Michelle Webber

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A thorough editor with a passion for story, Michelle loves helping authors achieve their goals for their projects. From children’s books to science fiction epics to business bestsellers, every book has something to offer and presents an opportunity to learn something new. As a project manager, Michelle helps writers at

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Kevin Boston

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Kevin is creative and quiet. When he does speak, he prefers it to be sarcastic. Hiding just underneath the wit is someone with a passion for creative thinking and learning. With a background in book production and publishing, Kevin looks forward to helping authors ensure their books gets in front

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Chris Baker

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Chris has a passion for promotion and loves helping creators make their visions viable. He has gained extensive marketing experience through promoting and managing his band The Duskwhales over the past ten years. Chris also ran a successful social media campaign to get Star Wars: The Last Jedi streamed for

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Emily Evans-Miller

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Originally from Granville, Ohio, Emily is a graduate of George Mason University with a B.A. in English Literature and Linguistics. She completed her honors research with a thesis on Young Adult Literature’s timeline of social progress (she is very proud of it). She also spent time studying at the University of

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Will Oney

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Will is an avid reader with a wide range of tastes; everything from fantasy to vintage textbooks is on his reading list.  He is a huge Bama fan (Roll Tide!) and his hobbies include video games, music, sports, cooking, and movies. An enthusiastic man with eclectic tastes, he is also

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