Our Angel of Christmas Spirit

Devon Tarter
illustrated by Mary J. Kirsch

Focus on the True Meaning of Christmas with Your Family

Our busy lives can make it difficult to stay centered on what the Christmas season is all about. Luckily, God has sent an angel to your family to help! Our Angel of Christmas Spirit encourages children and adults alike to live the Word this Christmas by helping those less fortunate and sharing the love of Christ with others.

Your Angel of Christmas Spirit is as fun, flexible, and magical as you want it to be! Once you read the book with your child/children, your angel is ready to deliver the messages of Christmas spirit. The angel can sit on your mantle or under your tree—anywhere the angel can be seen and serve as a physical reminder of the magic and spirit of Christmas. The angel can deliver a new card each day, every few days, or each week. If you have an idea that you would like for your family, write it on one of the blank cards in the pack. And, at the close of each day, you can use dinner time and bedtime to reflect on the completion of the task. It’s the perfect way to begin and end each day with the needs of others and the gift of God’s love.

Our Angel Of Christmas Spirit

Our Angel of Christmas Spirit
ISBN-13: 978-1-68401-668-6
Publisher: Mascot Books

Our Angel Of Christmas Spirit Box Set

Now a boxed set!

Get your Our Angel of Christmas Spirit kit online today! Includes:
Plush Angel Bear
30 Inspiration Cards
10 Blank Cards to Customize


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