January Book Releases

Happy New Year to all of our readers and authors! We have just the right children’s books to start off 2022 and grow your child’s reading list.Find a full list of our titles releasing this month below. Baking Up a StormBy Jessica ParhamGrandma Janet’s cupcakes are the best cupcakes in town. I couldn’t figure out why until Mom and I baked them the other day. We were literally BAKING UP A STORM. Don’t believe me? Just look inside this book and see! But tie your shoes extra tight and bring your umbrella—you’ll need it.Dragons of Wonder: The Big ChangeBy Reena StevensEverything … read more

December Featured Title: Tails From Down Under

December’s Featured Title is by Tara Lala!In this magical early-chapter book, Paradise Royale discovers an entrance to a world full of mermaids and mermen. But how does she unlock the entrance as a human? Will she be able to solve the many mysteries in this magical underwater city called Aquaria? Or will the monster living in the depths of Aquaria capture her first? We interviewed Tara about balancing between being a busy teenager and an author, what advice she’d give to young authors, and more!You wrote your first book at 14 years old and are about to publish your second children’s bookread more

December Book Releases

It’s beginning to look a lot like….holiday shopping season! From early chapter books about magical underwater cities to cookbooks that include delectable recipes for home cooks, our December releases are perfect gifts for all the book lovers in your life. Jump into the holiday spirit by checking out our list of new books!Children’s BooksA Fairy on My SleeveBy Mari SherkinIf you look closely through the green, there are wonders to be seen!Join author, poet, and actress Mari Sherkin as she glimpses a magical world where things are as real as they seem.Can You?: A Food Allergy StoryBy Emily DutyWhen Maya … read more

The Inside Scoop to Getting Testimonials

Testimonials can be some of the first words a consumer reads when picking up a book. These book blurbs serve as a way for readers to get immediate access to a book’s praise directly on the front and back cover, rather than having to search for them online. But how do authors get these endorsements from noteworthy people?Let’s go over why this praise can be helpful, what a good testimonial looks like, and how to even get them.Relevance and QualityThere are many reasons why you should consider having testimonials, some of them being that they strengthen your author credibility and … read more

November Featured Title: Why We Are What We Eat

This month’s featured title is by Inna Kruman, Ph.D!The idea of a strong link between food and human identity is age-old. However, exactly how food affects the human body and mind remained unclear until recently, when researchers determined that our environment can turn gene expression off and on, thereby influencing the way we function. In Why We Are What We Eat, Inna takes a close look at these recent research advances and explores the interplay between the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. We spoke with Inna about how humans’ relationship with food has evolved, the common misconceptions about health, … read more

November Book Releases

Are you or your child in a reading slump? Do you need a riveting page-turner, educational read, or perhaps a spiritual guide to get back into it? From children’s books about adoption to memoirs about pursuing a meaningful life, we have just the books to get you and your child into reading again. Check out our November releases below!Children’s BooksAn Ode to My PeriodBy Swana ThomasPeriods are no fun, and we all know it! Join Sonia as she experiences her first period and writes a letter to defeat and overcome her cycle of menstruation. Follow along as Sonia provides tips … read more

October’s Featured Title: The Story of the Curious Elf

October’s Featured Title is  by Joan C. Yingling!On a special night before Christmas, a small boy meets a lost, lonely elf who lets his curious nature get the best of him. Stranded and alone in an unfamiliar place, the elf doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to find his way back home! Will he ever be able to get back to his family and friends in Santa’s workshop?We spoke with Lydia Cohn, who published this new children’s book on behalf of her mother Joan, about what makes this book special, what it’s like going through the publishing process in honor … read more

Tips and Tricks to Finding Your Reviewers

You’re eagerly waiting for that five-star review to show up on your listing. But why wait? It can sometimes take a while for reviews to start rolling in, and you don’t want your listing to look empty until then. If you’re in this position, well, it’s go-time to find the reviewers yourself! Read some of our tips and ideas below to learn how to get the best reviews for your book.What Do Reviews Accomplish?About 95 percent of consumers consult online product reviews before purchasing their order. In other words, if you have good reviews, you’re more likely to make the … read more

October Book Releases

Pumpkins, apple cider, hayrides, and new books! These are just a few of the necessities to start off the new season. Come join us by checking out our October releases, and Happy Fall!Children’s BooksA Tale of Two PrincessesBy Rianna MatterPrincesses Jade and Jane came to their kingdom in very different ways. Their stories are unique, but they’re beautiful in their own ways, and both end in the same place—with a Queen and King who love them.Cloud MonstersBy Francine Piriano-DavilaJack is expecting to spend the day celebrating his little brother Charlie’s birthday, but the universe has something very different in store. … read more

September Featured Title: Lead Like a Pro

This month’s featured title is Lead Like a Pro: Effective Leadership Styles for Athletic Coaches by Dr. Matthew Raidbard!Drawing on over a decade spent as a college basketball coach and original research conducted on what leadership styles and behaviors help athletic coaches be successful, Lead Like a Pro provides the resources for coaches to transform leadership practice and reach their full potential. This book is for all leaders who want to gain insight into different leadership techniques and develop a strong leadership style that fits their personal values and beliefs.We chatted with Matthew about what leadership training looks like, what … read more