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Carbon Busters by Laurel Colless

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Michigan Mascot

Open letter from Mascot Books to University of Michigan Athletic Director, Dave Brandon. Dave, On January 3rd the Michigan Wolverines square off against the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Sugar Bowl. It’ll cap a great season for both teams and mark the first meeting of two great institutions with stellar football programs. The game (and the festive New Orleans atmosphere) is precisely what makes college football the most beloved sport in America.   We here at Mascot Books are also ... read more

Happy Holidays from Mascot Books!

As 2011 draws to a close, I wanted to personally extend holiday wishes to everyone in the Mascot family - our employees, our partners, our authors, and our young readers.     Working together, we've accomplished some great things over the past twelve months.  Our creative and talented authors wrote about timely issues that inspired, educated, and entertained young readers.  We're proud of this.  We're happy that so many authors entrusted Mascot to help bring their stories to life.  We're ... read more

Sleep Angel Sleep by Leanne Levett

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Tragedy at State College

Everyone at Mascot Books is saddened, disturbed, and angered by the recent happenings at Penn State.  First and foremost, our concern rests with the victims in this horrific case. Collegiate communities are of particular importance to everyone at Mascot Books.  We started the company eight years ago with a self-published children's book about my alma mater, Virginia Tech.  This book, inspired by my daughter, was the beginning of a publishing journey that has taken us to hundreds of campuses and ... read more

Mascot Talk Available Now!

  Hey, everybody. Mascot Talk, our new and exciting iPhone app, is finally here and available for download in the iTunes store. The reaction to the app has been overwhelming! We have some of the most popular mascots available right now, like Big Al, the Nittany Lion, Albert, Brutus, Hairy Dawg, Rameses … and of course, Mascot Books’ favorite, Hokie Bird! You can learn more about the app, watch a demo, and see all of the current mascots here: Mascot ... read more

Introducing… Mascot Talk!

Our first book - “Hello, Hokie Bird” – was written for my daughter, Anna, on the drive home from a Virginia Tech Hokies football game.  That marked the humble beginning of Mascot Books … and from there, we’ve gone on to publish over three hundred titles.  Some team-related, some not, but every one created with enthusiasm and passion. For some time now, we’ve been evaluating where to take our company next and what technologies might add value to our existing ... read more

Faith Nielsen: 2011 Mascot Books Author of the Year!

The Mascot Books Author of the Year award was designed to recognize an author who showed the most dedication to producing the highest quality story, a passion for the craft of writing, a commitment to entertaining and educating the reader through literature, and the motivation to convey a positive message or theme. Above all, we wanted to recognize an important member of the Mascot Books Family. When we got together to come up with the one author that exemplified these ... read more

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