Kate McDaniel

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Kate spends her days doing her dream job: reading manuscripts and getting to know authors. She loves helping authors find their niche in the publishing world so that they can see their words come to life in print.

In her free time, you can find Kate cheering on the

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Jess Cohn

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Working with books is Jess’s dream job. Ever since she was little, she knew her passion in life was to help authors publish their stories. When she was a creative writing student at University of North Carolina Wilmington, she experienced the writing lifestyle and adored working with her classmates to

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Ben Simpson

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Ben enjoys helping aspiring authors achieve their dream of publishing their books and enjoys working with so many different projects and genres. He received his B.A. in Communications with a Concentration in Media Production & Criticism from George Mason University. He greatly enjoys film, television, and books, especially ones that

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Emily Temple

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Emily is a reformed academic who joins Mascot after an initial career in higher education. As an educator, she loved helping students improve their writing and develop their storytelling skills, and she is thrilled to be working with authors pursuing their dreams of publication. Emily loves spending her days discovering

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