Caitlin Smith

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Caitlin is a graphic designer hailing from Roanoke, Virginia. She is also a proud overachiever and a firm believer in the transformative power of good design. She first fell in love with print media and letterforms during a college typography course, which gave her the opportunity to design her very

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Matthew Gonsalves

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Matthew is an innovative graphic designer and digital painter, best known for his abstract covers and work in Photoshop. He graduated from the Art Institute of Washington with a B.A. in graphic design and began toying with personal projects, which included designing his neighbor’s book. He soon found he had

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Shannon Sullivan

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Shannon is a graphic designer from San Diego, California, who moved to Northern Virginia to join Amplify Publishing Group and fulfill her longtime goal of working in publishing. As an enthusiastic reader, she always dreamed of designing books from cover to cover. When not designing or reading, Shannon can be

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David Marvin

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David grew up adventuring with his three older brothers in a small, rural town in northwestern Pennsylvania. While most of his childhood was spent climbing trees, playing football in the backyard, and finding new ways to get in trouble, he’s always had an appreciation and passion for art. He took

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