Andy Symonds

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Andy came to Mascot Books first as an author (shameless plug) when he published a military-fiction novel, “My Father’s Son” in 2015. After suffering in corporate America, he came on board in 2017 to head up author acquisition and business development; coincidently (second shameless plug) he published his second book

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Maria Waksmunski

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When it comes to books, Maria is both a student and a teacher. First, she educates herself about each author’s work and takes great pride in understanding each project’s opportunities and challenges. When she has a firm handle on an author’s content, she educates writers on the various publishing paths

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Ben Simpson

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Ben enjoys helping aspiring authors achieve their dream of publishing their books and enjoys working with so many different projects and genres. He received his B.A. in Communications with a Concentration in Media Production & Criticism from George Mason University. He greatly enjoys film, television, and books, especially ones that

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