Doshi Books for Kids
The Crink Cover

A beastly beast of beastliness,
a Crink will make you shriek.
It’s mad and sad and oh so bad.
Go on and take a peek!

The Crink
ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-204-6
Publisher: Mascot Books

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Searching For Gold Cover

These two brothers are on a
mission, but they keep getting
distracted by all the things in
the park. See how a simple day
at the park can be so much fun.

Searching for Gold
ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-203-9
Publisher: Mascot Books

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100% of net proceeds go to
charities that help children.

About the Author

When his boys were little, M. Doshi would write them stories. He has always loved Children’s books and picture books—especially picture books that are fun for parents to read to their kids. He lives in NY with his wife and two boys and enjoys travelling.


“This book is simply amazing and fun. The story line and the fun writing make it a great read-a-loud book.”

Adam S.
Long Island, NY

“Our family really likes this book. It's just a great book to read to your kids and then they also enjoy the book on their own.”

Martha T.
New Jersey mom

“I love The Crink. It is very fun to read, and my son walks around with it. We love the ending and can't wait for the next book.”

Stephanie S.
New York

Q & A

Q:What age group are the books for?

Most likely 2-6, but kids younger and slight older will also enjoy the books.

Q:Can I deduct the purchase from my Taxes as a Donation?

Check with your CPA, but you should be able to take deductions as we are approved under 501(c)(3).

Q:Can I buy the books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble?

Yes, while the books are available on those sites, we prefer pushing direct purchases since these vendors take more than 50% of the sale, which is fine for them, but doesn’t leave much for the cause.

Q:Should I buy the books now or wait since as a society, we may not want to have needless mail going around?

Much like most of what we’ve learned about Covid19, we are going to be very clear about this - if you would like a book for your child or another child, I would say it’s ok except for when it’s not. However, check with your nosy neighbor who always has an opinion about everything!

Q:Will you share donation details?

Yes, we will post our donation totals