Guest Blogger: Reflecting on Creating “The War at Home” Series

By John McEveety Woodruff *Note: The following contains spoilers for The War at Home series* , like many projects, started out as a completely different concept. When folks ask me how long the trilogy took to write, I usually say ten years, and in its current form, that is the truth. But it really goes back twenty-five years. At that time, I was busy courting my now wife of nineteen years. And as happens in courtships, lovers tell each other their lives. In the first courtships of one’s life, the stories cannot be very many; by middle age, however, the process can … read more

Our Favorite Book-To-Movie Adaptations

By Emily Evans-Miller With Contributions by Jordan Latham It’s not every day that you hear “the movie was better than the book.” As lovers of books, we asked around the office to see what favorite movies did their book counterparts justice, at least according to the Mascot Books staff. Check out the full list below: Acquisitions Jess Cohn Pride and Prejudice (2005) by Jane Austen   Kate McDaniel The 13th Warrior (1999) based on “Eaters of the Dead” by Michael Crichton Scott Parker The Godfather (1972) by Mario Puzo Ben Simpson The Shining (1980) by … read more

New Releases for November!

Happy November! Here at Mascot, we’re thankful for all our authors and all our readers. Be sure to check out the full release list to find your next favorite book.  This month, we’ve got everything from alien fiction, to illustrated political satire just in time for the midterms. Don’t forget some adorable children’s books featuring monsters and disappearing socks! Fiction Lost Children of Andromeda: Zosma By Jason Primrose In this tale of dramatic conflict and high-stakes action, Allister Adams, a young superhuman, searches for an intergalactic refugee whose otherworldly energy source promises the planet’s salvation. But at what … read more

Illustrator Spotlight: Stephanie Fliss

By Emily Evans-Miller Here at Mascot, we think it’s high time to recognize the unsung heroes of the publishing community: illustrators and editors. We have an extensive network of freelance professionals who do fantastic work for our authors. This month, our featured freelance publishing professional is illustrator Stephanie Fliss! Stephanie discussed her process and what she loves about being an illustrator. Check out her answers below! How did you get in to illustrating?  What made you decide to pursue this career? Except for a short period of time when I dreamed of being the first female NFL football … read more

Spooky, Scary Books

By Emily Evans-Miller There’s only a few days left until Halloween! Here at the Mascot Books office, we’re eager for the big day–especially so we can see Bowie in an adorable costume. It’s a tradition! In preparation for everyone’s favorite mischievous time of year, we’re sharing our favorite spooky books to get you in the spirit. Alphabots

by The Impossible Winterbourne The Impossible Winterbourne has just finished another clever and captivating collection of contraptions–the AlphaBots! From AquaBot to ZombiBot, these whimsical works of wonder come to life in this beautifully illustrated alphabet book that is sure

read more

Q&A with Merril Hoge, Author of Brainwashed

By Emily Evans-Miller CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is a hot-button topic in the sports world. From the mildly concerned to the downright panicked, misinformation is spreading like wildfire. Merril Hoge, former NFL player and author of , shared what motivated him to speak out against the crowd. You contend that much of the science demonstrating the prevalence of CTE is flawed. Is CTE itself a real condition? Something causes clumps of tau protein to form around the blood vessels in the brain in some people, so in that sense, yes, CTE is real. But we don’t know what … read more

How to Write Successful Back Cover Copy

By Emily Evans-Miller Last week we talked about how to design a great front cover, but the dust jacket and back cover are some of the most important real estate on a book. Back cover copy (also called flap copy) is the text that goes on the back cover of a book or on the back cover and flaps of a dust jacket. Your cover copy doesn’t just tell potential readers what your book is about–it’s a critical marketing tool. Just think, how many times have you picked up a book and read the description to see if it … read more

What Makes a Great Cover Design?

By Emily Evans-Miller As much as we emphasize the importance of a book’s content, the cover is important as well. From typography, to photography or illustration, to the overall design and colors used, books really do get judged by their covers. Our blog editor, Emily, asked some of our graphic designers what their processes are when designing covers that help a project put its best foot forward. Our Senior Graphic Designer, Ricky, gave these tips for designing a cover that stands out: The target market and subject matter: It’s very important to keep the target market in mind … read more

October 2018 Featured Title: Craft Beer Country

Every month we feature a new release that we think really shines. This month’s featured title is  by Kirk Richardson! Why We Love It With Oktoberfests in full swing all over the world, what better way to celebrate the fall season than with a book about beer? Food and beverage writer Kirk Richardson’s vibrant interviews with some of North America’s most brilliant brewers pair beautifully with his insightful tasting notes, giving readers of Craft Beer Country a unique insight into the burgeoning craft beer industry. Engaging, funny, and adventurous, this book is the perfect accompaniment to any brew you have with … read more

New Releases for October!

We’re officially in the swing of fall! As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, curl up with a Mascot book. This month, we’re releasing new fiction to take you on your next adventure, a sports-science exposé that will change the conversation around football, coffee table books to help you find your next favorite brew, and much more. With four major release days throughout the month, don’t hesitate to preorder your copies well in advance! Find our books here at Mascot Books, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever books are sold. Fiction Dr. Ford Freud: Aread more