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New Releases for February 2018!

Happy February! We have a diverse range of new reads for you this month, and we're excited to share our latest in fiction, nonfiction, self help, photography, graphic novels, and more! Fiction Enemy in the Wire by Andy Symonds with Navy SEAL Chris McKinley This riveting thriller gives the reader an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the elite SpecOps brotherhood and how they operate in the vein of “American Sniper” or “Lone Survivor.” The heart-racing action sequences in Enemy in the Wire could ... read more

New Releases for January 2018!

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions was to read more in 2018, we have lots of great new releases for you to kick off January. Nonfiction States of the Union by Michaela Papa In nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, artwork, and detailed interviews, States of the Union collects reflections from everyday Americans on the 2016 presidential election. Edited by Michaela Papa, States of the Union captures an honest, nonpartisan snapshot of America in the wake of a historic election. If You Hit ... read more

Guest Blogger: A Passion For Science Can Start From A Young Age

Science is the foundation of human civilization. It encompasses our intellectual and technological achievements and is the reason for so much progress in the world. I am passionate about science, and naturally, when I became a parent, I wanted to pass on my love and enthusiasm for science to my son. We started talking about rockets and stars, doing chemistry ‘experiments’ in the kitchen, collecting rocks, hunting for bones in our garden, and loads of other science-based activities that my ... read more

New Releases for December 2017!

Happy December! It's a new month, which means new releases. We're excited to share some great new titles with you just in time for the holiday season. Nonfiction The Dot on the Left By Dave Swanson We all have dreams. Too often, those dreams seem out of reach to us for so long that we lose hope that we will ever achieve them. Fortunately, there are three key steps that anybody can take to making their dreams a reality. In ... read more

Guest Blogger: How Music and Art Helped Heal My Grief

Grief is a normal and healthy reaction to loss, and so is resilience. We all have the capacity to learn how to live with our losses and to apply our own style of grieving to the healing process. In my new book, Resilience Art: A Grief Coloring Book Using Ritual and Music to Help You Grow, due to be released in in early 2018 through Mascot Books, I share many personal stories and professional experiences to illustrate aspects of grief and ... read more

Guest Blogger: Exploring New Promotion Tools with West of Hell Author Whiskey Emerson

When I was eight years old, I was adamant that when I grew up, I would become a writer. From a very early age, I had a habit of inventing fantasy worlds, alternative universes, and invisible friends, as well as stories to accompany these creations. Of course, when the inspiration struck, I would get out my notebook and a pencil to scratch every bit of it down. Sadly, however, the idea of pursuing a professional career as a novelist was ... read more

New Releases for November 2017!

Happy November! This month we are releasing some wonderful new books for you to sit down with by the fireplace (hopefully after a big Thanksgiving dinner too!). We have a variety of titles coming out this month, ranging from a nonfiction, to cookbooks, to a diverse range of children's books. Fiction The Closer By Peggy Depuydt After a shooting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, leaves 5 dead, the community reels to make sense of it. In this slice-of-life thriller, Peggy ... read more

Author Ann Marie Halstead is spreading kindness to schools one Bucket Filling Fairy at a time

Based on Carol McCloud’s immensely successful children’s book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, and Ann Marie Halstead’s play adaptation and picture book, Bucket Filling Fairy, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The Musical continues to spread bullying prevention messages to elementary schools. The book and play have brought bullying prevention awareness to the front of classrooms across the country, and now the golden rule of "bucket filling" is being conveyed as a musical.  Bringing the characters who grapple with ... read more

New Releases for October 2017!

It's officially fall! Kick off the season by sitting down with a warm latte and a good book. We have great new releases this month, including inspiring memoirs, riveting fiction, and even some Halloween-themed books. Nonfiction Up All Night: From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Mogul, Life Lessons from an Accidental Feminist by Rhonda Shear Slip on your satin pajamas, pull back the covers, and slide into bed with everyone’s favorite late-night bedtime buddy, Rhonda Shear! You know her as the ... read more

New Releases for September 2017!

Happy September! Kick off fall and the new school year with some of our new nonfiction, sports-themed, coloring, and children's books this month. Nonfiction The Best Year Ever by Liam Caffrey Liam Caffrey was at a crossroad in life, and the concept was simple: Select twelve once-in-a-lifetime events of personal importance, pursue them over one year, and write about the experience. From partying at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner, to trying his luck at the World Series of Poker, ... read more

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