5 Social Media Tips to Meet Your Marketing Goals

When it comes to scrolling through social media, you’re a pro. But using social media to promote your book is a different story. Social media is a beautiful thing, but it can be difficult to know where to start when promoting your book. We listed some tips to help get you on the path to achieving your social media and marketing goals.

Know when and how much to post

Your visibility can be just as important as perfecting your content. Posting every few minutes isn’t going to get you more followers or make your current followers any happier. Most studies suggest posting once a day on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, fear not, because Facebook and Instagram have “stories” that give you the option to go live or post visuals. With stories, there is no limit to posting. People actually like to click through stories, no matter how many there are. Twitter is also a place where you can go crazy and post as much as you want without affecting your visibility. 

The timing of your post is also important for visibility. You won’t get your optimal crowd at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. Stick to the business week and hours to avoid 1) your post disappearing into the void of other posts and 2) your post going unseen while people are not on their phones. 

The last point to knowing how much to post is not about timing but rather about word count.  Long-form posts are in nobody’s favor, especially considering our 8-second attention spans. Be concise with every post and remove any redundant or unnecessary word, especially for Instagram captions. If you have more to say, LinkedIn is the only channel that really encourages long-form content. But hey, this could also be your opportunity to create a blog, which you can link to on your social media.

The apple of a follower’s eye

Perhaps even more important than content is the visual component of your post. People are more likely to stop scrolling upon seeing an appealing visual than a bunch of words. So give them both! Hook them with the visual and reel them in for the words. That said, if you can, try to include some kind of image with every post. 

And to do this, there’s no website you’ll love more than Canva. Canva is an easy, free platform where you can design anything in just seconds. And we mean anything business cards, posters, flyers, presentations, cards, and social media images (and more). As you design, you can create backgrounds, upload images, add text, music, videos, and stickers. Canva also provides a range of different design sizes, including Instagram and Facebook posts.

Choose your favorite platform or love all of them differently

Remember, all social media channels serve different purposes and audiences. If you can’t keep up with them all, don’t! You don’t need them all. Focus on the channel that best fits your audience. If your book is more for professionals and takes a more serious tone, give your rose to LinkedIn. If you’re promoting a Young Adult book, Instagram is where you’ll find teenagers avoiding their homework. And lastly, if your book is for children, we know that parents love Facebook.

Each social media also has its own style of writing. The scale of most to least formal goes: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and then Twitter. Abbreviations, humor, and slang are fun for Twitter, but not very appropriate for LinkedIn. Alter your posts depending or choose one wisely!

Interaction is a two-way street

Don’t expect your followers to engage with your posts if you don’t have their backs too! Comment and like your follower’s posts as much as you can. If you don’t follow them back, respond to any of their comments or direct messages. Get a conversation going by asking questions and posting polls. Let your readers know how much you value them and want to interact with them. It’s a treat for both the reader and the author when they can communicate with each other. 

All about the analytics (not as scary as it sounds) 

Every so often, check your past posts and see which ones worked and which didn’t. Which are getting the most likes and responses and which are getting the least? Why? What did your visual look like (i.e., was it too busy)? How long was your post? Did you overload it with hashtags and tags? What time and day did you post it? 

You don’t want to waste your time creating posts that aren’t engaging your followers. Follow other authors and investigate how and why their posts are succeeding (or not). Do some detective work (and yes, that includes some snooping).

There are endless ways to improve your social channels but there is no better place to spend your time promoting your book. If you’re creative, genuine, and dedicated, you’re bound to succeed.

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September Book Releases

We have seven new books just for you! Make some of these (or all of them) the last of your summer reads.

September’s Featured Title: I Love You More Than Coffee 

By Melissa Face 

Are you trying to balance raising a family with maintaining your own identity? Have you ever been so exhausted that you showed up to a meeting carrying your baby’s diaper bag instead of your briefcase?

In her debut collection, I Love You More Than Coffee, Melissa Face writes about the emotions we all experience as parents: anticipation, joy, fear, guilt, and worry. Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, you will find common ground in Melissa’s heartfelt, humorous, and authentic stories of her life with two young children.

If you love coffee a lot and your kids (a little) more, this book is for you. Fill your mug with your favorite brew and settle in with I Love You More Than Coffee.

18 Things College Students Need to Know 

By Renée Bailey

Getting ready for college can be so exciting. You’re putting in applications and getting responses. You’re talking to your friends, making plans. Maybe you’re the first person in your family to go off to college and that amps up the thrill of the process. But here’s the thing: college itself is stressful. It can leave you emotionally spent, financially broke, and completely disillusioned with educating yourself, if you’re not careful.

You’re going to have stress. 38% of female college students and 27% of male college students report that their stress level is so high that it negatively affects their academic performance. The goal of 18 Things College Students Need to Know is to give you the tricks, hacks, and tools to handle your college stresses in a proactive way and make the best of the educational opportunity that college is.

Can You See My Scars?

By Samuel Moore-Sobel

Can You See My Scars? is a story of trauma, adversity, healing, and recovery. Samuel, a young man about to begin his sophomore year of high school, accepts a job that culminates in a chemical explosion—leaving Samuel with severe burns on his face, neck, and arms. The tragic and sudden accident sets Samuel on an unpredictable journey of healing, recovery, and acceptance.

In the wake of the accident, Samuel endures grief, pain, and numerous surgical procedures for the scars on his body. He grapples with his appearance, faith, and the loss of friends. Through it all, he comes to view his scars as an unavoidable part of the human experience. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all carry scars—and it is simply what we choose to do with them that defines us. Samuel’s story allows us to see him for who he truly is, while also turning a mirror on ourselves.

Can You See My Scars? explores questions about identity, suffering, purpose, and ultimately, what it means to be uniquely human.

#ImpactMyLife: Being the Change

By Eric Godwin

This is a call to individuals who want to make a social change. The goal is to spread kindness and service across cities, towns, and communities around the world one social media post at a time. Join the movement to make a difference in the lives of others by doing tasks such as designing a kindness rock, donating seeds to an agriculture program, or reading to children at your local public library. Each week after you complete your task, you have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and share your adventure on your favorite social media platform.

Be the person who wants to give back to society. Be a role model for your friends, family, and community. Be a mentor to someone who needs it—that’s what the foundation of #IMPACTMYLIFE is constructed on. Be the change you want to see in the world and #IMPACTMYLIFE!

Yuri Was Very Brave

By Jason Cranford Teague

Yuri Was Very Brave is the tale of Yuri Gagarin, the first person to ever leave the earth. We follow Yuri from the launch pad, into space, around Earth, and back to the ground. Along the way, we hear what he thinks about the earth and space.

A Boy Named Penguin: Different is the New Perfect

By Aaron LaPedis

Logan and his friends find themselves in a fix when their classroom zoo is let loose and the hallway are jammed with hopping and fluttering critters. Even the powers of Super Penguin may not be enough to save the day—unless Logan and his friends can prove that “Different” truly IS the “New Perfect!”

A Boy Named Penguin: Finding Happy

By Aaron LaPedis

Logan (also known as Super Penguin) is on his toughest and most important mission of all. A little boy named Nick is feeling the pressures of life and runs away. Super Penguin needs to find him and then help him understand, through the love of his parents and friends, how Finding Happy is just around the corner.

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August Book Releases

Check out our new August releases just in time for the dog days of summer! Enjoy one of these titles while soaking up the last of the summer sunshine.

August’s Featured Title: Helping Them

By Yashavi Upasani

As his life seemed to grow more boring, Mr. DeRenzo gets thrown into a plot that gives him more excitement than he ever dreamed of. Dominic Frost, the cousin of Charles Markson, has been pronounced missing and Charles, as well as his friends Antonio, Samantha, and Emily, are worried sick about the poor boy. Hearing about the kids’ plans of taking action to find Dominic, Mr. DeRenzo offers his assistance in the search. From daily lunch meetings to breaking into hotels, the five of them go to extraordinary lengths to find the missing child. As the kids and Mr. DeRenzo strive to find Dominic, they realize that they might learn a little bit about friendship along the way as well.

The Adventures of Kiko and Pez

By  Jane Jimenez  

Raising twins is not easy by any stretch of the imagination—and raising Kiko and Pez, two super competitive boys, is even harder when you’re a single mom. Their mom made sure they were raised to be best friends so they would always have each other (and a built-in friend). As close as they are, they grew to be very competitive and challenged each other at every turn. The Adventures of Kiko and Pez relates a series of challenges which spill into every activity they encounter. Oscar, their best friend, adds to their daily adventures and provides them with constant material to egg them on.

This book is published in memory of author Jane (Cookie) Jimenez, whose family felt it was important to finish what she started. We hope you like the characters—they are loosely based on her children and other family members. Half of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be made in Jane’s memory to the American Cancer Society, and the other half will be shared equally between her twin boys, Josh and Randy, for their education and well-being.

Euphrates Yield 

By David H. Hanks

The third and final installment in David H. Hanks’ Carson Griffin series takes Griffin outside of the INWA’s jurisdiction to investigate a hidden nuclear reactor site along the banks of Syria’s Euphrates River. The Jihad Terrorist Symbol joins forces with Doku Umarov, a well-known Chechen terrorist, to smuggle parts and nuclear material into the region supplied by a rogue North Korean general with the goal of creating the most powerful weapons of mass destruction on Earth.

To save the world from nuclear annihilation, Griffin has to stop the technology from falling into JTS’s hands—all while battling the grief of losing his wife. Can he put his need for vengeance aside and stop the radical terrorist cell before it’s too late?

Freckle-Faced Foodie: Journey of a Young Chef

By Marlin Adams with Ariel Fox

Fourth-grader Ariel’s weekend is turning out to be a disaster. Her friends are coming over for a sleepover on Saturday night and a movie on Sunday, but she can’t get it together to write her homework essay about heritage and cultural traditions that is due on Monday. Her two best friends know everything about their cultures, but Ariel knows nothing about her own. As she reflects on the maze of changes surrounding her after her parents’ divorce and her mother’s remarriage, she reminisces about her early years in Colombia, her summers spent in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, and her current life in the Monterey Bay beach town where she now lives with her mom and her new dad. From her Caribbean grandma’s patacones to her Pacific Northwest grandma’s blackberry pie, Ariel discovers that food keeps emerging as a theme in her life. It’s a theme that helps her gain a stronger sense of self, and one that just might save her before the Monday morning deadline.

The Leader Launchpad: Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits

By Howard M. Shore

“Howard has distilled his vast experience, identified the key levers for acceleration, and conveyed them through real-life stories that are interesting and illuminating.” Brad Smart, author; president and CEO, Topgrading™️ Inc.

Sooner or later, every business owner finds themselves working too much “in” the business rather than “on” the business. Despite working harder than ever, they know their organization could be growing faster and generating greater profits. To stimulate the traction and significant growth that leaders seek, they need strategies to create and sustain a successful business as well as ways to break through the invisible barriers that prevent forward movement.

In The Leader Launchpad, growth expert and master business accelerator Howard M. Shore offers a five-step, clear-cut, actionable plan to help leaders feel in control of their professional destiny. Packed with practical information, The Leader Launchpad includes profit-actualizing and scale-enhancing systems for:
• Identifying mindsets essential to creating great companies
• Recognizing the crucial steps to increase employee engagement
• Developing a strategy that leads to faster growth and higher profitability
• Aligning teams with priorities to significantly impact results
• Ensuring the right people are in the right seats doing the right thing
• Building a culture of accountability

Engaging and compelling, The Leader Launchpad is a must-read for any leadership team looking to create a massively successful and enjoyable business.

My Hair Went on Vacation

By Paula Quinn

This story is about Rosie, who lives in Chicago.

Within three weeks she lost all of her hair and asked, “Where did it go?”

Rosie loved to rock the bald, without even skipping a beat.

She happily wore sunscreen—not even a hat!—in the summer heat.

At bedtime, Rosie would tell her own stories with a smile on her face.

She’d imagine her hair going on magical adventures all over the place.

From a young age, Rosie loved herself and was not phased by her look,

So her mother decided to share her spirit to teach others through this book.

Come on this adventure with a confident bald girl,

Who tells us ”Bald is beautiful!” as she smiles with a twirl.

We hope this book can inspire you to love others as they are,

And to love yourself every day, whether your hair is near or far.

Pivot & Go: The 29-Day Blueprint to Redefine and Achieve YOUR Success

By David Nurse


Most of us run on an endless string of vague goals and should-haves, with true, empowering change always just out of reach. Many of us feel stuck in our day-to-day routine, without the proper tools to break the mold and live our best lives every single day. David Nurse, a renowned life optimization coach of more than 150 NBA players and CEOs, knows it doesn’t have to be that way.

Pivot & Go is a compelling, hands-on blueprint to changing course and leading the life you want to live—today. In this energizing, adventurous, and actionable guide, David outlines a clear 29-day plan—not to living the life, but to living your absolute best life. His key is to make mindful mindset pivots that allow you to shift your perspective by incremental yet powerful degrees. Focusing on success, failure, passion, joy, and confidence, Pivot & Go is here to help you find your genuine rhythm—one that will carry you through each chapter of life with the energy and ability to make the most of every day.

Punctuated with stories from his own journey to leading a full and rewarding lifestyle, as well as featuring never-before-told stories of triumph from some of the top NBA athletes in the world, David has delivered a book like no other. Not only will it give you the power to change your life, it will give you the strength to do so. Get ready to banish negative thoughts, live to the max, and become energized and ready to tackle each and every day.

The Opportunity Agenda: A Bold Democratic Plan to Grow the Middle Class
opportunity agenda

By Winston Fisher and Sly James

On paper, New York business and civic leader Winston Fisher and former Kansas City mayor Sly James seem to have nothing in common. They come from different generations, backgrounds, geographies, and professions. Despite their apparent differences, they share one central belief: the Democratic Party is overdue for major disruption.

In The Opportunity Agenda, Fisher and James propose a new path forward that focuses on what really matters: appealing to the people. The 2016 presidential election revealed the extent of the deep economic anxieties felt by working- and middle-class Americans across the country—an insecurity that reshaped American history with the election of Donald Trump. Democrats failed to make a compelling case to promote their vision for the future. Equipped with a refreshing arsenal of bold ideas to expand the middle class, Fisher and James offer a plan to grow the party’s base, win over moderates and independents, and explain in no uncertain terms what Democrats will do for you, the American voter.

In this era of increasing political turmoil, old habits, stale messaging, and a “get even” mentality, any momentum the Democratic Party once had has stalled. It will take innovative solutions to shake up the Democratic establishment and energize voters across the political spectrum. That’s where The Opportunity Agenda comes in. Insightful, accessible, and compelling, it outlines tangible strategies the Democratic Party needs for long-term success. This is a must-read for anyone invested in the future of our country and the forgotten middle class.

Voices of LGBTQ+: A Conversation Starter for Understanding, Supporting, and Protecting Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer People

By Lynda Wolters

Why do so many in our modern society reject those who are different?

Though the mainstream acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer community has made leaps and bounds over the past few years, many pivotal groups within our modern society still respond to the LGBTQ+ community with an overwhelming, knee-jerk reaction of “us” vs. “them.” Despite the progress that has been made, misunderstanding, hatred, animosity, aggression, and violence still affect this community on a deep level. Lynda Wolters knows firsthand: a strong ally, she has come to know, understand, and have a deep respect for the community through her son, who is gay.

Including highly personal, real-world anecdotes, Voices of LGBTQ+ helps outline some of the most critical challenges the community faces today, with topical insights into:

  • Homelessness
  • Hate crimes
  • Suicide
  • Economic challenges
  • Discrimination and lack of equality
  • Religious and biblical conflicts

Though judgment and divisiveness still run deep in our society, Wolters highlights the first key distinction, among many others, that will help eradicate bigotry: those who are different are not choosing to be, they simply are, and it’s our differences that make us stronger. Voices of LGBTQ+ helps educate, dispel fears, and start positive conversations about what knowing, loving, or simply peacefully and positively coexisting with someone in the LGBTQ+ community really means. After all, there is no “us” vs. “them.” We are all human.

What Color is Love?

By Lou Spaventa

Does love have a color? That’s what Katie the chameleon wants to know. She asks her mother, and together the two chameleons explore the many colors of love we find in the beauty of nature. Can you guess all the colors that Katie and her mother find?

The Secret of Sondra Byer’s Second Grade Class

By Susan Schwartz 

Everyone knows the legend of Ms. Sondra Byer, the enigmatic teacher who returns to Cory Hall every five years to teach one group of second grade students, and then disappears again, leaving magic and mystery in her wake. When the longed-for letter arrives on crisp, white school stationary announcing their placement in Ms. Byer’s class, her students think they know what lies ahead, but none of them could have anticipated the enchantment that awaited…

The Secret of Sondra Byer’s Second Grade Class follows the adventures of a group of  second grade students as they discover parts of the world, and parts of themselves, they never could have imagined. 

When the Day Ends and Dreams Begin #3

By Don Rose & Javier Lopez

When the Day Ends…and Dreams Begin 3 is the final book in the When the Day Ends…and Dreams Begin trilogy. Books 1 and 2 have been Amazon Books best sellers. Continue the journey with Rocky the Rock. Two Sides to a Story 3, is back. Uncle Frank, the red headed dog, is back having more adventures. Meet Willy, a very interesting guy. The Best Job will have you laughing. Who is The Boss? We’ll let you decide. My Culture, a poem we all fit into. Meet Barry the Brick: what a life he has! Grandparents are the best.

Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door

By Nadine Haruni

In Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door, Freeda and her family meet some new friends: Jessica and her two mommas, Morgan and Irene. The tadpoles have never had a friend with two mommas before, but they soon learn that it makes no difference. By getting to know Jessica’s parents, the tadpoles discover that families do not have to all look the same, and that all you need is love.

The Spinner Sagas: The Heir 

By KJ Moullen

She did not understand where she was, who she was, or why she was a prisoner. However, there was one thing she had discovered: she could do magic.

Entrusted with the safekeeping of the Book and the wickedness contained in it, Blaine and Elian embark on a journey filled with unusual creatures and a looming prophecy in the unfamiliar and ancient land of Vestia. First, they have to find their way back to each other, trusting new allies and befriending old foes along the way.

With time running out and the fate of the universe resting squarely upon their shoulders, Blaine and Elian face an unknown foe who will stop at nothing to unleash the evil soul trapped in the Book. But Elian knows a secret about Blaine’s destiny. Will the secret prophecy divide their pathways, letting doubt and fear sabotage all they have accomplished?

The Spinner Sagas: The Heir is the second book in The Spinner Sagas series.

Please note this title will be released on August 25th 2020.

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July Book Releases

A new month means new releases! Check out our July releases below and maybe find your new favorite book.

July’s Featured Title: Stillwater

By Mary Jo Hazard


Twelve-year-old Grace believes that all adults are trustworthy and good. So begins a coming-of-age story full of laughter and tears that takes place one hot summer in upstate New York in the 1950s.

On the surface, Stillwater seems an idyllic place, but danger lurks underneath. Grace and her best friends, Maggie and Louanne, grapple with divorce, domestic violence, and mental illness. Grace is devastated when she finds out her father committed suicide when she was eight. Several suspicious fires break out in the area, and Louanne’s schizophrenic uncle Tony, the town bogeyman, is accused of setting them. Grace believes he’s unfairly targeted because he’s mentally ill and convinces her friends to help her find the real arsonist.

Hazard weaves themes of loss and recovery in a story filled with quirky characters and invaluable lessons about love, life, and survival.

Buffalo Football: A Game-by-Game Summary of the Glory Years

By Chris Stucchio

Buffalo Football includes interesting statistics, facts, and scoring information for every meaningful game the Buffalo Bills played from the beginning of the 1988 NFL regular season until the day they lost their fourth consecutive Super Bowl in January 1994. Additionally, it contains insightful postgame quotes from some of the coaches and players involved in those contests, including Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Darryl Talley, Marv Levy, Bill Parcells, Steve Tasker, and Don Shula. Other than a Super Bowl victory, what more could a Buffalo Bills fan want?

Emily and Lucy to the Rescue

By Phyllis Ershowsky

Emily and her dog Lucy are one unstoppable duo, but when a loved one faces a serious illness, their lives are turned upside down. The best friends soon become worried, unsure of what to do. Will they be strong enough to save the day?

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Extra Innings: Fred Claire’s Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team

By Tim Madigan

Fred Claire served 30 years as an executive with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was the team’s Executive Vice President and general manager from 1987 until 1998. During his tenure, Claire earned a reputation for his integrity and for his fighting spirit that built what ultimately led to the team’s last World Series championship in 1988. His drive and determination in the face of opposition and doubt from all sides became a defining trait not just of his time with the Dodgers, but of who he is as an individual. In the spring of 2015, Fred would again tap into his fighting spirit after being diagnosed with skin cancer that later migrated to his jaw. Again, the odds were against his survival, but Fred was determined. This time, he found his championship team at City of Hope National Medical center in Duarte, California. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, frontline research, and staffed by top oncologists, City of Hope was the perfect home base for Claire’s treatment. Extra Innings highlights how both the landmark career of Fred Claire and the remarkable rise of City of Hope exhibit mutual endurance and give promise to those facing cancer diagnoses.

Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life (Second Edition)

By Merril Hoge

When Merril Hoge talked about his dream of playing in the NFL, he was constantly told it was impossible, he’d never beat the odds, but he refused to be discouraged. As a twelve-year-old, inspired to overcome the challenges ahead, he wrote, ‘Find a Way’ and put it on the wall above his goals. This mantra would become a life-long philosophy that helped him cope with the near loss of his hand as a you boy, the untimely death of his mother, being diagnosed with and defeating cancer, and ultimately achieve his dream of playing in the NFL.

In this Second Edition of Find a Way, Hoge candidly discusses the obstacles he has faced and how he has consistently found a way to move forward. This updated edition includes three new chapters with information on where Hoge is now, and how he continues to ‘Find a Way’ a decade after the original release.

Finding Om

By Rashmi S. Bismark, MD, MPH

Finding Om is an illustrated children’s book that shares the story of Anu, an Indian African girl who explores the mantra Om with her beloved grandfather, Appuppa. Through this story, she begins to uncover techniques of mindfulness that readers can explore along with her. This wonderful multicultural, inter-generational story is sure to become a staple in classrooms and homes across the world.

Guess This Ginger Cat’s Name

By Carroll Lutz

All cats have nine lives, but this ginger cat has even more names. Follow along on his adventurous travels. Each stop along the way suggests a new name for him. Try to guess other rhyming names that fit the story!

In Pursuit of Science and Technology

By John Kim

In this robust, thoughtful memoir, John Kim shares his life’s pursuit of science and technology, and expands outwards by diving into his personal thoughts on his faith, personal economy, problems with race issues as a minority, discrimination in the workplace and in the world at large, and his medical odysseys. In this straightforward narrative, John elucidates his formative years in Tokyo, Japan until the 1940s, when the dark cloud of World War II began amassing in East Asia. John’s father chose to move the family to Pyongyang, North Korea. This put his family on a potentially disastrous path as the family was unable to leave the country for four years. But, John Kim and his relatives fled from North to South Korea and avoided the yoke of a dictatorship. In 1950, he became embroiled in the Korean War, and in 1958, his parents sent him to the United States to receive a college degree in North America. He completed a doctorate in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University. His autobiography maps out Kim’s journeys in the U.S., and all of the wonderful accomplishments he achieved while there.


By Nikos Cox

In this heartfelt story, the readers discover that lessons about life and death can be found in the unlikeliest of people. In Jurni, a young girl with a love for all things math, science, and space shows us how we can all deal with grief and death.

The pain and fear of tragedy affects us all, no matter our age. After losing her mom, Jurni’s dad encourages her to look up at the night sky, and explains that her mom will always be with the stars above. From that time, Jurni’s goal is to become an astronaut so that she can be close to her mom again. The only obstacle in Jurni’s way is a regional NASA space competition that could clear the way for her most important dream.

Join Jurni as she journeys on a quest that will give her a closer knowledge of her own capacity to get through the pain of loss.

Kibby the Space Dog

By Andrea Cassell

This delightful tale is told about a dog named Kibby, who looks different from other animals. Young and old alike will be warmed by the important things that Kibby learns on his journey. Kibby’s adventures, and emotions brought to life, is told to show how dogs experience the famed “cone of shame.”

Kibby Gets a Little Sister

By Andrea Cassell

This lush and imaginative children’s story is a whimsical tale that delves into Kibby’s thoughts and reactions to getting a new, younger sister. Kibby’s sweet demeanor will be amusing and special for readers of all ages. Watch how Kibby changes his life to accommodate his brand new sibling.

Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia

By Andrea Cassell

Kibby goes on a new and unanticipated journey when his owners move away to a different home and removes him from his best friends. Join him as he learns to cope with these life changes. Kibby’s tale is a new classic!

No Such Thing As Off the Record: A Survival Guide for Media Interviews and Appearances

By Andrea Devaux

From the boardroom to the newsroom, nearly every job requires speaking in front of a group. In this age of political correctness and viral social media moments, “winging it” can be a risky business. It’s no wonder that three out of four people suffer from speech anxiety.

No Such Thing as OFF the Record is your survival guide for effective public speaking. It will arm you with the skills to navigate tricky Q&A scenarios and avoid unexpected pitfalls—like commenting off the record to a trusted source.

Whether you’re just looking to improve your elevator pitch or preparing for a national media campaign, No Such Thing as OFF the Record’s step-by-step coaching provides a complete checklist for how to say what you came to say and not be led off-topic…even under fire.

O is for Oil: The ABCs of Odessa

By Adrian Vega

Odessa, Texas lies in the heart of the oil patch of West Texas. In O is for Oil, learn about how one community’s art, culture, education, energy, and more contributes to their spirit. Featuring well known images, places, and activities, you’ll see why Odessa is a great place to live.

Objects in the Mirror: Thoughts on a perfect life from an imperfect person

By Stephen Kellogg

Life—if you’ve ever thought you might be doing it wrong, you’re not alone.

Objects in the Mirror: Thoughts on a Perfect Life from an Imperfect Person is a collection of essays that explores what it means to be alive. Like Polaroids framing the experiences of a troubadour and family man with an excess of self-awareness, these are stories without any clear good guys or bad guys. Instead, in each of these vignettes you will find dysfunctional, imperfect humans trying to do their best and bouncing off each other in the process.

Pearl River Mansion

By Richard Schwartz

Detective Jack Kendall and his assistant, Stacy Young, receive a disturbing call that opens the door to an infamous missing persons case. Jack and Stacy now hold the key to the most complex, shocking, and emotional case of their careers, and they are all in!

As the only heir of Joan Chandler, Tyler stands to inherit everything one person could want, including Pearl River Mansion—a sweeping post-Civil War estate that sits at the end of one of the many fingers of the Pearl River. Tyler’s mother controls people by trading on her wealth, but Tyler refuses her money—which always comes at a price—and struggles to make it on his own, trading instead on his intelligence and good looks. But he’s not as good at the game as she is and finds himself trapped in a marriage that infuriates his mother.

Just when Tyler believes he’s winning in the destructive battle of wills with his mother, fate intercedes… And for the second time in her life, Joan finds a purpose for the alligators that have kept her well away from the water’s edge—and the stakes keep rising.

Philip T. Basher is Imperfectphil

By Sue Steinhardt

Hi! My name is Philip T. Basher, and I love life!
In book one which you are holding in your hands, you will learn the story behind how I came to be known as Imperfectphil. I won’t let you down because I’m perfect…I’mperfect…imperfect. (I’ll tell you more about this later.)

Imperfect. Just. Like. You.

Plant a Seed

By Maritza Oliver

Have you ever wondered about the journey our food takes to get to our dinner tables? What about how our eating habits affect the environment?

As stewards of the Earth, it’s important to challenge ourselves to become more aware of our food choices and why they matter. It’s time for us all to understand that we have the power to make changes in our life to protect the health and well-being of our planet and its many inhabitants. The future of all life on Earth is in our hands!

Santa Fe Tom

By Rachel Bate

Desert Box Turtle Tom is as shy as can be / Even when his critter friends plan a surprise birthday party full of glee.

Poor Tom yearns to sing his heart out / But he has to learn to outshine his doubt.

When Tom begins to sing in a nervous voice / All of his friends are enamored and rejoice!

Could standing in the spotlight / Help Tom conquer his stage fright?

Join Tom and the rest of the desert critters / In facing fears and overcoming jitters!


By AJ DeMarest

Sophia’s life started pretty regularly: she grew up happy and liked to help others. She loved her family and had many friends. Living in New York City, she always got to visit her favorite location—the Statue of Liberty!

But one day, something unbelievable happened to Sophia. She grew and grew until she was as tall as the skyscrapers around her! Suddenly, the entire city was scared of her.

What people couldn’t understand was that Sophia was just as afraid of her new body as everyone else. Sophia quickly realizes that she has to accept herself even though the entire city is terrified of her. Ultimately, she becomes an unlikely hero, teaching everyone that good deeds come in any size.

The Adventures of Veggieman: Book I Food Fight

By Karla Farach

When Niko starts a new school,
he has no idea that he’s going to find
himself in the middle of an epic battle
between the forces of good and evil.
Good, nourishing food and evil junk
food, that is.

Things are looking chaotic until
Niko gets help from Veggieman,
a super-cool superhero. Together
with his awesome army of fruits
and veggies, he helps save the
school and all the kids in it. But
the most important thing he
does is show kids that they each
have their own superpower—
one we all have and can all use.

The Last Christmas Tree

By Deborah Hoffman

How could anyone know that a simple tree farm would be the home of a miraculous event? Only one person knew: Mr. B… With a plan rooted deeply in his heart and mind, he plants a scrawny little tree amid all the other trees (the residents of Mr. B’s Famous Tree Farm). The trees and the birds all wonder who this “stranger” is — the one who is so unlike them. The traditional trees nickname him Twig. This little tree, with almost zero chance of survival, is encouraged by messages carried in the wind and sometimes repeated by the birds. The soft words and caresses of the gentle tree farmer always bring strength to Twig. One day, Mr. B shares two secrets with Twig. The wind overheard the first secret and carried it throughout the entire tree farm. Only Twig heard the second secret. Twig makes the decision to stand tall and honor the second secret. This simple decision eventually brings Mr. B’s plan into full view for the whole world to see. Twig becomes a revelation of the impossible and belief in things not seen, but hoped for! A TRUE MIRACLE!

The Vanishing Trial

By Robert Katzberg

Trial by jury has historically been the citizenry’s protection against prosecutorial and judicial overreach. However, jury trials have been disappearing as criminal defendants in federal court are more often than not pleading guilty instead of testing the legal system.

In The Vanishing Trial, accomplished lawyer Robert Katzberg explores why trials have become rarities in today’s federal courtrooms, and examines the consequences of a justice system without juries.

With reflections from his four-decade courtroom career—first prosecuting federal criminal cases in New York, and then defending high-profile cases across the country—Katzberg recreates a time when trials were commonplace, when average citizens played a key role in the administration of justice, when young lawyers honed significant trial skills, and when veteran courtroom stars performed their craft at the highest level.

Precise, thorough, and compellingly honest, The Vanishing Trial describes the realities of a courtroom world known only to insiders, one that cannot exist without jury trials. Finally, it provides readers with a roadmap to reclaim their role in preserving justice in America.

Without Excuses: Big Gifts for Little Gamecocks

By Neka Alston and Jon Alston

Selecting a few of the University of South Carolina’s most-loved sites and locales, this delightful children’s story is filled to the brim with a mixture of vibrant illustrations and whimsical rhyming, dispensed through the use of lyrical text. Without Excuses promotes positive emotional development and underscores the fundamentality of partnership for young people to practice with.

The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm

By Nancy Youngdahl

Ruth, raised on a rural farm in North Carolina, speaks like any girl from the South—you can almost hear her accent as she voices her story, as only a true Southern child would speak. Ruth’s life growing up on a farm is described in her own special way: being tucked into bed every night, playing with and feeding some of the farm animals, and getting to ride on her dad’s big tractor. Ruth loves her father for all the ways he shows his love, even with calm discipline. Read the story of how Ruth learns to be truthful to keep others from being wrongly punished, as well as discovering that she can be whatever she wants to be!

White People Really Love Salad

By Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

Everyone has a story and those stories are worthy of being revisited as insight into who we are today. If you can revisit even one childhood story, good or bad, it is likely to provide valuable information about your thinking, your ideology and even your behavior today. “If you care to fully understand your world view as you move forward in your life, take some time to look backwards,” states Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler. Our childhood experiences give us valuable clues about ourselves. Using her own childhood experiences, Dr. Mosby Tyler discusses the imprint that social climates, race relations, stereotypes, education systems and parenting had in shaping her perspectives. Ultimately, she shares, “those perspectives have been the source and muse for many of my adult successes…and missteps.” No matter what your childhood story is, it is an important ingredient in the formation of the very best you! White People Really Love Salad will inspire you to learn, laugh and leverage your key experiences as a part of a journey in understanding how you got to be who you are today.

Precious Boy, No Matter What

By Katie Didit

Sometimes, boys need to be reminded of how precious they are–no matter how different they feel, where they are from, or what unique things might make them happy. This book was written so that every Precious Boy could find joy and comfort in who they are, no matter what.

Precious Family, No Matter What

By Katie Didit

No matter where your family comes from, or what it may look like, it is special and perfect just the way it is. This book was written to let children know that there is more than one way for a family to look and be. May each and every family, regardless of its origin or form, receive comfort and joy from this book.

Secrets of the Tally

By Halie Fewkes

Meet Allie: she’s just woken up in an empty forest with blood on her hands and everything she’s ever known wiped from her mind. In her survival-oriented world, people are hunted by vicious predators, and it quickly becomes clear that they are specifically hunting her.

Allie quickly finds a list of tally marks detailing all the lives she once saved and the deaths that were her fault, which must be the reason she’s now a target. When she discovers that flashes of her past will resurface to save her from life threatening danger, she realizes she has an opportunity to recover her missing identity.

Allie will have to risk narrow brushes with death to recover who she used to be and discover why she was so important. Fortunately for her, an attractive new stranger shows up who’s both charming and eager to help her. Between him, the monsters, and the list of lives and deaths, can Allie survive long enough to figure out which is most dangerous?

Catching Epics

By Halie Fewkes

Ebby didn’t know she was the new Human Epic until the day she was captured, stuck with the new Escali Epic, Vack, and told to be friends with him. They’re the two most powerful kids in the world, destined to be enemy combatants like every Epic before them, but they’ve been imprisoned together in hopes they might resolve some of their differences. Unfortunately, Vack would rather push Ebby out a window than befriend her, while Ebby thinks Vack is a barbarian who might eat her, and the result is chaos.

Allie and Archie are thrown into the fray when they’re asked to help a team of brutal hunters find and rescue Ebby. Archie makes recovering the Epic a priority, but Allie couldn’t be pulled any harder in the opposite direction. Rescuing a little girl sounds like the right thing to do, but leaving Ebby in the hands of the Escalis has a different appeal. If Ebby and Vack existed to do more than fight one another, they could change the course of the entire Human Escali war.

A Deal for Three

By Halie Fewkes

People say it’s impossible to find an Epic in hiding, which is why Ratuan has hired the cruel Zhauri Brotherhood to catch Allie, Ebby, and Vack, who have all but vanished. They’re the three most elusive individuals on the continent, but the Zhauri haven’t let a target escape in the brotherhood’s history – and they’re not about to start.

To pay for a hunt of this magnitude, Ratuan has promised Maverick far more than money. He’s brought the Zhauri a three way deal that will wreck the Escalis, declare independence from Tekada, and crown Maverick as ruler of their new kingdom. All Maverick has to do is capture his three targets, and Ratuan will take care of the rest.

Unfortunately, the Zhauri know Archie has ties to all three runners, and he is not only coerced into joining the team, but given great motivation to take part in their hunt. Because while Allie is slowly dying from the curse that now plagues her, Maverick holds the key to breaking it. To save his best friend, Archie will have to lead the effort to find and catch her, all while trying not to become one of the Zhauri himself.

To Wear the Cloak

By Halie Fewkes

On the newly-named continent of Ria, the Human-Escali war is about to reach its thousand year conclusion. Tekada is preparing to join the fight in retaliation for Ratuan’s recent uprising, and Humanity can’t possibly survive a war against the Escalis and Tekada at the same time. Since peace with the Escalis can’t be negotiated, the impossible task of keeping Humanity alive falls to those with the best record of accomplishing the impossible – Maverick and the Zhauri.

With only a short window of time, the king announces their one hope of survival. A united force of Humans and Escalis might be able to fend off the foreign invaders, but Humanity would have to defeat the Escalis in mere months to stand a chance of uniting in time. The war will either conclude in a joining of the nations, or it will end as Tekada arrives and decimates Humanity.

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Standing with our Black #MascotAuthors

At Mascot Books, we believe that authors from all walks of life deserve a platform to tell their stories and make their voices heard. We champion diversity, welcome new perspectives, and encourage our authors to bring new ideas to the table.

We stand in solidarity with our Black #mascotauthors, and want to take this opportunity to showcase some of the incredible voices and works they’ve shared with the world.

By Courtney Dunlap

About the Book: For the courageous Rumble Hunters, the things that go bump in the night don’t stand a chance! When James, their fearless leader, hears a curious rumble in the middle of the night, he embarks upon a late-night mission to “hunt that sound.” Along the way, he gathers a heroic band to aid in his quest. It’s hard to know who or what will be found, but one thing’s for sure — there’s fun to be had on this rip-roaring adventure. Allow your imagination to run wild as you come along to help the Rumble Hunters catch this thunderous culprit!

About the Author: This raucous tale comes from the creative mind of first-time author, Courtney B. Dunlap. She smiles now, but as a kid, Courtney was a scaredy-cat and would never dream of exploring in the dark. She’s got a hunch that amongst her younger readers, she’s not alone. For those whose childhoods are a faint memory, The Rumble Hunters might remind you of a time when you, too, heard your first curious bedtime sounds. This is why The Rumble Hunters’ mesmerizing sense of childlike wonder will appeal to all.

Saying she’s ecstatic about publishing her first picture book would be an understatement! She believes The Rumble Hunters will be the first of many that spark imaginations for generations to come. She hopes that with this book, children of all ages will go beyond their fears to see the world through new eyes!

By Kestle Bess

About the Book: Do you remember what it was like to dream about the future? This is a story about one curious boy who hopes to find out different things he and his friends can become when they are older. It is inspired by the author’s own experiences growing up thinking about what possibilities lay ahead.

About the Author: Kestle Bess was born in Guyana in 1981 to parents Adolphus and Anne Bess. At the age of three, his family migrated to America, eventually becoming United State citizens. Graduating from Kingsborough Community College with an A.A.S. degree, he worked in management within the shipping industry. At the age of twenty-three, Kestle married the lovely Tracy and soon after became the proud father to their son Mason.

Kestle works hard to fulfill all of his potential, and tries to diligently instill the importance educating oneself and working hard towards one’s goal in his son, knowing there is so much for him to look forward too. Mason Discovers: I Can Be…. is Kestle’s first children’s book. It was written and illustrated with the goal of advocating for the visual empowerment for boys and girls around the world. Follow him on Instagram for more updates: @mr.bess

By Donna Sherard

About the Book: When Ryan finds himself spending summer vacation in Kenya against his will, he has no idea he’s in for more than he bargained for. His special “gift” comes in handy when he has to protect his desperate friend from catastrophe. And all the while, he really wants to know the answer to one question…

Is he just weird…or is he awesome?

About the Author: Donna Sherard lives in Silver Spring, Maryland in the United States with her husband and son. For the past fifteen years she has worked in global health which has allowed her to travel the globe including Kenya and Uganda where she lived and worked. While her journeys have inspired an entire private library of journals and musings, it wasn’t until her son started looking for his own superheroes that she was compelled to write for children and especially for those yearning for books that they can call“home”. Splendiferous is her first novel.

By Roshi Rountree

About the Book: Regardless if it’s curly, locked, or in a teeny-weeny afro (twa), your child’s hair is beautiful and that’s something they should know! As you read this fun, empowering, and confidence-boosting tale with your little ones, help them discover that it takes all hair types to make the world go ’round.

About the Author: Roshni Lauren Rountree has gone from print journalist to school teacher to registered nurse to author, which goes to show that you really can be anything you want in this life! Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she developed her passion for writing at the young age of ten years old, winning elementary school essay competitions and more. She attended the Mecca–Howard University–and earned her Bachelors of Arts in print journalism. After a few career changes, she currently works as an emergency department registered nurse and has chosen to revisit her passion for writing with a specialty in children’s books.

Roshni strives to reach young children before they encounter the negativities of the world that may tell them that they aren’t attractive or intelligent, simply because of the color of their skin. Her ultimate goal is to uplift, encourage, and empower young brown children so that they know they are just as great, if not greater, than their counterparts!

By Jamiyl Samuels & Tracy-Ann Samuels

About the Book:
Sandy Taylor thinks her brother Amani is weird because he doesn’t talk. After Mommy and Daddy explain why he doesn’t speak, Sandy realizes how important it is to be nice to someone who appears to be different.

When Sandy sees a girl at her school being bullied for being different from the other kids, she has a big decision to make. Will she ignore it, or will she step in and save her?

W.R.E.a.C Havoc Heroes presents the story of a girl who learns to accept people as they are. This is a tale about UNDERSTANDING and a willingness to show compassion to others.

About the Authors: Jamiyl Samuels is the founder of W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises, a company that fosters growth, creativity, and education through informed written content, film, and recorded music. He began his college career as a Theater major at Morgan State University in 1996, but ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Media Arts with a concentration in screenwriting from Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. His ultimate goal is to expand the W.R.E.a.C Havoc brand worldwide. He is currently working on various projects related to The Amazingly Awesome Amani series and other works based on the importance of fatherhood in communities of color.

Tracy-Ann Samuels is the co-owner and chief operating officer of W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises. She serves as an ambassador for Autism Speaks. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and her Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University. She has 19 years of experience in the Social Services field. As a Senior Advisor at New Your City Children’s Services, she works with children who are Developmentally Delayed, Seriously Emotionally Disturbed, and Medically Fragile.
Her ultimate goal is to assist at-risk children and their families, counsel couples through relationship and/or marital issues, and make an impact in the community by educating parents about the resources available for children and adults with special needs.
The couple resides in New York with their two children.

By Farissa Knox

About the Book: Before Farissa was a successful business woman, wife, mother, and mentor to young women all over the country, she was a 20-something trying to figure it all out. In her debut memoir, Farissa tells her story of navigating an early career in advertising, the journey of falling in love and making grown-woman decisions in her relationship, and the strength and courage true friendship brought her during this time in her life. In her conversational storytelling approach, Farissa takes the reader through the decisions, opportunities, and experiences that helped her become the confident 30-something-year-old woman she is today and creates a sense of “none of us are in this alone” for readers of all ages

About the Author:  Farissa Alexander Knox was born and raised in The Bronx. Attending New York City public school, having international childhood friends and living in a bubble of inclusion and real diversity are just some of the things she attributes to her view on life today.

Eventually attending high school and college in Virginia due to her parents’ moving, Farissa majored in Communications and Advertising at Christopher Newport University, graduating in 2003. Jumping straight into her career after school, she spent two years selling advertising in Richmond, Virginia, then moved back to New York to do the same for a few more years. From there, her personal life brought her to Chicago where her career truly blossomed as she took her years of experience selling advertising, along with the relationships developed over that time and turned it into her first business.

RLM Media, a media buying advertising agency and holding company established in 2008, specializing in the Health-care, Political, Recruitment and Consumer space. Then later creating WhatRUWearing, a digital content publishing house focused on creating engaging, beautiful digital content for brands and platforms who need to talk to today’s young woman who loves fashion, style, beauty and creativity. Farissa currently lives in Chicago’s Lake View neighbor-hood with her husband Larry and two daughters, Chloe and Isabelle.

By Toriè Anderson

About the Book: Why be ordinary if you can be REVOLUTIONARY?

About the Author:
Toriè J. Anderson is a native Detroitor, urban educator, writer, literacy advocate, and activist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English Language Literature and Writing, a Master of Arts in Education, and a Master of Education in Literacy Studies. Needless to say, she is well over her head in student loan debts, like most Americans her age.
Toriè currently teaches 11th grade English for the Detroit Public Schools Community District, where every day she stands in front of a classroom of 25-35 students and encourages them to:
Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy,” courtesy of the trillest* teacher she’s ever known, Ms. Frizzle. When she’s not teaching, reading, writing, or procrastinating, she can be found spending time with her furry children: her cat, Egypt, and her dog, Tinkerbell. Together, they enjoy taking well-deserved naps.
You can follow her on Instagram at: @torie_torie_torie_ and @teachingittrill. For more information and to contact Toriè, visit:
*TRILL: an adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone considered to be true and real.

By Jason J. Howell

About the Book: Can you still achieve the American Dream? You don’t have a pension. Social Security and Medicare may not be there when you need them. You pay much more for housing, even adjusted for inflation, than your parents ever did.  College education prices have skyrocketed. You may have gone to a good school and you may make good money (even saved some of it), but this is not the life you imagined. You are stressed, you are too “busy,” and most days, you feel really tired.

What happened to your big dreams?

Blending his career in finance and background in politics, Jason Howell has outlined 7 financial strategies to help you reclaim your American Dream. Joy of Financial Planning shows this generation how to overcome the challenges of a highly competitive, politicized economy.  The good news is you can still make an impact on a world desperately in need of your financial success.

About the Author: Jason Howell is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ professional, former U.S. Congressional candidate, and President of Jason Howell Company. With an emphasis on building family wealth, the Jason Howell Company has created a process that develops parents into future patriarchs and matriarchs.

Jason is an adjunct instructor of personal finance at American University’s Kogod School of Business. He has been featured as both a financial expert and an independent political strategist on ABC’s News Channel 8, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Reader’s Digest, Nasdaq.com, and The New York Times. His professional career spans years in retail banking, corporate accounting, and personal finance.

Jason has been recognized by George Mason University as a Prominent Patriot in business and was twice the distinguished alumnus speaker for the School of Business graduating class. He shares his home with a beautiful and patient wife, two daughters, and 1990s alt-rock.

By JaLeissa Speight

About the Book: You are a part of me. You are my Sonshine.

A mother and son’s bond is a special one. Explore that bond with this beautifully illustrated story, complete with activities you can do with your son.

About the Author: JaLeissa Speight was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, and now resides near Detroit, Michigan. A graduate of Wayne State University and Walsh College, she has recently embarked on the wonderful journey of motherhood. With overwhelming happiness, JaLeissa welcomed her firstborn son, Amir, in July 2018, and every day thereafter with him has given her purpose in life. So much that she doesn’t even remember what life was like without him in it. This book is her dedication and promise to love him unconditionally like only a mother can and to walk through this journey of life with him so that they can navigate through life’s challenges together.

By Jane Jimenez

About the Book: Rearing twins is not easy by any stretch of the imagination—and raising Kiko and Pez is even harder when you’re a single mom. Their mom made sure they were raised to be best friends so they would always have each other. As close as they are, they became very competitive and challenged each other at every turn. This goofy, hilarious story relates a series of challenges which spill into every activity they come across. Oscar, their best friend, adds to their daily adventures and provides them with plenty of good laughs along the way. 

This book is published in memory of author Jane (Cookie) Jimenez, whose family felt it was important to finish her story. The characters are lightly based on her children and other relatives. Half of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be made in memory of Jane to the American Cancer Society, with the other half to be shared equally between her two boys, Josh and Randy.

About the Author: Jane was the youngest daughter of West Indian parents from Dominica, W. I. She attended Cardinal Spellman High School and received a degree in Business Administration from Iona College. She held various positions as an office manager as well as a receptionist at a family practice. She was referred to as Cookie, Janie, or Cook Cooks. She married her soulmate, Ray Jimenez on August 27, 1993 in New York. Jane was the proud mother of twin boys Josh and Randy whom she cherished and adored dearly. She doted over them day and night.

She moved to Florida and Georgia where she raised her family. Later on Dennis (her dog) joined the family and they became inseparable. She was well known for her hospitality, her infectious smile and her tasteful cooking (pastelitos, and others). She practically lived in the kitchen and was never able to cook for one—she always cooked enough to feed an army. One of her greatest joys was to be with her sons, her husband, and her dog, Dennis. Family and faith in the Lord were important aspects of her life. On any given day you could hear her singing one of her favorite songs, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley: Don’t worry ‘bout a thing ‘cause every little thing gonna be all right.
According to her sons, she made jokes that made her laugh! She loved children and was writing this book before she fell ill which prevented her from getting it published.

By Nijaah Howard

About the Book: Raising John’s Boy is a raw, honest approach to how the author raised her son. The hope is that you take away practical tools to alleviate any concerns of successfully raising your boy into a good man, while aiming to change the stereotype that places limits on both of you.

A woman can only do but so much as she hears the silence of the loud dismissive cries from a young man raised without his father. Can you imagine how much easier it would be on the mother and the son if we STOP SAYING that “Women cannot raise boys into productive men” or “Only a Man can raise a Man”? What message are we sending young men who are growing up in a single parent household when they hear that? 

It sounds like our mothers and boys are trying to fight a losing battle. This could be the very negative seed planted that is telling them both that they are not enough (and they will never be enough), which contributes to low self-esteem and an inability to perform at their greatest potential. 

I can only imagine what the world would look like if more mother and son teams actually believed they were ENOUGH! Raising John’s Boy confronts these issues – and more – in this personal, essential book.

About the Author: Nijaah Howard is a Mental Health Counselor, Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, graduate of NYACK COLLEGE, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, member of American Counseling Association, Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling and recipient of multiple Community and Women of Distinction Awards throughout New York City. She is also the publisher of THOUGHTS/ ACTION, the first multicultural uplifting magazine for men and women of color. She served as Vice President of Parent Teacher Association and Vice President of Youth Affairs, National Action Network, West New York Chapter, and Chaplain under the Worldwide Association of small Churches.
She founded Millennium Minds Inc. in 1997, a non profit organization for youth that overtime evolved into YOUNG MEN STRONG, LLC (www.youngmenstrong.com), a media, consulting, and mentoring program  established to counteract America’s crisis surrounding African American, Latino, and male of color by educating, empowering, and enlightening everyday role models who demonstrate Kingship qualities. Since its inception in 2012 after the murder of Trayvon Martin, Nijaah has worked to improve the lives of thousands of youth in Southeast Queens, New York, and surrounding areas. Nijaah is the parent of M-Jay, who is a senior in high school with a 94% overall GPA and speaks and writes Mandarin.
Nijaah and M-Jay love traveling internationally and eating new foods. They attend speaking engagements that encourage, bridging the gap and strengthening the relationship between single women and their sons throughout New York City and abroad.

By Shevelle Ford

About the Book: Liesa is a bright and spirited little girl who enjoys helping her mom around the house. Her most favorite thing to do with her mom is go on walks around the neighborhood. When she meets a new friend, a happy little dog, she’s soon plunged into a world of curiosity. Will her new friend ever bark?

About the Author: Shevelle Griffin Ford wears many different hats—wife, mom, daughter, sister, author, pharmacist, entrepreneur, evangelist, playwright, and pastor, just to name a few. The author of I’m Not God, I’m Just a Woman, she loves God and loves life!

By J.R. Smith & Chris Smith 

About the Book: J.R. and Chris both have dreams of playing in the NBA, but they quickly realize they can’t do it alone. Join these two brothers on their quest of commitment as they learn the value of teamwork and work toward achieving their ultimate goal!

About the Authors: Earl Joseph Smith Jr., better known as J.R. Smith, was born in New Jersey in 1985. J.R. was a star member of the St. Benedict’s High School basketball team before entering the NBA Draft in 2004. He spent his first two seasons in the NBA with the then New Orleans Hornets before being traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006. During the 2011 lockout, J.R. played in China, leading the league in scoring and making the All Star Game. He then returned to the NBA with the New York Knicks, playing alongside his brother, Chris. J.R. now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with whom he won a championship with in 2016. During the offseason, J.R. returns to his hometown of Millstone, New Jersey, with his wife and kids to be near the rest of his family and the place he calls home.
Chris Smith was born in New Jersey in 1987. Growing up, Chris was a three sport athlete—playing basketball, football, and baseball. In high school, Chris scored over 1,300 points as a member of the Lakewood High School basketball team before finishing his career at St. Benedict’s High School. Chris played college basketball for two years at Manhattan College before transferring to the University of Louisville, where he was a member of their 2012 Final Four team. Chris went on to play in the NBA for the New York Knicks with his older brother, J.R. Chris has also played professionally in Canada and Israel

By Jon Alston & Neka Alston

About the Book: Selecting a few of the University of South Carolina’s most-loved sites and locales, this delightful children’s story is filled to the brim with a mixture of vibrant illustrations and whimsical rhyming, dispensed through the use of lyrical text. Without Excuses promotes positive emotional development and underscores the fundamentality of partnership for young people to practice.

About the Authors: The Alstons share Without Excuses hoping to unite all hearts receptive to its message of the relentless pursuit toward a more nurturing community. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, trips to amusement parks, helping with community service and outreach activities, and all things Carolina. Go Cocks!

By ShalomIsrael Diggs

About the Book: Jam-packed with exciting activities involving new vocabulary words of empathy, creativity, understanding, self-esteem, and commitment to self and others, Alphakey’s Alphabet Activity Book is a great addition to the library of any kid with big dreams! Color, draw, and play your way through fun activities involving a new, powerful take on an early education staple, from Achieve to Zeal!

About the AlphaKey Club: The mission of AlphaKey Club Art & Dance Youth Workshops is to encourage empathy, creativity, understanding, self-esteem, and commitment to the self and others through art and dance.

Through national and international partnerships, AlphaKey Club connects youth across the globe to encourage empathy, philanthropy, and promote understanding through travel beyond neighborhood and national borders. Learn more here: www.alphakeyclub.com

By Sylvia Baffour

About the Book: No matter how old you are, where you come from or what you do for a living, the desire to have satisfying and meaningful relationships is one we all share. Relationships are key to everything we do, and the bonds and connections we make with others is what gives us the greatest sense of meaning, happiness, and fulfillment. Nothing interferes more with your ability to enjoy rewarding relationships than an inability to understand your own emotions and manage their impact on you and those around you. Emotional intelligence, the currency of the 21st century, is the essential skill set that separates those who fail in their personal and professional relationships from those who succeed.

About the Author: Sylvia Baffour is a professional speaker, trainer, and executive coach ranked among HubSpot’s Top Fifteen Female Motivational Speakers. She is the founder and president of Baffour International LLC, an organization committed to improving how individuals and companies leap beyond their barriers to achieve peak performance. Her roots began more than four decades ago in her native country of Ghana, and since the tender age of one and a half, her life’s journey has taken her through several countries across the globe. Sylvia is one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the fields of personal empowerment and professional development and she is a highly respected thought leader in Emotional Intelligence.

By Joshua White

About the Book: Legend is a typical boy, but he has just one problem–the only thing he wants to do is play games on his phone. What happens when his phone frenzy goes too far? What games can he play without his phone? Join Legend on this messy, silly, and creative journey as he finds out what happens when he has to put his phone down.

About the Author: Joshua White calls Northern California home. You can catch him gazing at the universe through his telescope or at your local car meet. He entered Bethune – Cookman University to learn and departed to serve. He enjoys the great outdoors and doesn’t have any games on his phone that you can play.

By Nikos Cox

About the Book: In this heartfelt story, the readers discovers that lessons about life and death can be found in the unlikeliest of people. In Jurni, a young girl with a love for all things math, science, and space shows us how we can all deal with grief and death.

The pain and fear of tragedy affects us all, no matter our age. After losing her mom, Jurni’s dad encourages her to look up at the night sky, and explains that her mom will always be with the stars above. From that time, Jurni’s goal is to become an astronaut so that she can be close to her mom again. The only obstacle in Jurni’s way is a regional NASA space competition that could clear the way for her most important dream.

Join Jurni as she journeys on a quest that will give her a closer knowledge of her own capacity to get through the pain of loss.

About the Author: Nikos Cox is a designer and photographer currently residing in Northern Virginia. Hailing from Hampton Roads, he has photographed countless future world leaders as a school yearbook photographer, traveled to three continents and ten countries, and helped produce short films and theater productions while studying at Virginia Tech. When he isn’t writing, you can find him spending time with family and friends.

By Quinn Woodard

About the Book: Zoey loves math and science, but she doesn’t know what she can be when she grows up. As she says: “It’s difficult to see what I can be when no one looks like me.”

With the help of a friend, Zoey learns all about the amazing things she can become if she follows her passions just like the pioneers who have come before her.

Aimed at introducing new possibilities in STEM for young children, Like Me is perfect for the budding scientist in your family.

About the Author: Quinn Woodard is a STEM advocate, mentor, author, and speaker. At an early age, he showed an aptitude for math. However, it wasn’t until high school that he had his first exposure into STEM careers through Project Lead The Way. After completing the program, he leveraged his newly developed appreciation for STEM to pursue an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Tulsa. It was while completing his engineering degree, that he realized there weren’t many individuals who looked like him in STEM. Through his involvement with serving on curriculum advisory committees, mentoring students, and his own personal experience, Quinn realized that early exposure to STEM is critical for minority students. With his book, Like Me, he hopes to provide that early exposure and provide a brief history lesson of those who came before.

By Candace Coleman

About the Book: What’s a kid to do without his shoe?

Dave and his family are ready for a fun trip to get ice cream – until disaster strikes! Dave hops on one foot all over town trying to find his missing shoe, and enlists the help of his friends and neighbors (and even zoo animals!) to locate his lost shoe. After searching high and low, Dave finally discovers that the help he needed all along was with the person he least expected – and the last place he looked!

About the Author: Candace Coleman resides in Mobile, Alabama. She is an Early Childhood Development Education Major at Spring Hill College. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Candace is also an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist. She enjoys working with children and being a part of their learning processes. She discovered a love for writing when she was in her Education Literature class. Candace was inspired by many of the authors she studied. She wanted to include diversity in her book so that every child can see different ethnicities. In her spare time, she enjoys decorating, being with family, and reading.

By MJ Romain

About the Book: Fudo Town is no easy place to live: it’s a developing city that’s being milked by greedy corrupt leaders.

Every couple of years, the Guvu Tournament–a tournament of strength and strategy–is held in the city. Fifteen- year-old Kuro Simba has his sights set on entering this year, but soon forces out of his control come together to teach him what is truly important.

About the Author: MJ Romain was born in Canada and raised in the United States by Haitian Parents. MJ finds his inspirations through his friends and family. The stories he tells reflect the struggles and triumphs of his and his people’s lives. Storytelling has always been a passion of his and this is one of many outlets he uses to tell his story. MJ’s goal is to represent his Haitian heritage in a respected light.

By Destiny Fernandez

About the Book: In the world of children’s dreams, anything is possible. Find adventure as you follow an alphabet of possibility, remembering that one day your little one’s dream could be reality.

By Takisha M. Payne

About the Book: This is a book about a small child understanding and using her God-given talents. Although her mother is skeptical, she never loses focus and, along with encouraging words from her father, she excels with her hip hop dancing skills.

About the Author: Takisha Payne was born in Warrenton, Virginia. Her love for writing began at an early age. In 5th grade she received an award for an outstanding paper on “Saying No To Drugs”. This began her love for writing. Specializing in poetry her love to write increased. She began to write short poems with rhyming patterns. In 2008 Takisha began to focus her rhyming ability into stories which in turn have become her children’s books.

By Kimberly F. Monroe

About the Book: It’s time for homecoming at Grambling State University, and Charlie P. can’t wait! Along with his parents, he tours the school and finds out everything there is to know about Grambling State and its alumni and traditions. With its fun facts and school spirit, this children’s book is perfect for any true GSU fan.

About the Author: Kimberly Ferren Monroe is a two-time graduate of Grambling State University. Having received her B.A. in History and M.A. in Mass Communication and History in 2014, she is a proud alumna who wrote this book as a way of giving back to Grambling State University. A native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Kimberly grew up using writing as a way to express herself. At Grambling, she was a part of various organizations, including Sigma Alpha Iota and Lyrical Quest, and served as an editor for The Gramblinite—the school newspaper. In addition, in 2011 she founded Natural Sistahs, an organization promoting self-confidence for natural haired women at GSU. At an HBCU full of rich traditions, there was a lot of history to include, but she chose what would stand out to fans and potential students. Kimberly is receiving her Ph.D. in History at Howard University and her proposed graduation is 2018. She plans on being a History professor at an HBCU—hopefully Grambling!

By Latrice Collins

About the Book: Come along as we explore North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. From being at the forefront of civil rights, politics, and space exploration to having the greatest homecoming on earth, learn about the rich heritage of this Historically Black College and University (HBCU) as you take a tour of the yard. Can I get an AGGIE PRIDE?

About the Author: Latrice Collins is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, University of Virginia, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. When she’s not being a CPA and running her collegiate brand Rated HBCU, you can find her traveling the world, having a dance party with her son Christian, and telling everyone how much she loves HBCUs. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her son and his fish. Visit her at latricecollins.com.

To see more of our #mascotauthor’s stories, visit the Mascot bookstore.

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What Do We Look for in a Manuscript Submission?

Sending a book to a publisher to review can be a nerve-wracking process. They’re reading your work and deciding on whether or not they can publish it. Cue the nail biting! To make submitting your book a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of things that our acquisitions team looks for in a manuscript submission.

Children’s Books

For children’s titles, we’re looking for projects that will make a positive impact in a kid’s life. These titles have great messages and touch upon topics that are not always seen in the children’s book world, like the loss of a parent or immigration. We love diverse titles that talk about different cultures and ones that represent kids from all walks of life. Children’s books do not have to rhyme and they do not need to have illustrations in order for us to consider them. We love seeing what you have and figuring out a way to turn your idea into a child’s next favorite bedtime story. 


Fiction books are a lot of fun to read! Each one is an adventure and it is always wonderful to be introduced to new characters. There are certain aspects that we gravitate toward with this genre. 

The first thing we look for is author voice. We want to be hooked from the first chapter and immersed in this new world. Next up is dialogue. Is it strong in that it dives into who the characters are as people, or is it small talk that doesn’t propel the plot further along? To help answer that question in your own writing, check out this article from NY Book Editors. Lastly, we look at the overall plot. Stories that are unique and haven’t been overdone (i.e. vampires), are ones we’re looking for. If your title matches hundreds of books that you see in bookstores, it may be time to revisit the text and put some extra spice in ityour unique personal spin. Above all else, we’re looking for an exciting, new read that will capture an audience when it’s on store shelves. 



Titles that are categorized as nonfiction can be business books, memoirs, self-help, sports titles, etc. The only area of nonfiction titles that we do not handle are textbooks since those require different distribution channels. A lot of our business titles fall under our imprint Amplify. For the other subcategories, we want to hear your story. We look for books that are inspirational and can empower others. We want to know what makes your book stand out from similar titles and why it’s important for readers. How will it help them and meet their needs? Providing a solution in a book (like a financial advising title or marketing strategies) is a great way to capture an audience. 

Author voice is essential for nonfiction titles as well. Whether the book is chronicling a moment in time, someone’s full life, or providing tips, an author’s words need to make an impact. 



We publish many other genres that aren’t listed above such as cookbooks, coffee table-style books, early chapter, and poetry. While we don’t have as much specific criteria for those genres, we still look for a great read that will inspire and engage readers. An acquisitions editor will review your submission and provide feedback whether or not we are the right fit for your publishing journey.  

363 Days of Tea Cover    

Not sure if your manuscript fits our criteria? Send it on over! We’re happy to take a look and provide suggestions for your publishing journey. 

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December Featured Title: Joy of Financial Planning

“We have a chance to transform our pessimism into optimism; our confusion into clarity, our passion into action; and our potential into real life success.”

Our December featured title is Joy of Financial Planning by Jason Howell! We chatted with Jason about his extensive political and financial career, his involvement as an alumnus of George Mason University, and how we can reclaim our American Dreams through financial planning. 

1. As President of the Jason Howell Company, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and a former U.S. Congressional candidate, you have a very extensive background in finance and politics. What inspired you to share your knowledge with American families through your new book, Joy of Financial Planning?
When I left politics, I became a financial planner so I could make a living while still serving the community. What I found over the years is that only so many people could choose to hire a true financial planner. Writing the book was a way to reach a larger audience who wanted (needed) the information, regardless of their ability to hire a professional.

2. In the preface of your book, you address the idealization of the “American Dream”, and how it has evolved over time as a result of inflation and other economic challenges. What does it mean for us as Gen X’ers and Millennials to reclaim our American Dreams?
It means we have a chance to transform our pessimism into optimism; our confusion into clarity, our passion into action; and our potential into real life success. This generation of adults has so much potential but we need the success principles of financial planning more than any other generation in US history. We face unique economic challenges but we also have unique opportunities. This is the generation that will face the effects of climate change, social unrest and income inequality. The “JOY of Financial Planning” allows us, through intentional actions, to solve problems and create opportunities for ourselves, our families and our communities.

3. You outline the steps that we can take to reclaim our American Dreams in seven distinct parts. Why did you choose to structure the book this way? What was your writing and researching process like?
I separated the book into seven distinct sections so people weren’t overwhelmed. In my family wealth practice, I have found that clients usually come to the table with a particular financial struggle that has their attention. Without that attention, they would have never picked up the phone and I wouldn’t have been able to show them all of their other opportunities. What I wanted readers of the book to be able to do was skip to what has their attention and discover the rest over time. My writing process was a mix of research, personal and professional experience. Unlike many of the other “personal finance gurus” I am still in practice as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. This means I face real problems from real families and work to solve them in a current, practical way. And my personal financial situation is reflective of the dual-income professionals my firm tends to attract. Readers will enjoy that the book is a mix of academic, professional and personal content.

4. You are a very active alumnus of George Mason University, where you were recognized as a Prominent Patriot in business and was twice the distinguished alumnus speaker for the School of Business graduating class. During one of your keynote speeches, you notably said the following quote:

“Twenty-one years ago, somebody told me I was going to be an alumnus. I had no idea what that actually meant. I think it means you come back.”

Why do you feel it is so important to give back to your school, and to share your experiences and knowledge with aspiring businessmen and women?
George Mason University was good to me. My experience was more valuable and rich than I expected. I believe everyone of us has value to share and it’s not just a nice thing to do, it is necessary. Academic institutions require resources from the state, from the faculty, from the staff and from the alumni to remain relevant in an ever changing society. Northern Virginia is a great example of a thriving, changing society and “coming back” to Mason is my way of contributing to a community that I have benefited from for over 30 years.

5. What are the key takeaways from the book that you hope will help readers to take ownership of their financial joy and success?
I hope readers recognize that we can still achieve our potential and reclaim their version of the American Dream. And with that reassurance, I hope readers talk more regularly about money with their significant others, write down their personal values and aspirations, balance their priorities and make the best use of their time on earth. I bet you thought I’d say something like reduce debt right? Yes, that’s in the book but the takeaways listed here are just as important.

Get your copy of Joy of Financial Planning at the Mascot Bookstore.

To learn more about Jason, visit www.joyoffinancialplanning.com and www.Jason Howell.com, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

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Celebrating National Author’s Day

It’s National Author’s Day, and we’re showcasing some of our outstanding #mascotauthors! From adult financial and self-help titles to whimsical and humorous children’s books, our eclectic mix of genres and authors have something for every reader.

We’re kicking off this blog with our adult title authors, who’s wise words and impressive achievements are rippling through the book industry. 

Josh Bernoff, Co-Author of The Age of Intent and Marketing to the Entitled Consumer

About Josh

Josh has worked with authors on more than 30 non-fiction books. His contributions include developing ideas and titles, coaching, editing, and ghostwriting.

Prior to becoming an author, Josh was an analyst and vice president at Forrester Research for 20 years. He created the company’s Technographics segmentation, a classification of consumers according to how they approach technology, which is still in use more than 15 years later.

Josh is frequently quoted in publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and has keynoted major conferences on television, music, marketing, and technology in Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Cannes, London, New York, Rome, Tokyo, São Paulo, and Seoul.


The Age of Intent and Marketing to the Entitled Consumer are available for purchase at the Mascot Bookstore. 

Kim Campbell, Author of The Triple Crown Trilogy

About Kim

Kim Campbell’s love for horses and the horse racing industry began when she was a child, growing up just outside Monmouth Racetrack in New Jersey. Over the years, Kim has owned several off-the-track Thoroughbreds, her inspiration for Storm and Sarge. The involvement with her retired Thoroughbreds and her love of racing led Kim to write the Triple Crown Trilogy, not only as a work of fiction for readers to enjoy, but also to enlighten and educate them to the exciting world of horse racing. Kim’s enthusiasm behind the research of her books has led her to get more personally involved in the racing industry which she chronicles in her blog The View Behind the Starting Gate and on her Facebook page TripleCrownDreams. Kim lives in Mason Neck, Virginia with her husband and three children.


The Calm Before the Storm and The Eye of the Storm are available for purchase at the Mascot Bookstore. The third book in Campbell’s trilogy, The Height of the Storm, will be released on December 3, 2019. 

Ruby Silvious, Author of 363 Days of Tea and Reclaimed Canvas

About Ruby

Artist Ruby Silvious is internationally recognized for her miniature paintings and collages, with used tea bags as her canvas. She is the author of 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Tea Bags. Her paintings—some inspired by her travels around the world—have been featured in numerous publications and on multiple media channels, including CNN Travel, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Good Morning America, Headline News, and the internationally syndicated Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


363 Days of Tea and Reclaimed Canvas are available for purchase at the Mascot Bookstore. 

Todd Civin, Co-Author of Line Change and Beyond the Finish

About Todd

Todd Civin is a husband, father of five children, and grandfather to three grandchildren with a fourth on the way. His family is his reason for being and he devotes every day of his life to their happiness. He is the founder and owner of Civin Media Relations (CMR), a self-publishing company that assists authors in sharing their stories with the world. CMR focuses primarily on the publishing of stories by and about people with physical or emotional differences. Todd has written six biographies and eight children’s books to date, and he co-wrote Line Change and Beyond the Finish.


Line Change and Beyond the Finish are available for purchase at the Mascot Bookstore.

Merril Hoge, Author of Brainwashed

About Merril

Merril Hoge is a former NFL running back who worked as an analyst at ESPN for twenty-one years, helping launch ESPN2, NFL Live, and Fantasy Football.

Hoge is chairman of the board of the Highmark Caring Foundation and on the board of the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research. Active in concussion research and in the prevention and treatment of brain injuries, Hoge testified at a congressional hearing on football head injuries in 2009 and was appointed to the NFL Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee in 2010.

In 2018, Hoge helped launch Your Call Football and is the author of Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life. He has another book in the works with Mascot. He lives in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.


Brainwashed is available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore.

Whiskey Emerson, Author of West of Hell

About Whiskey

Years ago, Whiskey sat drinking a glass of scotch on her back porch when the idea for her first novel, West of Hell, sparked. As things sometimes go with personal projects, it started very small and developed to such a degree, Whiskey found that she had dreamed up an incredible story that needed to be told. And thus, the trilogy of West of Hell was born.

When not writing or researching her next work, she is typically out hiking with her basset hound, Jolene, or in the yoga studio. She is also a world traveler, motorcycle enthusiast, skier, equestrian, and pianist. These are often the inspiration behind her blog posts, which follow both her travels and her hobbies.

Whiskey currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband. Follow her on Instagram @whiskeyemerson or check out her Facebook page, Whiskey Emerson, for the latest updates.


West of Hell is available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore. East of Hell, Emerson’s sequel, is coming soon!

Melissa Agnes, Author of Crisis Ready

About Melissa

Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis management and preparedness. Agnes is a coveted speaker, commentator, and adviser to some of today’s leading organizations faced with the greatest risks.

As a strategic adviser and keynote speaker, Agnes has worked with NATO, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, technology companies, healthcare organizations, cities and municipalities, law enforcement agencies, global non-profits, universities, and many others, helping them understand risk and build invincible brands that can withstand even the most devastating of events.

She is the editor of the Crisis Ready Blog, a contributor to Forbes, and a go-to source for the press, with recent coverage including the Wall Street Journal, VIBE Magazine, USA Today, and many others. In 2015, Agnes gave a TEDx talk in Los Angeles where she discussed the secret to successful crisis management in the 21st century.

As a university guest lecturer, Agnes teaches crisis management in university courses around the world, including at NYU and McGill.

Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World is available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore.

George Kroustalis, Author of Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass

About George

George Kroustalis has been managing money and helping clients secure their futures since 1997. He is a senior vice president, financial advisor at CAPTRUST, in Charlotte, N.C., where he provides comprehensive wealth investment advisory services to high net worth families, private foundations, corporate executives and business owners.


Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass is available on the Mascot Bookstore. 

A percentage of all sales of Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass go to Project 10.10, a nonprofit George founded, that provides young people with access to basic financial education, including personal budgeting, saving and investing.

Kris Drewry, Author of Breakup Positive: Turn Your Heartbreak Into Happiness

About Kris

Kris grew up on a farm in Southeastern Virginia. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2005 with a degree in fashion marketing, she moved to New York City, where she began a career in fashion PR. After a few years in the industry, she realized fashion wasn’t the right path for her. So around 2010, she started filming online cooking and entertaining segments. These led to a television career. She has been featured on Today, Access Hollywood Live, Inside Edition, and Dr. Oz as a lifestyle contributor. She is also passionate about fitness, health, and wellness, which she documents on her blog The Fit Butler, and hopes that her experiences will inspire others to take control of their lives in a positive way.

Kris lives in Los Angeles, California, where she is currently pursuing a career in writing, television, and motivational speaking. She spends her free time reading as many books as she can, working out, and traveling to new places.


Breakup Positive: Turn Your Heartbreak Into Happiness is available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore.

While Mascot has evolved to become a multi-genre publisher, our beginnings were in children’s books. There is no better way to highlight this than to showcase our children’s authors that have found multiple success through their books.

We chatted with some of our children’s book series authors about their inspiration behind their books and their tips for authors who are thinking about writing a book series of their own.

Nadine Haruni, Author of the Freeda the Frog Series

About Nadine

Nadine Haruni is the author of the Freeda the Frog™ series of books and mother of five kids in a blended family. Nadine wrote this series to help young children cope with difficult changes in life, recognize that they are not alone and that families come in all colors, shapes and sizes.


  1. What was your inspiration behind this book series?
    The inspiration behind the series was my mom, Frieda (spelled differently than the Freeda in my book, whose name is spelled that way to have a connotation of kids being ‘FREE’ to express their feelings, thoughts and concerns).  While taking a course on writing & illustrating children’s books at a local college, I wrote the original draft of the first book of the series, “Freeda the Frog Gets a Divorce” when my own mom was getting a divorce (in an effort to cheer her up).  I didn’t move forward to trying to get it published until after I went through my own divorce, and then each of the subsequent books have been somewhat loosely based upon my own personal situation. My own children inspired me to get the books published since I felt that if they were going through all of the mixed emotions that came about with each of the topics I wrote about, there were plenty of other children who were & could be helped by these books as well.
  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    Approximately one year apart.
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing a book series?
    It really helps if you can write from the heart –about a topic that inspires you or that you can draw from personal experience upon.  The words seem to just flow on the paper more easily when it’s something that is relatable & sort of ‘hits a nerve’ with you.


Freeda the Frog Gets a Divorce, Freeda the Frog and Her New Blue Family, Freeda the Frog is on the Move, and Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish are all available in a bundle on the Mascot Bookstore. 

Bob Cameron, Author of the Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Series

About Bob

Robert Cameron and his wife owned a summer home on Nantucket Island for over two decades. He and his family love this special island. Early on in his career, Robert was a ships captain traveling all around the world. He had the opportunity to see numerous whales from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and the California Coast. But none were as spectacular as the ones in the Nantucket waters especially Tuckey, Nantuckets friendly whale.

  1. What was your inspiration behind this book series?
    Firstly, I wanted to help keep my mind active, as I struggle and deal with a very serious medical issue dealing with my brain. This issue causes hardened blood on my brain that shuts down my complete nervous system and my short term memory. Secondly, I wanted to take my grandkids and kids all over away from iPads and electronics and provide them with interesting and fun stories about a whale- Tuckey the Nantucket Whale. 
  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    My first release was 2015 “A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale”. And each year after, wrote a new Tuckey book:
    2016- “Kiteboarding with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale”
    2017- “All the Colors of the Rainbow with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale”
    2018- “Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels the World”
    2019- “Flag Football with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale”
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    My advice would be to draft the outlines for books 5 and 6 in the series first. Secondly, establish yourself with a great publisher & team. Naren & the Mascot Books team will help guide you through the process. It is a very rewarding undertaking….seeing it all come together in a super finished product! Each new book is a super thrill!  So much joy and happiness seeing your new children’s book series being read & loved by so many. 


A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale, Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels the World, All the Colors of the Rainbow with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale, and Kiteboarding with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale are all available on the Mascot Bookstore. Flag Football with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale is coming soon! 

Marnie Schneider, Author of the Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog Series

About Marnie

A Philadelphia native now living in the Carolinas, Marnie’s life has been driven by sports. Her grandfather, Leonard Tose, was a longtime member of the “club” as the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. He was also the founder of the Ronald McDonald House and helped build NFL Films. From him, Marnie learned the importance of family, sports, and charity. Her series, Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog is her way of giving back to the many great football communities across the nation.


  1. What was your inspiration behind your book series?
    Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog Game Day is the story of my life me growing up with a Grandfather who owned a pro football team and my mom who ran the team
    Life on the road learning about different cities and history and traditions and of course football
  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    I’ve written 6 Football Freddie books in 2 years. I’m doing everything football city, then I’m moving on to:
    Baseball Billie and Bunt 
    Basketball Bobbie and buzzer 
    Soccer Sammie and Score
    Hockey Henrie and Hanson
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    If you’re thinking of writing then just do it!!!


Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Chicago, Gameday in Pittsburgh, Gameday in Atlanta, Gameday in the Carolinas, and Gameday in Philadelphia are all available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore. (link)

Howard Eisenberg, Author of the Guess Who and WRITE YOUR OWN ENDING Series

About Howard

Howard Eisenberg now 93, began his writing career at 18. It was in a US-occupied SS barracks at the end of WWII as editor of his unit’s mimeographed Company K Rifleman.  Over the years he has written six books, a musical, and hundreds of major magazine articles, often with his late wife, Arlene, who later co-wrote What to Expect When You’re Expecting. More recently he has turned to children’s books and has been working on the Guess Who Series and the WRITE YOUR OWN ENDING series with Mascot. Asked why, he explains: “It keeps me young.”


  1. What inspired your two series?  
    I’m the lucky guy who married the late Arlene Eisenberg. She and I shared magazine bylines for 45 years, but then our daughter, Heidi Murkoff, became pregnant, and Arlene was kidnapped to co-author the original What to Expect When You’re Expecting — that as well as several books in the series that followed. (I’ve done pretty well on my own, but nowhere near the 00 million books in 00 languages Expect books have continued to dance off bookstore shelves since.) 

    In our 50 wonderful years together, my late wife and I co-authored hundreds of magazine articles, a half-dozen books, and, one might say, six grandchildren. But it was observing Arlene read poetry to —  and with — them that inspired my Guess Who light verse series — Guess Who Zoo, Farm, and Neighborhood.

    Arlene was a born teacher. She would read a verse and stop just before the end to let our kids guess the final rhyme. Presto! I researched a bunch of animals for Guess Who Zoo, injected a clue into every line, and left the last word blank for young readers to shout out the animal’s name.  

    In a way (I think of it as kind of a gift from Heaven) Arlene helped inspire my newest series:  Write Your Own Ending books. In The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel, young readers are invited to press their Imagination Buttons and, yes, become my co-authors — writing their own endings on two blank pages Mascot bound into the book near the denouement.  They’ll be offered the same opportunity with The Dinosaur in the Elevator which debuts in March. In most books, That’s a little more advanced than filling in one word at the end of a Guess Who book, but of course these books are for older readers. In both books as well, the Write Your Own Ending concept proudly wears some of Arlene’s gone-but-not-forgotten DNA. I’m proud that it’s there.
  2. How far apart did you release your series books?
    We simply released Guess Who Books as I wrote them —  when they were ready.  It was easy to pick a date for the first Write Your Own Ending book. The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel was written for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. That usually falls near Christmas, so the choice of December was pre-ordained. The choice of March for The Dinosaur in the Elevator was simple. My editor, Daniel Wheatley, who knows more about such things than I do, chose it for me.
  3. What advice would you give authors who are thinking about writing their own series? 
    Most series share “stars” — characters who continue appearing book after book — and that makes sense. My two series choose to feature a style or technique instead. Readers can choose direct interaction with the author. In effect, they become co-authors themselves. They helping me solve problems their way.  How? By filling in my blanks — with single words in Guess Who books and entire pages of their own  in Dinosaur and Super Dreidel.


Guess Who Zoo, Guess Who Farm, and Guess Who Neighborhood are available in a bundle on the Mascot Bookstore. The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel (a WRITE YOUR OWN ENDING book), and Adorable Scoundrels are also available for purchase. 

Katie Porterfield, Author of the A to Z Series

About Katie

A writer based in Nashville, Tennessee, Katie Hines Porterfield holds a B.A. in American Studies from the University of the South and an M.A. in journalism from the University of Alabama. Her first book, Sewanee A to Z, which was published in 2014, launched her business, A to Z Children’s Books. Today, her growing brand of books includes Find Your Heart in Lake Martin: An A to Z Book, The Homestead A to Z, and The Sewanee Night Before Christmas. She and her husband, Forrest, are the proud parents of twin boys, Hines and Shep, who inspire her everyday.

  1. What was your inspiration behind your book series?
    My A to Z book series started a bit by accident. I graduated from Sewanee: The University of The South, a small school in Tennessee. My cousin also attended Sewanee, and shortly after he and his wife had their first child, they recognized the need for a children’s book about the college we all loved so much. They told me I could run with their idea, and so I did, writing Sewanee A to Z, a rhyming book about the buildings, events and traditions that make Sewanee so special to its alumni.

    By the time I found an illustrator and Mascot Books, which published Sewanee A to Z  in 2014, I had 4-year-old twin boys. I felt compelled to continue to write books for them about the places that are special to my husband Forrest and me. I wrote the next A to Z book about Alabama’s Lake Martin, where I grew up going every summer and where Forrest and I got married, and the next one about Virginia’s Omni Homestead Resort, where Forrest spent time as a child and where we got engaged. Then, something really cool happened— someone saw my Lake Martin book and approached me about writing a book about their special place, and Smith Lake A to Z  was born. I have several potential books in the pipeline, both on paper and in my head, and some, like Cape Charles A to Z (which is currently being printed), are about other people’s special places, and others, like Seaside A to Z (which is being illustrated), are about places that are becoming special to my boys as they get older.

  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?As I mentioned, Sewanee A to Z was released in 2014. I didn’t release my second book, Find Your Heart in Lake Martin: An A to Z Book, until 2016. The Homestead A to Z and Smith Lake A to Z came out in 2018. Cape Charles A to Z  will come out in 2019, and Seaside A to Z will be released in 2020. So, although release dates were all over the place in the beginning, I’ve worked hard since 2018 to publish at least one book a year.

  3. What advice would you give authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    If you’ve found a formula or character you love, stick with it! And if possible, try to find something that distinguishes your series or “brand” from others. Although there are countless A to Z books out there, my brand is different because 1. I write about small, niche markets, rather than large universities, cities or states. 2. I find an illustrator for each book that is either local or has a strong connection to the place about which I’m writing, which gives each book a style that’s as unique as the place itself. 3. All my books rhyme, which isn’t necessarily unique, but it’s part of that “formula” and gives the books a little extra “oomph.” Finally, I’d advise authors to work with Mascot to find a release schedule that works for their brand and genre. Since my books are about different places and aren’t a continuation of a story, it’s not vital that I stick to a schedule. But in other genres, a well-thought out release plan can impact the success of the series.


Sewanee A to Z, Find Your Heart in Lake Martin: An A to Z Book, The Homestead A to Z, and the Sewanee Night Before Christmas are available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore. 

Alysson Bourque, Author of the Alycat Series

About Alysson

Alysson Foti Bourque is the author of the Rhyme or Reason Travel series and the multi-award-winning Alycat series. Alysson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a Juris Doctor degree from the Southern University Law Center.

After practicing law for six years, she traded in writing trial briefs for writing children’s books. Alysson enjoys public speaking opportunities at schools, conferences, and festivals nationwide. She hopes to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams and believe in themselves wholeheartedly.


  1. What was your inspiration behind your book series?
    I was inspired to write the Alycat series after taking a year off of practicing law. One evening, after reading our children a bedtime story, my children started begging for more books for our overflowing bookshelf. There wasn’t any room on the bookshelf for more books, so I simply told them that I would write a story for tomorrow night’s reading. They were excited and cheered. Because they believed in me, I believed in me. Funny how children can inspire us with big things.

    I wrote and wrote that evening and the next day as the story unfolded. Unfinished and unedited, I read it to the kids before bedtime. They loved it!  The laughs, squeals, and bouncing on the bed at the end of the story made my heart full. It was then that I knew that this was a journey that I needed to take in my life. Writing.

    The Alycat series is a week-based series that has a different Alycat adventure each day of the week. The purpose of the series is to teach children that they can fix any problem that they encounter using imagination, creativity, and their friendships. I use cats as the characters because they are unpredictable, fearless, hasty, and resourceful— like most kids. As a child, I would daydream during class lessons and one teacher yelled, “Alycat, focus and come back to Earth.” I was inspired to call the cat character, Alycat, as, to me, that name represented someone who is a big dreamer and has a vivid imagination.

  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    My goal with the Alycat series is to release a new Alycat book every 1-2 years. Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day was released in 2016, Alycat and the Monday Blues was released in 2017, Alycat and the Friendship Friday was released in 2018, and Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday will be released March 17, 2020.
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    My advice to those authors wanting to write a series is to think long-term. Everything you do with the first book affects the subsequent books. The key to having a successful series is to develop a lasting relationship with the main character and reader and keep the personality and traits of the main character consistent throughout the stories. Readers should feel comfortable with the main character—like he/she is family.

Alycat and the Friendship Friday, Alycat and the Monday Blues, Alycat and the Monday Blues Plush Toy, Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day, and Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day Plush Toy are available on the Mascot Bookstore. 

Trace Wilson, Author of the Uniquely Series

About Trace

Trace Wilson is a children’s author who has made it his mission to help children understand, accept, and love their unique differences. Having been born without a right hand, Trace struggled with his disability throughout his childhood. Over the years, with the support of loving individuals and organizations like The Ability Experience and Lucky Fin Project, he has come to love his differences and now seeks to help children do the same. Trace wrote the Uniquely series with the hope that it will help not only those with disabilities but any child who worries about being different.

  1. What was the inspiration behind this book series?
    My books are written to help kids with disabilities learn to love their unique differences. I was born with one hand, and when I was growing up I worried a lot about being different. I wrote my books to help others overcome some of the same challenges I faced when I was younger!
  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    My books were released about a year and a half apart, and it has been two years since my second book was released. I am hoping to continue the series over the next few years!
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    My advice would be to focus first on the theme or what you want your readers to take away from the story you plan to tell. That will make it much easier to decide how you can break that theme into different pieces that will translate into a series. Writing with that goal in mind will allow you to better organize your thoughts and the different parts of your story!

Uniquely Me and Uniquely Brave are available for purchase on the Mascot Bookstore. 

Scott McBride and Rodger Thompson, Authors of The Adventures of Connor and the Courageous Cutter Series

About Rod and Scott

Rod Thompson is a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. Beyond mind melding with Scott to create Connor the Cutter and his pals in Serendipity Sound, Rod is an award-winning screenwriter and public speaker. His greatest loves in life are the God who never fails him, the wife who continually lifts him up, and the sons who remind him that being a great dad is the pinnacle of success.

#FaithHumilityHardWork A native of McLean, Virginia, Scott McBride became inspired to write children’s books while attending graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a husband and father of two boys, he felt called to share fun and exciting morality-based stories with positive messages to both adults and children. His stories focus on things he truly loves: the Lord, boats, and the sea. He hopes both kids and parents alike find joy and happiness as they share in the adventures that wait for Connor and his friends in Serendipity Sound. Scott is a 1998 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and holds a masters degree in mass communication from the UNC School of Media and Journalism. Scott is a Navy veteran and currently serves on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. Welcome aboard!


  1. What was your inspiration behind this book series?
    Honestly, life lessons. There are so many books out there that teach kids manners, or good citizenship – and they’re all great books in their own right. We just wanted to offer children a smooth look at some of the obstacles they may be forced to deal with in their lives, and offer a lesson on how to respond to those events.
    Both of us are active-duty military dads with sons named Connor. We wanted to share children’s stories that teach important moral lessons, while bringing a little joy to this world. The idea for a character named “Connor the Cutter” came to Scott after a fateful conversation with a professor during grad school, and a few years later he met Rod, who was a film major with a focus on screenwriting.

    We quickly outlined the first book, and understood that we weren’t going for a “one and done.” There were so many great lessons that we could build stories upon, and the outlook for a series seemed never-ending. Honestly, it still does! After all, Scott is in the Coast Guard and Rod is in the Navy, so writing stories about boats and the sea is right up our channel (seafaring pun), plus we both love the Ward Cleaver “teach life through lessons” aspect of raising our children.
    Thus the heart of our books lie within the lessons and morals we infuse into every page. C.S. Lewis once said, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest,” and we never write a story without that quote in mind. At every book store signing or school event, we’ll have parents or teachers who pull us aside and emote to us how much they relate to one of our characters, or one of our themes, and it’s humbling to know that we’re hitting those marks that we aimed for when we first started this journey.
  2. How far apart did you release the books in your series?
    Our initial aim was one book a year, but we have spaced them to an average of eighteen months. This gives families time to enjoy each book, and for us to do promotional events with a little bit of lag time between releases. That’s not to say that we’re not always cooking up the next adventure!
  3. What advice would you give to authors who are thinking about writing their own series?
    Just write it! Don’t wait. Don’t make excuses or prioritize writing below everything else in your life. If you have time to eat a sandwich at lunch, you have time to crush a few hundred words. Everyone, and we mean everyone, has a story rattling around in their head, and we always hear friends, family, and fans say, “One day I’m going to write it,” but few ever do. Louis L’Amour said, “Start writing no matter what. The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.”

    Specifically for series writers, first and foremost, decide if your story is going to be serial or a collection of standalone stories in the same world. Connor the Courageous Cutter is a blend of the two, but we’d still say that our series falls into the standalone category. In our series, Connor has a separate adventure in each book, but there is an overall character growth that comes with the lessons learned in each book. So in each book, Connor is a little wiser and braver than before, but the books don’t connect from one story to the next. Conversely, if you look at Harry Potter, that’s one long serial storyline with a steady momentum and arcs that lead towards an eventual end. Knowing the pathway for your characters right out the gate will help in planning the future of your series.
    Again, most importantly – just write it!


The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter: Saving Sarah, Caution at Calamity Canal, and Mystery of the Baffling Blackout are all available on the Mascot Bookstore. 

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New Releases for June!

Summer is finally here, and there’s no better time to pick up a great book! It’s time to celebrate our newest releases, and there’s something for everybody this June from a touching YA romance to a personal finance guide to a children’s book about a regional cuisine. Check out the full list below! 

June’s Featured Title

Hart & Seoul

By Kristen Burnham

Merilee Hart has been doing her best to keep things together since her mother left, her art a welcome escape from her depressing new reality. But things seem to go even more awry the moment her next door neighbor’s enigmatic and mysterious nephew arrives from South Korea. Lee is moody, cocky, and utterly infuriating.

But when Merri’s closest friends betray her and her father crushes her dream of going to art school, Merri finds herself drawn to Lee, who seems to live within even greater shadows than her own. And just when she thought things couldn’t get crazier, Merri’s world is upended when she discovers Lee’s big and bizarre secret…he is none other than a runaway member of the K-pop mega-group Thunder.

It’s not long before Thunder’s fans, the Storm Chasers, begin to close in on Lee, ready to do whatever it takes to return their favorite idol to his rightful place in the band. Faced with the prospect of even more heartbreak and caught up in an international whirlwind that has a life of its own, Merri realizes that she must find a way to mend herself, gain control of her life, and pursue her dreams—her heart and soul depend on it.


Power & Ore

By David H. Hanks

A nuclear pulse driven explosion in Turkey has caught the attention of the International Nuclear Weapons Agency and Carson Griffin has been assigned the challenge of determining its source. At the University of Bucharest, entrepreneurs have joined forces to create a mode of transport so powerful and unique that, once discovered, the world’s governments and terrorist organizations will all vie for control of its technology. The Jihad Terrorist Symbol will stop at nothing to get their hands on a discovered plutonium sphere and set to work allocating assassins and spies to locate a potential weapon. In this story of kidnapping, murder, double crossing, and high espionage, who would you believe or trust?

Memoir and Biographies

Beyond The Finish

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, Kyle Pease had grown up supporting his athlete brothers Brent and Evan from the sidelines. While his condition limited his ability to play sports, it didn’t dampen Kyle’s passion for them, nor did it stop the Pease family from including Kyle in various excursions. From rolling his wheelchair up Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite National Park to zipping down Colorado snow slopes, there was never a dull moment with the Pease brothers. Where there was a wheel, there was a way to adventure.

Upon witnessing Brent complete his first IRONMAN competition, Kyle asked Brent a life-changing question: Can people in wheelchairs do IRONMAN? Brent never hesitated with his response. The answer was a resounding yes. Learning from others and through their own hard work, the brothers competed in IRONMAN competitions around the country and were ultimately awarded the opportunity to participate in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. In this memoir that interweaves both their perspectives, Kyle and Brent recount the experiences that shaped the strength, tenacity, and undying bond that has resonated between them since childhood.

Carpenters: An Illustrated Discography

By Randy L. Schmidt

With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, the Carpenters are among the most beloved and enduring musical acts of the last 50 years. Randy L. Schmidt, author of the acclaimed bestselling biography Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter has assembled a team of commentators—journalists, authors, musicians, and other entertainment industry figures—for a series of in-depth, insightful, and opinionated conversations on every release. Beautifully presented with more than 200 images, many never before seen, the result is a must-have for pop music lovers.


After the Cut: How to Prepare For and Recover From Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

By Nicole Psomas

Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity who recently had liposuction? In the picture, their stomach is lumpy and rippled. The first thought is to blame it on the doctor or “bad plastic surgery.” Nicole Psomas, the author shows the reader that this is not because of bad plastic surgery, but rather, bad care after surgery.

After The Cut is a comprehensive how-to guide for preparation and recovery after cosmetic plastic surgery. The author begins by explaining how to determine if surgery is the right choice for you. She describes the realities of plastic surgery that many people do not know. The book goes on to teach you how to prepare your mind, body, and home for surgery; those best prepared for surgery have better results. A typical “surgery day” is described to the reader, so they know what to expect.

Once out of surgery, and recovery begins, the reader is given a detailed guide of the author’s innovative method on how exactly to recover after any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Some typical procedures she discusses are: liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, body lifts, face lifts, buttock lifts, and more. Her method will teach you how to prevent complications, reduce swelling, increase range of motion, decrease pain, increase sensation, decrease scar tissue, and ultimately maximize the results and appearance after cosmetic plastic surgery.

Like any surgery, plastic surgery should be made with serious consideration and not entered into lightly. The choice to have plastic surgery is a personal one that will have a significant impact on a person’s future. The steps illustrated in this book empower the patient to play a substantial role in their recovery. With this knowledge, the patient can feel confident about making one of the most personal decisions of their life.

Middle-class Millionaire: Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Grow and Enjoy Your Wealth

By Clark Kendall

The middle class makes up most of the population. Defined as a household that earns a yearly income that hits above the poverty line but falls shy of the upper class, people in the middle class come from all walks of life, hold various types of jobs, and lead vastly different lives. One aspect does tie them together: they work hard to live well, and without realizing it, may be on the path toward becoming a millionaire.

In this day and age, millionaires aren’t as rare as they used to be, with many individuals possessing at least one million dollars of amassed net worth by the time they retire—including the value of their home(s), cars, financials, and other assets. By living within their means, saving well, and spending wisely, members of the middle class can soon be part of a group that is growing by the day: the middle-class millionaire.

In this informative and comprehensive guide, Clark Kendall, CEO and founder of the successful investment management firm Kendall Capital, shows you just how to secure your financial future. Middle-Class Millionaire is full of applicable insight into the ins and outs of short- and long-term saving, spending, and investing, for those working toward a safe and comfortable retirement. Living well in the years up to retirement and beyond depends on your financial preparedness. Let Middle-Class Millionaire help get you there.

The Gap

By Douglas Vigliotti

Meet the Gap: the little space between what you know and don’t know. It’s the thing sitting between you and what you want; it’s a small thing that amounts to everything. Are you stuck in your career, relationships, education, or business? Maybe you’re frozen by the same old habits and opinions or trapped in the story you’ve been telling yourself for the last 20, 30, or 50 years? That’s okay. It’s normal. We only know what we know. We’re all stuck on something.

In a world overflowing with competing information, knowing who to turn to, what to watch out for, and what to focus on has never been more difficult.
The Gap will help you turn obstacles into opportunities by identifying hidden forces and blind spots that prevent you from achieving your goals. Drawing on real world examples, Douglas Vigliotti empowers readers with thought-provoking questions and simple strategies to cut through the noise of the information age, challenging you to look at the world from a whole new perspective.


The Desert – A Dirtbag Climbing Book

By Luke Mehall

The Desert is Luke Mehall’s fifth and final offering in his series of dirtbag climbing books. The book begins with Mehall’s first trip to The Desert, a visit to Indian Creek in 1999, and chronicles nearly two decades of experience. Over time, the author grows from thinking that the red rock desert of the Colorado Plateau is just another stop along the way, to finding himself more and more at home there. Ultimately, the author’s passion for first ascents with his best friends fuels his desire to get to know the area in an intimate way. At the same time that this transformation occurs, the Bears Ears National Monument is created by the Obama administration and then ultimately dismantled by the Trump administration. While the final decision by the courts is awaited, Mehall contemplates the importance of public lands for the soul of America. He also pulls no punches with his thoughts on Trump’s decision. The Desert is a definitive, independently published account of a dirtbag climber searching for love, passion, fresh air, and an escape from the electronic hyper connectedness of the modern world.



By Preston Thorne & Langston Moore

The roof is swaying, and CJ thinks it has to do with a dreaded chicken curse that will destroy the coop! He rushes to warn his friends, but will he find some hidden strength along the way? Watch CJ as he learns that he can be more than #JustaChicken.

A Bean Named Red

By Dori Hernandez

Red beans and rice were meant to be, but how did they find each other? This New Orleans-based children’s book spills the beans!

Red is just a lonely little bean in a big old soaking pot. One Monday morning, she finds the courage to begin a journey to search for more. It’s a big world out there for a small bean, and Red meets a lot of silly friends. Join Red as she explores the world around her, finding love along the way.

B is for Bilingual

Leila Diaz

Learn the ABCs by identifying an object that starts with the same letter and sound in both languages! May this be your first step to mastering the building blocks of the English and Spanish language.

Aprende el abecedario identificando un objeto que comienza con la misma letra y sonido en ambos idiomas. Que éste sea su primer paso para dominar los componentes básicos del idioma inglés y el español.

Brains and Beauty

By Steve Wachtel

Brains and Beauty could not get along. If one was right, the other must be wrong! So Fox and Owl came up with a suggestion. There was to be a contest, a kind of election. They’d act as the judges, for they were wise. Would there be one winner, or might they share the prize?

Buster, The Delicate Doodle

By Jennifer Beland

Buster is a delicate Goldendoodle pup! After Buster’s mom gets fed up with his rigid tendencies, he begins to take walks with a supportive and encouraging dog walker named Kim, who encourages him to dig deeper into his quirkiness and pull out all his strengths and talents.

Can Buster find what he has to offer the world?

Chicken Girl

By Bonnie Rosario

Bonnie is a girl, a curious girl who loves reading and learning about animals, especially chickens. That’s how she got the nickname Chicken Girl. When her family goes on a trip to a nearby farm, Chicken Girl is in for quite the feathery treat! Join her—there are many chickens to meet! Chicken Girl proves that research, patience, and perseverance can help you achieve your dreams.

A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to Coops for Troops, which provides chickens, a coop, a starter pack of feed, and supplies to returning veterans, the families of deployed military personnel, military schools, VA hospitals, and retirement homes. Chickens have been shown to be great therapy animals.

Colonial Klaus

By Laura Macaluso

Klaus, a black-and-tan long-haired dachshund, is walking the grounds of historic Poplar Forest, where Thomas Jefferson lived more than 200 years ago. The little dog follows a scent into a rabbit hole and, when he pops out at the other end, finds himself wearing a tricorn hat. He meets Thomas Jefferson and his granddaughters, Ellen and Cornelia, and realizes he has been transported into the past. The book follows “Colonial” Klaus as he inspects the landscape and octagonal house at Poplar Forest, meeting members of the enslaved community of people who labor on the plantation to make Jefferson’s life and legacy possible. Intertwined with this story are Jefferson’s recollections of the special year 1776, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence and helped create a new country. The writing and illustrations evoke a historic sense of time and place that can still be found today at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest.

Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish

By Nadine Haruni

In this fourth book of the Freeda The Frog Children’s Book series, Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish, Freeda and her family suffer the loss of their pet fish, Goldie. This book helps kids deal not only with the loss of a pet, but how to say goodbye to any beloved friend or family member.

Frogs in the Cistern

By Deirdre Potter

A strange noise becomes the subject of a mystery in this story about a family and their cistern! Written by Deirdre Potter and illustrated by Srimalie Bassani, this book is a great way to teach your child about frogs and the different uses for storage tanks.

Grandma and Me Go to Mill Mountain Zoo

By Alice Flora

Come along on a trip to Mill Mountain Zoo! Visit all the cool cats and other animals that live at the zoo and learn all sorts of fun facts along the way!

If The Moon

By Bernadette Drabek

Would you eat the moon if it was made out of your favorite food? This book invites children to look up at the night sky and use their imagination when it comes to eating! Written by B. Lombardo Drabek and illustrated by Jonathan Jones, If the Moon is sure to capture your child’s attention at bedtime, lunchtime, and any other time you can think of!

Keep Walking

By Will Mason

This beautiful poem teaches us when times are tough, just keep walking. In loving memory of Kamil Patel.

Mother Of Many

By Pamela M. Tuck

Judah Tuck has ten siblings, and he’s on a mission to give the old woman who lives in a shoe some advice on how to manage a large family! Although a typical day in the Tuck family may contain some chaos, Judah and his siblings find a way to pull things together before Daddy comes home. Join Mom, Judah, and his brothers and sisters as they work through the day. . .and learn what family is truly all about.

Sometimes With Ghosts

By Charlyn Wee

With kind words and charming illustrations, Sometimes With Ghosts… promotes key components of the Mindfulness Self-Compassion program. Young readers will learn that it’s okay to have uncomfortable feelings, which in the end aren’t so scary after all.

The Crowned Kids

By Terrence Terrell

The Crowned Kids at the School of Freedom come from different places and cultures, but they share the same feelings of self-love and respect for individuality. They are proud of who they are, and see their differences as unique qualities. But when bullies come around to bring them down, they have to stick together and show that diversity makes them stronger than negativity ever could, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different. An uplifting story about confidence and the importance of community, The Crowned Kids will encourage readers to learn the power of self-love and diversity to embrace the qualities that make them stand out.

The Yard: North Carolina A & T

By Latrice Collins

Come along as we explore North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. From being at the forefront of civil rights, politics, and space exploration to having the greatest homecoming on earth, learn about the rich heritage of this Historically Black College and University (HBCU) as you take a tour of the yard. Can I get an AGGIE PRIDE?

Too Many Raindrops

By Kylie Yapp

No matter how old you are, we all feel a little grey and have really bad days sometimes. It can be difficult to express unpleasant feelings, especially at a young age. Just like the little cloud in our story, learning to talk about these feelings is key to being healthy. Too Many Raindrops is the perfect chance to begin discussing a difficult topic. Read along with the little ones in your life and get the conversation started!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Mermaid

By Janet Beaulieu

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid? Do they twirl and sparkle or maybe splash and giggle? This delightful story based on a favorite nursery rhyme will ignite the imagination of young readers leaving a sense of curiosity and mystery.

The Squiggle Book

By Elizabeth Correll

Look up at the sky! Look down at the ground!

There’s always a squiggle dancing around!

Whenever you find one, draw what you see.

It can be whatever you want it to be.

Back by Popular Demand! 

Chicken Lips

By Kristy Hamby

Who’s ever heard of a cow named Chicken Lips?! Join this special, silly cow on his quest to discover the meaning behind his name and meet some farm friends along the way!

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