A completed manuscript is only the beginning of the life of a project.

To create a high-quality book, a significant amount of thought and effort needs to go into the way the content is presented. Developing exceptional cover designs, engaging, usable page layouts, and vivid illustrations are all areas where Mascot excels.

Cover Design

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but they’re wrong: a book’s cover is the first chance you have of selling your book to a reader. To make your book jump off of the shelf or the screen, you need a cover and a gorgeous interior that’s Big-Five quality. Creating just the right cover is an art form and involves an understanding not just of the content of the book but of what will resonate with your target market. Sometimes it takes some trial and error, but when the right cover emerges, it’s clear.

Up All Night Cover
Elon Musk - This Book is About Rockets cover
You Cant Make This Shit Up cover

Page Layout

An effective layout draws the reader’s eye down the page and through the book, gives emphasis to important textual elements, and creates an organization that supports the content of the book. Our skilled graphic designers are book design experts and know how to capture your audience with engaging page designs for every genre from straight-forward memoir to complex business and cookbooks.