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New Releases March 2017!

Mascot books announces new releases for February 2017!   Children's Picture Books   THE GIRL WHO HAD ALMOST EVERYTHING By Alycia Pace Join Colette as she discovers that true happiness comes not from receiving, but from giving.   THE PRINCESS AND THE SUNFLOWERS By Leonie Pickett and Catlyn LeGault Inspired by the sunflowers outside her window, Princess Amara painted a beautiful picture. But when she showed her painting, the sunflowers looked away.  Amara tried everything, but the sunflowers still looked ... read more

You’re Publishing a Book: The Alycat Series Book Journey

  You’ve signed a contract with your publisher and made it further than most in the literary world! Congrats! Now what? Now the real work starts! In a highly competitive business, what you do during and after the publishing process is what will set you apart from the millions of other books out there. I’ll take you through the publication process of Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day, the award-winning first book of the Alycat series. This is my journey. ... read more

Adaptive Skate: A Life-long Love of Skateboarding

My name is Daniel Edmondson and I am the creator of The Adaptive Skate Coloring Book. It features adaptive as well as able-bodied skaters. It is my hope that the book be shared with anyone who might be recently injured and questioning their own ability. As well, I'd like the book to enlighten those who know nothing about disability. I was in a train accident and lost both of my legs below the knee. I hate to lead with that but ... read more

New Releases February 2017!

Mascot books announces new releases for February 2017.   Children's Picture Books DUCKS AND DONUTS by Robert DeNicola Zeff has never gotten a chance to taste the cinnamon donuts the bakers feed the other ducks every day. But when the bake shop closes, it’s up to Zeff to teach the other ducks how to feed themselves.   KONA AND THE DOG PARK BULLY by Kristin Smith It’s Kona the Goldendoodle’s first day at the dog park, but everything doesn’t go as planned. ... read more


The Rule of One-Half Million The potential reach of your platform should be at least ten times greater than the number of books you expect to sell during the first five years of your book’s life. IT’S ABOUT POTENTIAL It’s about potential. Your platform must have the potential to reach a big audience because at any given time, it will only reach a fraction of that audience,and that fraction needs to be large enough to sell a meaningful number of ... read more

The Story Behind A Story: How a Nonauthor Wrote a Children’s Book

  I’m NOT an Author, and Here’s Why by Gary Meyers   I didn’t start out to write a book. I am not a good writer and I don’t even like to read for pleasure. I had to do too much technical reading for my job over 42 years and found no enjoyment in reading. I would rather be outside doing something…anything. After I had The Autobiography of a Pigeon Named Pete published, my friends said they had never seen ... read more

Bringing Thailand Home – By Author Chris Fikes

I wrote If We Were In Thailand many years back, and thanks to God and His provision it’s finally been published! My wife Tonya and I and our four boys spent a total of eight years living in Thailand and fell in love with the country for many reasons, one being the people. Tonya and I have always loved to travel, experience other cultures, and meet people who live life in different ways. It’s refreshing and there’s always something more to learn. It ... read more

January New Releases

Mascot books announces new releases for January 2017. Fiction The Congressman’s Wife by Rhett Dawn Nick Davis is a 38-year-old auto mechanic in Bethesda, Maryland who begins an affair with a congressman’s wife. They make two mistakes. They fall in love and get caught by her husband, Congressman Dave Sellers, who will not let an affair ruin his chance to become a US Senator. With enough sleuthing and intrigue to keep any mind busy, Nick uncovers the underworld of government corruption while he ... read more

December Releases

Mascot books announces new releases for December 2016. Non-Fiction   INDO DUTCH KITCHEN SECRETS: STORIES AND FAVORITE FAMILY RECIPES by Jeff Keasberry Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets is an inspiring cookbook for anyone who wants to explore and rediscover a unique culinary heritage, explained in more than 100 delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes. During 350 years of colonial intimacy in the former Dutch East Indies (modern Indonesia), not only did a hybrid culture emerge, but also one of the world’s oldest and richest fusion ... read more

Killer Book Marketing Secrets – Secret Number 2 The Rule of Ten

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to sell books? One clue comes in an Associated Press poll on consumer reading habits from back in 2007. According to the results, one in four Americans didn’t read a single book during the prior year, and the average number of books read was only seven. That doesn’t leave a lot of readers for your book, does it? Even so, tens of thousands of fresh-faced, hopeful authors leap into the ranks of the published every year in the certainty that they will be the exceptions. Somehow, their books will surpass the dismal statistics and become huge successes. And therein lies the problem. By clinging to such misplaced optimism, 99 percent of those authors will become discouraged and quit promoting their books long before they have even a hope of turning a profit. That brings us to the second secret in our blog series designed to help first-time authors tackle book signings. Secret ... read more

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