Memories, Miracles & Meaning


“Fanny is a woman of extraordinary strength and nobility of character. Not only did she survive four years of the Holocaust with unbroken faith in her religion and in Zionism, but most remarkably, with the firm resolve never again to let hate drive human behavior.”

Edward Anders,
Ph.D.; Professor, Chemistry & Physical Sciences at University of Chicago; Author (Glad I Survived); leading Latvian Holocaust historian

“Fanny Lebovits' amazing life is a story of unending hope, extraordinary courage, boundless determination and remarkable perseverance. From the trauma and darkness of the Holocaust to her shining moments as a regional leader at America's largest Jewish women's organization, Fanny's inspirational story exemplifies the mission, purpose and vision of Hadassah: The Power of Women Who Do.”

Ellen Hershkin,
National President, Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc. (HWZOA)

“Memory is the moral tutor of humankind. Fanny’s remarkable story powerfully reminds us to never forget. She bears witness to the truth about the Holocaust and is an inspiring example of the triumph of the human spirit over the direst and darkest circumstances. Her extraordinary courage and commitment are emblematic of a generation that will soon be sorely missed.”

Liebe Geft,
Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance

“Fanny Krasner Lebovits has done a great service for the Jewish people by sharing her eyewitness testimony of what she experienced during the Holocaust. Her book is a story of miracles and faith in G-d that—with all of its pain—is also uplifting, instilling in us a sense of strength for the future of the Jewish people.”

Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein,
South Africa

“Impressive. Strong. Moving. Beautiful balance between need to remember and need to move on, between love of the Jewish people and tikkun olam and between pride and modesty. A memorable story.”

Kenneth Jacobson,
Deputy National Director of the Anti-Defamation League