Publishing a Novel: Book Signings

So you’ve completed your manuscript and gone through production – now what? Aside from the first draft, marketing is the most important part of the process, especially when you’re self-publishing. A great way to market yourself as an author, as well as your latest book, is by doing book signings and author meet-and-greets. This is an opportunity to introduce your writing to an entirely new audience that may not have known about you otherwise. We’ve asked Sonia Farnsworth, whose book Losing the Plot in LA came out in June, to share some of her tips and tricks on … read more

August Releases!

 A fictionalized but fact-based short novel that puts you in the plane on a real life adventure to showcase the famous MGM Lion back in the roaring 20’s.
  Meet Martin Jensen, a hotshot pilot whose adventurousness doesn’t stop him from being apprehensive about flying with a caged lion, and Melvin Koontz trainer of Jackie  aka  ‘Leo’ . His patience with the animal doesn’t always extend to people who can’t quite grasp that Jackie is, really, a pussycat.
  Jensen is recruited by MGM studio head L.B. Mayer to fly Jackie cross-country on a promotional stunt, along with Koontz, who has … read more

Children’s Book Publishing Guidelines

Mascot Books has been publishing children’s books for well over a decade, and in that time we’ve gotten countless inquiries about the “correct” length of a children’s book.  We’ve asked our Senior Project/Production Manager Laura Carroll and Project Manager Meghan Reynolds to provide their insights.  Laura and Meghan will be contributing a monthly blog on the wild and crazy world of book publishing, so feel free to leave comments with any specific questions YOU want answered!

We’d like to answer 2 very important questions in our first post:
1. How long should my script be for a children’s book?
2. How … read more

Children’s Book Publishing: RYAN HAACK

This month we released a very special book that we’ve been working on with an amazing author and all around nice guy. Ryan Haack raised $29,537 through Kickstarter to fulfill his goal of publishing a children’s book – Different is Awesome! This book teaches kids that we are all different in some way and that’s what makes us unique, and of course awesome! The Different is Awesome Kickstarter Campaign raised close to $30,000 from over 500 backers. This not only funded the publishing costs but also introduced the book to readers all over the world.
Ryan has also done amazing things … read more

July Releases!

Mother of Peace

Two-thousand years ago, a young, Roman princess danced for a lustful king. She was Salome, whose name meant “peace.” But the events which followed her dance were anything but peaceful. Described by history as the epitome of the Whore of Babylon, her later portrayal in plays and movies only served to enhance this image. But what if everything we thought we knew about Salome was a lie? In this slim text, Salome walks out of the mists of time and speaks directly to the modern world about the events surrounding her life.

From the … read more

June Releases!

Awakening: The Blood Rock Prophecy

How can you be honest with others, when you can’t even be honest with yourself? Are some secrets worth keeping, even in the face of death?
A prophecy, once thought improbable, comes to the surface. An ancient rivalry and damning legacy quickly make their presence known, forcing two young friends to escape to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Can their new friends, part of the Abenaki tribe and Rowan Coven, provide them with the answer they long for? Who will survive the disturbing magical reality of being witches and the coming of age of … read more

New Book Releases!

Hotel Cuba

IMAGINE an island off limits for so many years, a forbidden fruit Americans have been deprived of tasting. Then, the gates open. Imagine that island guaranteeing erotic fantasies with no consequences.

Scattered Shells: Hello Homecoming

Whoever said high school was easy, must have attended school online. Charlie faces the ups and downs of high school life with the entire social media spotlight surrounding every scene. Why do the head and the heart always seem to disagree? Can any girl ever fall … read more

Nepal Earthquake Relief

The global community turned its attention to Nepal last week as a devastating earthquake ravaged the country. As of this morning, an estimated 5,500 lives have been lost. Another 11,000 people have been injured. These numbers are staggering.

For the survivors, it’s hard to imagine life ever getting back to normal. Families have been shattered. Homes have been lost. Life’s basic necessities have become scarce. According to NPR, 1.4M people are in need of food aid.

By all accounts, Nepal faces a humanitarian calamity. In the face of this disaster, the support extended to Nepal and its … read more

Children’s Books New Releases!


Arnie Catches a Cold

This is a story about the animals at the CAPE Animal Sanctuary located in Grass Valley, California. When Arnie the rooster comes down with a cold, his animal friends react to his sickness with concern. Without Arnie to welcome the day, what should they do? Call 911? Give him a pill? When gentle hands take Arnie away, the animals wonder if he will ever come back. Arnie’s story is one of friendship, love, and the joy of crowing.The CAPE Animal Sanctuary and can be found at

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Fiction and Non-Fiction New Releases!

RISE: Even Death Can’t Stop MeFrank Thomas struggled his entire adult life with shame from the devastating effects of an unrelenting childhood and the worst mistake he’d ever made. That is, until one day he found the courage to tell his story and it changed everything.
RISE: Even Death Can’t Stop Me is the compelling story of one boy’s battle to overcome poverty, mistakes, shame and negative self-limiting beliefs. It’s about getting knocked down and sometimes knocked out, but choosing to persevere when life shouts, “Stay down and quit!” It’s about the spirit inside that cries, … read more