorbing the crimson color from the water and turning their wings from grey to pink.

Shine and wonder, coats of pink,

Pink is best; we need not think,

For every creature, everywhere,

Wishes they were pink!

When the river stops flowing to the lake, what will happen to the flamingos? Who will save their beautiful coats of pink? Will the flamingos ever dance again?

PINK is the story of Arossa, a baby flamingo, and how she saved the birds and their beloved pink feathers. She’ll teach everyone how being different can be a wonderful thing!

Pink is great, but it’s not better

It’s not about the fur or feathers—

We’re all just better off together.

Raindrops to Rainbow

By Lorraine Sperone Stocks

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know what to do? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t really say how you feel, or that no one is listening anyway? Well, no matter how you’re feeling or how your day is going, you can always turn your day around! You will feel so proud when you challenge yourself to use your imagination to solve your problem. Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain!

Ralphy’s Rules for Living the Good Life

By Talar Coursey

Ralphy is a very happy dog. Joey is a very cranky squirrel. When Joey bumps into Ralphy at the park, he finds a friend who shares his rules for living a better life. As Ralphy shares his “Rules for the Good Life” with Joey, Joey learns the value of kindness, not taking things personally, and being brave. It’s never too early to practice these important skills of emotional intelligence, and this duo is the perfect pair to start those conversations.

The Comfy Spot

By Krista Legge

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Well, Keira does!

Keira is a strong and adventurous girl, and she loves skateboarding and karate. But she also has trouble winding down and falling asleep. She often needs help, and has a special “spot” to calm her. One day, when she and her family move to a new house, she notices that her “spot” has gone missing! Luckily, her “spot” is just as eager to make its way back to Keira as she is to find it. Will they be reunited?

The Fin-Tastic Cleanup

By Laura Mancuso

Sara, Alix, and Lucy are happy mermaids living in their quaint coral village . . . until, one day, the three mermaids are forced to face the pollution riddling the sea that surrounds them. With the help of some friends, the mermaids jump into action! The Fin-tastic Cleanup will transport young readers to an imaginary world while they explore a real world problem.

The High Flying Adventures of Luke and Dancing Duke

By Robert Reid and Ruth Reid

Inspired by a true story, a young boy named Luke and his dog Duke were THE most famous and beloved barnstorming duo ever! Every day they would thrill the crowds with amazing death-defying daredevil stunts way up in the sky. Everyone loved seeing Duke dancing on the wing and standing on his hind legs. On this autumn day the wind was blowing very strong; Luke and Duke were uncertain whether to perform given the weather conditions, but not wanting to disappoint everyone, they decided to proceed with the show. As the plane rose skyward, they could see the smiling faces of the crowd cheering and waving. Midway through their act, a strong gust of wind violently shook the plane, the wind grew in intensity, and they were left with only one option: to abandon the plane and parachute to safety. When Luke touched ground, he quickly looked around, but sadly Duke was nowhere to be found. This would begin Luke’s frantic search to find Duke.

Wheyd’s Grate Adventure

By Atheana Zinser

Wheyd is a cunning, determined, and spunky mouse who dreams of having his very own farmstead—with Gouda cheese—to call home. As he travels from the Netherlands to America to pursue his dream, he encounters self-doubt, hardships, and harrowing adventures. But Wheyd believes in himself and, with the help of some new friends along the way, refuses to give up. Follow along to see Wheyd’s adventure unfold!

Wiggly Worm and Her Friends Recycle Organics

By Lissa Landry

This is the story of a Red Wiggler worm named Wiggly. Wiggly has a special job she is a natural recycler! Wiggly and her friends help the farmer by turning organic materials into compost for growing fruits and vegetables. Follow Wiggly as she teaches all about recycling organics.

You Can Do It, Chickadee

By Maria Luisa Salcines

You Can Do It, Chickadee uses vivid, person-centered, age-appropriate language to describe the physical and emotional challenges brought on by depression. One step, two steps, three steps, four—by putting one foot in front of the other, Chickadee models resilience, patience, and self-compassion for children who can relate to her thoughts and feelings.

Early Chapter Books

Football Magic: A Pirate’s Tale

By Sean Stellato and Gianna Stellato

Buddy and Gianna are riding high after winning the league championship at school. Even better, Buddy’s dad decided to keep the family in Salem, so that Buddy and his sister can stay with their new friends after adjusting to life in a new town in Massachusetts.

What could go wrong?

When Buddy and Gianna discover something magical, it leads them on a mysterious adventure through historic Salem and Marblehead. Things seem to be going great—until the wicked Kurtin Drapes and his raven reveal some dreadful plans. With the clock ticking and time running out, will they be able to outwit Drapes? Can Buddy and Gianna do the impossible, or will the magical ball lose its luster forever?

Ruby Foo and the Traveling Kitchen: Ruby Goes to Spain

By Tiffany Foo

RUBY FOO might seem like a normal middle schooler—until you get a taste of her amazing culinary creations! In the kitchen, Ruby transforms into a fearless superhero, the Fantastic Foo. In her latest culinary exploration, Ruby embarks on an adventure in Spain. She’ll need ingenuity, sleuthing skills, and empathy to uncover more family secrets. Follow Ruby in Adventure #2 as she dives into new culinary challenges in Madrid, Spain and discovers how history can change your life.

Autobiographies, Biographies, and Memoirs

Finding What’s Missing

By JoAnn Manali

JOANN MANALI’S LIFE HAS BEEN ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY: raised by abusive parents, stepparents, and other adults, JoAnn was physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused as a young girl. Through unparalleled strength and faith, JoAnn survived her childhood and adolescence, eventually becoming a successful businesswoman and, finally, meeting a special man who, for the first time, would provide JoAnn unconditional love and support. 

Candid, surprising, and inspiring, Finding What’s Missing is an unbelievable true story of survival, one that will surely illuminate the possibility of happiness, love, and success against all odds.

This story contains depictions of emotional, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Mixed: Exploring What It Means to Be Blended in America

By Jeanne Jones

In Mixed, Jeanne Jones reflects on being a white wife and mother raising her blended biracial family in the Midwest, while providing the call to action America so desperately needs: we need to fix the rampant racial injustice this country faces. Not tomorrow, not in a year, but today.

The Jones family exemplifies the race-related dichotomies that exist in America: their biracial twin girls have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War and came to America via Ellis Island on one side, and rare documentation tracing their family to a runaway slave from Virginia who was captured and taken to Mississippi on the other.

Exposed to different cultures and races from a young age, Jeanne Jones has always been interested in viewing the world through the lens of others. Her children’s experiences with identity come to the forefront as she explores colorism and the impact it has already had on their twins: one is viewed as “passing,” with light skin and blue eyes, while the other is often perceived as Hispanic. Touching on the hypocrisy of race relations in America, Jones highlights experiences had by her own mixed family as they navigate the world as we know it, including contrasting the way her husband is treated by those who recognize him from his college football career, and the lack of awareness by others who questioned him as a possible “robber” while taking a walk in his own neighborhood.

Candid, compelling, and ultimately revelatory, Mixed is a heartfelt, necessary, and timely exploration into the heart and soul of what it means to be and live as mixed, blended, and biracial in America.

My Pseudo-College Experience

By Jess Kimball

At age sixteen, most high schoolers are trying to navigate college applications, Friday night football games, and SAT scores. But for Jess Kimball, age sixteen meant graduating high school and moving abroad, alone. Her decision to focus on running a business instead of going to college is one that she had no regrets about—except for her curiosity about college life. What did people mean when they referred to college as “a must-have experience,” or “the good old days?”

At age nineteen, Jess decided to audit classes at Dartmouth College; an experience that would change her life. What resulted was the social experience of college, minus the debt and anxiety—a pseudo-college experience.

In the current era of creative and unique career paths, is college necessary for everyone? Are the debt and stress worth it? Are you “missing out” if you choose a trade school or other career path, and can you get the “full college experience” without actually attending? Jess did—and she did it Ivy League style.

In My Pseudo-College Experience, Jess explores Greek life, party culture, course loads, student stereotypes, and her overall experience at Dartmouth, all through the lens of a “pseudo” student.

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January Book Releases

New year, new books! From colorful children’s books to addicting fiction titles, start 2021 with these new reads.

Children’s Books 

Abby’s Magic Music: Billy’s Story

By Tracy Watland

Abby’s Magic Music shop is where everyone wants to be. Whatever you’re looking for, Abby and her friends will help you find it. Peace, harmony, fun . . . even forgiveness. It’s all inside Magic!

Adventures of Texas Blue Heeler: Gunner Cleans Up The Neighborhood

By Amy Jo Wallace

Meet Gunner, a handsome blue heeler from Texas whose pet peeves are pesky squirrels and litter in his neighborhood and green spaces. Follow Gunner on his morning patrol as he visits friends and works together with the community to keep his neighborhood clean!


By Patty York Raymond

Join Jessica on her exciting weekend adventures. Witness some of the possibilities for her promising future as her mother reaffirms her daughter’s positive character traits. “You’re brilliant! You’re inquisitive! You’re strong!” says her mom. Observe Jessica’s growing sense of autonomy and self-empowerment while she explores a variety of careers and occupations.

Big Daddy and Friends on Fripp Island

By Mary T. Jacobs

This story takes place on a seaward island off the coast of South Carolina, and is home to many species of birds and mammals. One day, two of those animals, Big Daddy and Rico, set out to find some new friends on Fripp Island. Their journey begins by meeting Ollie Osprey, who is busy building his nest for the season, but is happy to join the group on their adventure. As the day ends, Big Daddy and all his new friends gather on the beach to watch the sun set on the horizon.

Meeting new friends in every community is a learning experience that enables readers to see how each animal lives peacefully among the residents of the island. Mary Jacobs instills in the reader the beauty of nature, as well as the importance of kindness and friendship to both humans and animals. Her list of facts at the back of the book provides children with a desire to learn more about the life and habitat of the animal kingdom.

Big Mouth Sally Learns to Think Before She Speaks

Mave Lough Duke

“If Sally would think first about what she wanted to say, then most of the time, she’d be okay!”

Our Words Matter

Big Mouth Sally finds herself in uncomfortable situations and quickly realizes that her words can be helpful or harmful to others. She discovers a five-letter word and learns how she can use her big mouth to make a BIG difference!

Bindiya in India

Monique Kamaria Chheda

Bindiya in India is the story of a young Indian-American girl’s first trip to India for an Indian wedding. Weaving together Hindi and English, the children’s illustrated book takes place in the 1990s. Follow Bindiya as she meets her extended family for the first time, celebrates Indian wedding traditions, and creates memories  and bonds to last a lifetime.


By Chris Tamasi

What if kids were in charge of making the map? Borders explores the invisible lines that define our states, countries, and continents, challenging readers to think outside “the way it’s always been.” If given the chance, how would you redesign our world? Let’s see what you come up with!

Go ahead—grab some paper, pick up your pen, and draw the world as you imagine it!

Hidden Wings

Sara K. Larca

After making a nearly impossible decision, Rain was ready to begin a new life on Earth. Even though the young soul followed her heart she was faced with disappointments and hurdles on her journey to fit in. It wasn’t until a stranger helped her see accepting herself was most important, that Rain was finally able to find what she was looking for, in the most unexpected place.

Ilina’s Invitation

By Alexis Glaze

After making a nearly impossible decision, Rain was ready to begin a new life on Earth. Even though the young soul followed her heart she was faced with disappointments and hurdles on her journey to fit in. It wasn’t until a stranger helped her see accepting herself was most important, that Rain was finally able to find what she was looking for, in the most unexpected place.

Imperfectphil is Who I am!

By Sue Steinhardt

Hi! My name is Phil Basher, and I love life!
If you’re ever feeling down or starting to wonder what this journey is all about, read my stories.
I promise to bring you all the happiness and joy I can pack into my giant puppy body.
I won’t let you down because I’m perfect…I’m perfect…imperfect.
I’ll tell you more about this later.
Imperfect. Just. Like. You.
In book two which you are holding in your hands, you will learn what it means to know who I am.

M.C. Plays Hide and Seek

By Eva Grayzel

M.C. is a cancer cell who shares just enough information about the nature of the disease to promote dialogue and minimize fear. The scary part of cancer is the unknown. Learn about doctors who look for cancer. Understand feelings children experience and learn ways to cope. Empower children with knowledge and how to make a difference. M.C. Plays Hide & Seek strengthens communication and builds emotional health.

Mickey on the Move

By Michelle Wagner

In this bighearted book, the real story of a young boy with deafness in his ears is aided by his mother and teachers in navigating new school experiences. Mickey is just like everyone else, except he has to do things just a little differently than most. This charming tale reminds us that we can all find happiness if we lean on and support each other.

My Daddy Tells Fish Tales

By Steve Delgado

From a snook, to a grouper, to a snapper and beyond, Fish Tales are mighty exciting! Follow along as this father-daughter duo recount some of their best stories from out on the water.

Paddy Boops

By Patrick Healy

Paddy Boops details a day in the life of a small boy named Paddy, who tries to defeat boredom on a lazy autumn day. None of his typical hobbies lift his spirits–until his mother changes the direction of his day with a fun little BOOP! From that moment on, Paddy finds his siblings and friends who are also bored, and helps them get their day back on track, leaving them with a series of hilarious “boops” to brighten their day further. Paddy Boops reminds us that we can all find ways of turning bad days into good ones, as long as we have each other–and know how to give a good BOOP!

Raymond the Rooster

By Katie Morgan Lester

Raymond the Rooster lives on a farm
With many animals and a large red barn.
He’s on an adventure to find a new friend,
Will he learn an important lesson in the end?

A heart-warming story about friendship and inclusivity, Raymond the Rooster shows children that friends can come in every color, shape, and size and that what truly matters is who a person is on the inside.

Remember, Bed Bugs Have to Eat Too!

By JulieAnn Worthen

Good Night! Sleep Tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! That’s just a thing people say…right?

The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 1

By Faisal Hossain

The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 1 is the first in a series of books that shares uniquely personal stories of the growth, struggle, and success of twelve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals. From a geneticist, to a scientist at National Institutes of Health, to a biologist, to a cancer researcher and beyond, The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 1 contains stories from a variety of professions that are sure to inspire children and young adults of all ages.

The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 2

By Faisal Hossain

The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 2 is the second in a series of books that shares uniquely personal stories of the growth, struggle, and success of twelve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals. From a chemist, to a soil scientist, to an expert in satellites at NASA, to an artificial intelligence (AI) researcher and beyond, The Secret Lives of Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors: Volume 2 contains stories from a variety of professions that are sure to inspire children and young adults of all ages.

Terrified of TV

By Dawn Marie Thompson

Television is a major part of our modern daily lives, oftentimes “on” and broadcasting much more than we realize. Terrified of TV deals with many of the subjects children may be exposed to through television. Even day-to-day newscasts may make children fearful of the events taking place in the world. This book lets them know that while there may be scary things around them, they can always talk to adults when they become afraid.

The Adventures of Forkman: What’s That Noise?

Tiffany Caldwell & W.R. MacKenzie

When poor manners are present, Forkman will be there to save the day! Join Kathryn and William as they learn how to load the dishwasher properly and avoid inappropriate distractions at the table with the help of all their utensil friends. This second book in the Adventures of Forkman series is a great introduction to mealtime etiquette for readers of all ages.

The Gray Rainbow

By Kristy Hamby

Friendship makes the world full of color!
Do you ever feel lonely and gray?
See what happens when you fill your world with colorful friendships every day.

The Quarantine Kid

Erin Harrington

In an uncertain time, Addy navigates her way through learning to live, play, and cope with the challenges of a global pandemic. She discovers nature, spends quality time with her family (including her sister, Izzy!), and learns to live with her new normal. The Quarantine Kid follows Addy as she faces the unpredictable changes that come with the coronavirus. Follow along as she learns to adapt and make the best of a difficult situation!

The Secret Life of Sloan the Sloth

By Aaron Fox

Sloan Steady is an average everyday sloth. He loves to swim. He loves to snack. He especially loves spending time with his friends. But when his friends need help, Sloan has a not-so-average, super-secret power. Join Sloan on a journey through his average day, which is anything but average.


@Lannie’s Simple Cookbook & Calorie Guide

By Lannie Zimmer

@Lannie’s Simple Cookbook and Calorie Guide is your simple guide to health-conscious cooking. Inspired by Lannie Zimmer’s years of home cooked meals, each recipe comes with a calorie guide and instructions that even the most novice of chefs can follow. With over a hundred recipes designed to satisfy, this cookbook has something for everyone. Happy cooking!


Divorce Pool

By Philip Buckman

Four middle-aged friends scattered across the American Southwest search for new connections in the bustling madness of adulthood. They want more than what a standard landline call has to offer.

Clea, a legal counsel in California, is a single mom. Her friend, Muhammad, has recently been dumped by his partner of two decades. Esther is the carefree soul, shucking her tinctures and living on the road. And then there is Geo: the profile of American machismo who has it all, at least for now.

They meet once a year to play a game of their making; a game that will test their loyalty to one another as they navigate a world of jealousy, revenge, and celebrity.

Holy Rollers

By James Wallace

Max Azure, a professional golfer working for the Rolling Greens Golf Club, enjoys his life with a Zen philosophy and a keen sense of humor. He spends his days giving golf lessons, training aikido, matching wits with his best friend Mitch Treasure, and attempting to qualify for the upcoming U.S. Open. But all that changes when one of his regulars, Pastor Puttnam, is found dead on the thirteenth green; the police declare it an accident, but Max isn’t convinced. As more members of the local clergy are found dead, Max and Mitch team up to try and catch the culprit, but will they be able to find out who is behind the murders before another member of their community is lost? Holy Rollers combines dark suspense, psychology, and humor in this ace of a novel that will leave you guessing from tee time through the back nine.


Sobrietease 2: Make it a Double: Another Round of Musings on Life Without Booze

By Martha Carucci

Sobrietease 2: Make It a Double digs deeper into what life without booze looks like for a suburban mother of three who is surrounded by it. In a culture that promotes socializing around the bottle—with “book clubs” that spend more time reading wine labels than actual books, and playground sippy cups filled with something stronger than just juice for moms—a life of sobriety is no easy choice. While Carucci swims upstream in the “mommy needs vodka” world, she accepts the challenge with a sense of humor, grace, and overwhelming gratitude.



Thank You for Walking Away: How to Overcome Life’s Challenges and Discover Your Purpose

By Angelina Rosario

When a relationship ends, agony and distress can be overwhelming. A broken heart is genuinely shocking. You wonder, “It’s over. Now what?”

In the years following her own breakup, writer Angelina Rosario attended relationship workshops, hired a relationship coach, read numerous books on how to get over a heartbreak, and discovered that heartbreak could be an uncompromising teacher of authenticity, power, purpose, and even joy. Angelina didn’t learn how to tap into her power right away; her stubbornness and desire to suppress the pain caused her to be on a disruptive path longer than needed.

After accepting her new circumstances and finding the power within them, she not only overcame her heartbreak, but discovered her purpose. She shares that knowledge here, with recognizable narratives, insights, on-the-spot practices, exercises, meditations, and down-to-earth advice.


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November Book Releases

Only three more weeks until turkey, stuffing, and gravy. To make the wait feel shorter, get lost in our new November releases!

November’s Featured Title: Keeping On: How I Came to Know Why I Was Born

By Gemma Hoskins

Fifty years ago, beloved teacher Sister Catherine Cesnik was the victim of a violent murder that still remains unsolved. “Who killed Sister Cathy?” is a question Sister Cathy’s students, colleagues, friends, family members, and community have been asking for years. One of those people is Gemma Hoskins, one of Sister Cathy’s former students who appeared on The Keepers, the 2017 Emmy-nominated Netflix docuseries that soon had the rest of the world asking that same question, too. Sister Cathy’s life and death have both deeply inspired and haunted Gemma in a number of ways, and she’s made it her life’s purpose to uncover what really happened on that November night in 1969. In Keeping On, Gemma takes readers on a journey of her life, from her childhood and her time as Sister Cathy’s student at Archbishop Keough High School through present day. She reflects upon the experiences that have shaped her, including her own experiences as a teacher, grassroots investigator, and fierce advocate for truth and justice. With candid prose and unyielding honesty, Gemma openly and honestly continues not only the global conversation about the truth behind Sister Cathy’s murder, but also reflects upon how Sister Cathy’s life profoundly touched those who knew and loved her.

All Tied Up

By Gina Moulton

Ella loves kindergarten, but is worried she may not be up to the latest challenge. . . learning to tie her shoes. Everyone in the class is trying to tie their shoes. As she watches her friends in class succeed, Ella begins to believe she may never figure it out. It just felt too difficult! Would Ella ever learn to tie her shoes? All Tied Up is an endearing story that weaves learning to tie shoes with cultivating a growth mindset. This book is a great conversation starter for both teachers and families to explicitly teach children about developing a growth mindset. What does that mean exactly? Well, one important lesson for children to learn is that mistakes are not failures— we continue to learn from our mistakes and grow smarter. A growth mindset helps us to embrace the power of YET!

Angel and the Butterfly

By Darlene Mallich

Angel felt lost and confused, unable to find his way in the world after straying too far from home. What could he do? With the help of his new friend, Butterfly, Angel is guided into an exciting adventure just by following the clues right in front of him. Join Angel on his journey to discover the true meaning of a loving home

A to Z of Tattoo Imagery

By Alex McWatt

Learn your ABCs with these colorful illustrations of iconic tattoo designs that will inspire creativity in children of all ages.

Barlow Explores the Northwoods

By William Ericksen and Lanny Scholes-Ericksen

Barlow has many more stories to share as he continues to live and travel in the United States and Canada. In his latest adventure, Barlow heads to Minnesota to stay at the Valhalla Resort. Watch for additional adventures and explorations with Barlow!

Captain B

By Brandon Smith

Timmy is a very happy young boy who loves school,
music, people, and most importantly, his mother. But
then one day, he encounters a bully at school. Can he
find the right way to deal with this problem?

Elephant Ears

By Fanya Randall

Max is starting kindergarten and is excited for his first day of school. On the playground, a bully starts to tease Max about his ears making him feel sad. Will Max get enough courage to speak up for himself to the bully, and will his classmates help him?

This book teaches children about bullying and the importance of how to properly handle a bully situation. Through early education, our hope is that it will change the narrative where bullying statistics will decrease and children will learn to be more empathetic and inclusive to all.

Foodie Tales: A Family Cookbook Inspired by Classic Children’s Literature

By Desirée Moore

Inspired by the wonderful worlds of classic and contemporary children’s books, Foodie Tales takes you on a delicious journey through many of your favorite stories, from hungry caterpillars to magic tree houses to far-off galaxies and beyond. The Foodie Tales recipes are perfect for young chefs and great for the whole family. Dive into your favorite children’s stories in a whole new way, and ignite your imagination in the kitchen and in the library!

Recipes include:

Bowl Full of Mush, inspired by Goodnight Moon
Grilled Cheese for Gruffalo, inspired by The Gruffalo
Giving Apples, inspired by The Giving Tree
A Chance of Spaghetti & Meatballs, inspired by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Secret Garden Greens, inspired by The Secret Garden
Hunny Cake, inspired by Winnie the Pooh
“We’re All Mad Here” Tea, inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Grandma, Do You Know…

By Cathy Garner

No matter how old you are, the universal love between grandparents and grandchildren is a very special bond that transcends time. All generations will enjoy reading Grandma, Do You Know… as they reminisce on their own childhood memories.

Here We Go Bruins! Game Day in Boston

By Cheryl Mastrogiovanni

When Louie, a young Bruins fan, heads out for his first hockey game in Boston, he has no idea what awaits him! Riding on the T, stopping at the North End, and seeing the city is just the beginning. Then when an unanticipated problem threatens to delay the start of the game, Louie gets even more action than anticipated! Can he fix the problem and save the day?

I Walk My Dog Around the Town

By Becky Gibby

Take a walk through Anytown, USA and enjoy exploring the scenes on each delightful page.

I Walk My Dog Around the Town salutes the small town the author grew up in, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania; the town in which she raised her family, Chatham, New Jersey; and the town in which she and her dog KC now live, New Providence, New Jersey.

I Wish I Wish I Was a Fish

Beau Blakeman

Dive into this exciting tail about Kinley, a little girl who isn’t thrilled about her upcoming grandparents’ visit. When a witty wish goes wonky, things take a turn for the fishy and Kinley ends up in over her head. Will she be able to make things right in time for her grandparents’ visit?

Jenny’s First Catch: An Adventure with Florida’s Wading Birds

By Susan Sachs Levine


Jenny wants to surprise her mom by teaching herself how to fish. Join Jenny on her adventure through a mangrove estuary where she meets several different wading birds including a Snowy Egret, White Ibis, Wood Stork, and Great Blue Heron. Each new friend tries to teach Jenny their fishing method, but Jenny’s big spoonbill just won’t work like the other birds’ bills! Young readers will learn all about Florida’s wading birds alongside Jenny, as she discovers important lessons about perseverance and being true to herself.

Lucas Takes His Food Allergies to Daycare

By Megan Herr

Join Lucas as he discovers that food allergies don’t have to stop anybody from having fun! Even more, his story reminds us that our differences are what ultimately bring us all together! 

Michael’s Legacy: Transcending Life and Death

By Mark Judelson

On July 10, 2010, Michael Bovill, a twenty-three-year-old active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Days later, Michael’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys were donated to five strangers: Roxanne Watson, Scott Taffet, Diana Martinez Moran, Elijah Parker, and Zhou Yuan Li. His last act in this world was to give life to those in need.

Surgeons, physicians, parents, children, friends, clergy, and coworkers, along with the recipients of Michael’s organs, come together to reveal their pivotal roles interwoven in this true story exploring the nature of organ donation itself and inviting the reader to reconsider their concepts of life and death.

Revived Failure: Iran’s Reality After the American Withdrawal of the Nuclear Deal

By Fazle Chowdhury

Revived Failure 
is about the complicated after-effects of the United States withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal  ― the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), with the aim to keep nuclear restrictions on Iran. Since the United States pulled out of the agreement on May 8, 2018 harm to the Iranian economy has been catastrophic. Iran’s troublesome relationship with other signatories of the agreement (P5+1 group) is compounded by its difficult domestic economic and political demands.

Seaside A to Z

Katie Hines Porterfield

Letter by letter, discover what makes Seaside, Florida such a special place! Children will enjoy flying in tandem with a seagull throughout the book as it travels to beloved spots such as Sundog Books, the REP, and Duckies, and participates in fun activities like building sandcastles on the beach and swimming in the pool. Seaside A to Z brings to life just twenty-six of the many reasons why families from Florida and beyond cherish time spent in this charming, pastel-hued town on the Emerald Coast.

The Day I Found the Blue Band

By Jacqueline Materia Nardone

Have you ever wondered what instruments make up the Penn State Marching Blue Band? When a little girl is tailgating with her parents, she hears super fun music being played. She follows the sound to see where it’s coming from and discovers a marching band! Readers can join along as the Blue Band teaches her about their instruments and how each one makes music. But remember, it’s important for them to all join together for the sound to be just right!

The “Terrible” Bullies

By Riyani Patel 

Following The Boy Battle, The “Terrible” Bullies finds the three main characters—Tanya, Jake, and Diamond—teaming up together to stop the new bullies in high school. As the trio begin their freshman year at Bridge Bank High, they want to do the right thing to stop bullying. Despite their best efforts, drama and clashes between the trio, the bullies, and the school principal ensue. Will they be able to stand up to the “terrible” bullies, or perhaps reveal a bigger lesson to be learned by all?

The Wofford Way

By Brantli Grubbs McMillan

Founded in 1854, Wofford College has been helping people of all ages find their direction in life by teaching them the Wofford Way. Where can it lead you?

The Wofford Way is for children and grandchildren of Wofford alumni, students, faculty, and fans of all ages! I hope you and your little Terriers have fun reading it and put a little dog in it!

Take time today to appreciate someone special.

This Is Drew

By Catherine White

Autism can be hard to understand, even for experts in the field. Join us as we meet Drew and teach his classmates about living with autism. Thoughtful examples illustrate differences in interpreting situations, allowing children to ultimately foster empathy and compassion for those who see the world a little differently.

Viking Voyager: An Icelandic Memoir

By Sverrir Sigurdsson

This vivacious personal story captures the heart and soul of modern Iceland. Born in Reykjavik on the eve of the Second World War, Sverrir Sigurdsson watched Allied troops invade his country and turn it into a bulwark against Hitler’s advance toward North America. The country’s post-war transformation from an obscure, dirt-poor nation to a prosperous one became every Icelander’s success. Spurred by this favorable wind, Sverrir answered the call of his Viking forefathers, setting off on a voyage that took him around the world. Join him on his roaring adventures!

When You Became You

By Brooke Stanton and Christiane West

You are the only you.
You are special—one of a kind.
Do you know when you began to exist as a human being?

This picture book is a celebration of your humanity and your human development—one of the most extraordinary phenomena in all of science and nature.
When You Became You features glorious illustrations and the biological science of human embryology to introduce the continuum of human life. It takes you on a scientific journey through the stages of a human being’s life. Your boundless capacity as a human being began when you did—even before you were born—and persists for the duration.

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What Do We Look for in a Manuscript Submission?

Sending a book to a publisher to review can be a nerve-wracking process. They’re reading your work and deciding on whether or not they can publish it. Cue the nail biting! To make submitting your book a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of things that our acquisitions team looks for in a manuscript submission.

Children’s Books

For children’s titles, we’re looking for projects that will make a positive impact in a kid’s life. These titles have great messages and touch upon topics that are not always seen in the children’s book world, like the loss of a parent or immigration. We love diverse titles that talk about different cultures and ones that represent kids from all walks of life. Children’s books do not have to rhyme and they do not need to have illustrations in order for us to consider them. We love seeing what you have and figuring out a way to turn your idea into a child’s next favorite bedtime story. 


Fiction books are a lot of fun to read! Each one is an adventure and it is always wonderful to be introduced to new characters. There are certain aspects that we gravitate toward with this genre. 

The first thing we look for is author voice. We want to be hooked from the first chapter and immersed in this new world. Next up is dialogue. Is it strong in that it dives into who the characters are as people, or is it small talk that doesn’t propel the plot further along? To help answer that question in your own writing, check out this article from NY Book Editors. Lastly, we look at the overall plot. Stories that are unique and haven’t been overdone (i.e. vampires), are ones we’re looking for. If your title matches hundreds of books that you see in bookstores, it may be time to revisit the text and put some extra spice in ityour unique personal spin. Above all else, we’re looking for an exciting, new read that will capture an audience when it’s on store shelves. 



Titles that are categorized as nonfiction can be business books, memoirs, self-help, sports titles, etc. The only area of nonfiction titles that we do not handle are textbooks since those require different distribution channels. A lot of our business titles fall under our imprint Amplify. For the other subcategories, we want to hear your story. We look for books that are inspirational and can empower others. We want to know what makes your book stand out from similar titles and why it’s important for readers. How will it help them and meet their needs? Providing a solution in a book (like a financial advising title or marketing strategies) is a great way to capture an audience. 

Author voice is essential for nonfiction titles as well. Whether the book is chronicling a moment in time, someone’s full life, or providing tips, an author’s words need to make an impact. 



We publish many other genres that aren’t listed above such as cookbooks, coffee table-style books, early chapter, and poetry. While we don’t have as much specific criteria for those genres, we still look for a great read that will inspire and engage readers. An acquisitions editor will review your submission and provide feedback whether or not we are the right fit for your publishing journey.  

363 Days of Tea Cover    

Not sure if your manuscript fits our criteria? Send it on over! We’re happy to take a look and provide suggestions for your publishing journey. 

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April Feature: Making It Delicious

Our April featured title is Making It Delicious by Chef Jamie Daskalis, a cookbook with an emphasis on Southern food, but with a twist! From fun spins on the classics to indulging your sweet tooth, Chef Jamie’s recipes star simple and fresh ingredients that encourage creativity in the kitchen. We promise you’ll find a new favorite dish within these pages! 

Chef Jamie Daskalis
is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in baking and pastry. She has worked in the restaurant business for more than fifteen years, and was recently awarded Chef of the Year by Grand Strand Magazine and The Myrtle Beach Hospitality Association. Chef Jamie is the owner and head chef of Johnny D.’s Waffles and Benedicts, one of the hottest breakfast spots in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A working mother of a child with special needs, she understands the importance of fast, affordable, and family-friendly food, and hopes that she can help families through this cookbook. 

An Interview with Chef Jamie

  1. When creating recipes, what is the brainstorming process like? Is there a trial and error? 

When I create new dishes, sometimes it is something that I really think about, but more often than not, it is opening the refrigerator and pantry and grabbing a few things. I tend to cook every dish with the same attitude, simple. By simple, I mean, simple ingredients and simple techniques but never simple flavors. Cooking at home should not feel like a job in itself. Many of us work all day or are taking care of the kids and by the time it is time to eat, we are exhausted. That’s why when I put together the collection for Making It Delicious, I kept that in mind. I did not want my recipes to exhaust anyone. Some of the recipes are a little more time consuming and have more steps then others but sometimes you have more time and energy. I tried to give it a good balance. 

When I am doing a dish for a competition or event, I do tend to brainstorm a lot, sometimes too much.  If I am cooking for a special event, I always make a round of whatever I am going to serve to adjust any techniques or seasoning before getting to the main event. I need to know exactly what it is going to look and taste like before the event. I always try to make sure I have a salty, sweet, and crunchy component with all the dishes I make in competition. I find that I receive the best feedback if I can get all three on a plate. And of course, I always put together a little research and development team to give me feedback beforehand.  

  1. Food tends to bring people together. Do you have a favorite moment of people bonding over a dish you made?

When I first moved to South Carolina, I met my friend Stephanie, who at the time was living across the street from me.  The first time I invited her and her husband over for dinner, I felt the need to show off a bit. So I prepared fresh homemade fried pork dumplings for an appetizer, a stuffed flank steak with veggies, and a fresh fruit tart for dessert. The rest was history and we have been best friends ever since. I am not saying we are best friends because of the food I cook, but it definitely gives me the edge!

  1. Which of your recipes do you think is the easiest to make and which one is the most advanced?

I think that the breaded pork chops with the sauteed apples and risotto is the hardest.  Only because the risotto needs to be watched closely and at the same time you need to prepare the pork chops and apples. Now when I say hard, I don’t really mean hard, like you need a special skill set to prepare this recipe.  You just need to take a minute, read the recipe and get yourself ready to cook. I would have to say that one of the recipes I think is the easiest and is a favorite is the shrimp tacos with corn salsa. The shrimp cook up in a matter of minutes, and have great flavor because of the seasoning, and the jalapeno ranch can be prepared quick as well. The corn salsa takes a few minutes to prepare because of the chopping but it is easy and you end up with enough for 2 dishes.  There are a few other recipes that use corn salsa, so you can plan a second meal, or a snack with some chips.  

  1. Which recipe is your favorite?

My favorite recipe in Making It Delicious is the Mediterranean meatball hero. It wins big over the rest for me because it reminds me of my mother. Throughout the years, she has made us these Greek meatballs and we ate a lot of them. When I was preparing for a big event, I decided I wanted to make a “gyro.” But since it was a tasting size serving, I decided to make a deconstructed “gyro” with meatballs  that mimicked my mother’s. I served it with a little dressed cucumber pico, but with Mediterranean flavors, a couple slices of pita bread, and my mother’s Tzatziki sauce. Needless to say the guests and the judges LOVED it and I took home the judges choice for my Mediterranean Meatballs. The best part of the night was that my mom was at the event to witness the win.   

  1.   Cooking can be fun and creative, as you’ve shown. What advice do you have for people who now have more time on their hands and are looking for new ways to improve their cooking skills? 

I would tell them to keep it simple. You do not need to have fancy or specialty ingredients. Good quality proteins, fresh fruit and veggies, some salt and pepper, lemon and butter go a long way. You would be surprised how often I just use lemon to add a burst of acidity and freshness when finishing a dish. Cooking does not have to be complicated. If it is complicated it is not fun to me. I do not want to sit down to eat and be exhausted from cooking. 

I would also suggest picking up a few fresh herb plants and keeping  them by a window. And don’t forget to water them. Fresh herbs, to me, are the best way to add big flavor to any dish. If you always have them sitting on the window or in a garden you will be more inclined to use them. Purchasing them each time could be costly, and because of this you may pass on the opportunity. I always have basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, and mint growing at my house to use as I wish. 

Making It Delicious is a great kitchen tool to help you learn and understand that ingredients can and should be utilized in many different ways. This will help save you money and time at the grocery store. It has different recipes for sauces to keep handy, tips and tricks throughout the book, a quick red meat cooking guide, a temperature guide, tips to setting up a breading station and 98 recipes to help and teach you some new dishes. This cookbook was designed for the home cook in mind. I hope you love it!

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