Indies of the book world…UNITE!

The independent bookstore has long been a favorite gathering spot for readers, writers, and booklovers of all varieties. These stores have historically been intimate spaces in eclectic neighborhoods where books—and the ideas that they bring forward—are discovered, discussed, and purchased.

The Indie Quandary

Today, indie bookstores face formidable market challenges and are fighting to maintain their ground between corporate giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Indie authors, no matter how exceptional their content is, continue to face an uphill battle for highly coveted shelf space. As an indie publisher, we feel the indie pain…and we decided to do something about it.

Here’s how it works

We’re signing up independent bookstores across the country to join Mascot and our authors to participate in a one-of-a-kind community of indies in the book world. Participating bookstores reserve space for high-quality indie titles from authors located within their communities. While each store has final say on what books make it onto this dedicated shelf space (and the specific terms of the title acquisition), the simple goal is to bring attention to quality indie titles from local authors. As part of a bookstore’s commitment to local indie authors, each store is encouraged to have author events featuring titles from local and indie authors. Authors benefit by having a local retail partner stock their title and provide access to the store’s customer base. There’s also an opportunity for author events at the store. It’s important to remember that these titles can, of course, be sold elsewhere (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), but the Mascot Network gives local authors, and their titles, visibility in yet another outlet.

Truly a win-win-win

If you are an independent bookseller, we’d like to learn more about your store and explain how participation in the Mascot Network can not only support your local indie author community, but improve your store’s bottom line.