January Book Releases

Happy New Year to all of our readers and authors! We have just the right children’s books to start off 2022 and grow your child’s reading list.

Find a full list of our titles releasing this month below. 

Baking Up a Storm

By Jessica Parham

Grandma Janet’s cupcakes are the best cupcakes in town. I couldn’t figure out why until Mom and I baked them the other day. We were literally BAKING UP A STORM. Don’t believe me? Just look inside this book and see! But tie your shoes extra tight and bring your umbrella—you’ll need it.

Dragons of Wonder: The Big Change

By Reena Stevens

Everything changes once Queen Majesta fires the arrow.

Icy Lakita is a normal Ice Dragon who has lived happily in her home country, Navitee, for fourteen normal

years. Then, everything changes when she receives a letter inviting her to a special school: Dragons of Wonder.

The school is wonderful at first. Icy’s best friend was invited to the school, she gets a new room, and the food is incredible. But suddenly, things begin to change. Icy meets an evil professor, discovers a mysterious staircase only she can see, and a strange ghost cloud attacks her school. More and more odd things keep happening, and no one knows who—or what—it is.

While Icy makes new friends and adjusts to life at her school, she must figure out who is creating the chaos all around her. But will she succeed? Or will she be the victim of the next attack?

Gabby’s Gift

By Jennifer Cua

Gabby is a young girl who is delightfully unique. She is the youngest member of her family, and her personality is such a treat. Although she is different, she has her own special way of inspiring others each and every day. She aspires to bring people together and teach tolerance, too. Gabby is most definitely a young girl who should be celebrated—along with the very special YOU!

Honey’s Lost Shoe

By Shar’Bral Jones

Honey loves going outside—it’s her favorite thing to do. Honey is so excited to go, but where is her shoe?

Go on an adventure with Honey and see what she discovers while looking all around her home. Be sure to hurry so Honey can make it outside before the sun goes down!

Louisiana Dreams

By Rebecka Bihm Lester

Louisiana Dreams is a melodic children’s story highlighting the magic and whimsy of Cajun and Creole culture, a lifestyle so precious that it must not only be remembered and revered, but shared with others. The taste of crawfish, the smell of cypress trees, and the warmth of a bonfire are brought to life in this poetic tale, told simultaneously in English and Louisiana French for all to enjoy.

Millie’s Great Dane Adventures

By Kathy Priest-Smith

My name is Millie, and I’m a couch-potato dog. I just love sitting on the couch! I’m a big dog with a big heart. I may be spoiled, but I’m very loyal to my owners, Kathy and Greg. The first book in the Adventures Dogs series, this is the story of how I came to live with them. Come follow me on my adventures!

Miss Kite Can’t Do Right

By Taryn Lewis

Miss Kite loves to travel and explore, but she has a terrible habit of only hearing what she wants to hear. Join her on a journey through her neighborhood, where Miss Kite learns about her bad habit from the animals she meets along the way. Maybe, with a little help from her new friends and a little effort on her part, Miss Kite can break her bad habit. Will Miss Kite learn to listen?

My Coat is Too Big

By Matthew E. Bass

My Coat Is Too Big! is a simple, rhyming children’s book sponsored, in part, by the Virginia Diversity Foundation. It addresses the nuances of friendship through the lens of diversity in terms children can understand. From offering spare clothing to sharing snacks and keeping secrets, artist Danny Mitchell brings author Matt Bass’ text to life with warm, soft, friendly scenes that illustrate the point that no matter the circumstances, we always help friends when we have the chance!


By Madison Rene Knapp, Dr. Edmond Sarraf, and Zinzi LeMond

Pandemicuties is the story of a Prickly Little Cactus and a Bristly Little Sea Cucumber who learn some easy tips to stay healthy during global health issues like a pandemic! Although this story is born of the COVID-19 era, it is a colorful guide for healthy practices and nutrition that are beneficial to families at every stage.

Randi the Chicka-Dog

By Saffron Cannon

Randi is a pet chick who acts more like the family’s dog Rosie than like a chicken. She does everything with her family: fishing, playing, and laughing alongside them. But when her family decides to go boating one day, Randi may be in over her head!

Based on a real event, follow this adventure of Randi the Chicka-Dog and see how one family comes together to support their chick friend.

The Midwife’s Visit

By Kelly B. Jenkins

The midwife is coming!

It’s a day we all anticipate: Mama’s midwife comes to the house for a visit. She checks on baby, and we get to help! Come join us!

The Pear Tree

By Beth Dupree and Arline McKeen

Rosa and Miguel love living in the big city, where everything they could ever need is just one block away. There is one thing missing, however: nature! The brother and sister duo dream of big green spaces where they can run and play . . . until one night, while eating dessert, they come up with a big idea!

Read along to find out how Rosa and Miguel use their simple dessert to turn a nearby vacant lot into a beautiful playground for their whole neighborhood, complete with a ripe pear tree with fruit for everyone to eat.

The Surfing Lesson

By Bhajneet Singh

An empowering story of a Sikh American family that just wants to have fun and surf—and the lesson they learn along the way.

The Tree of Life

By Jami Moss

Join in the celebration of the holiday season with the Christmas tree lights, ribbon, ornaments, and the star as they come together as one. Each item needs the tree’s wisdom and truth to take its place on the tree and fulfill its purpose, just like we need God’s guidance to find our place in this world.

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