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Emily’s Best Gift Ever!

by Brian Wu

Emily is about to be a big sister and she’s really happy with the thought. However, sometimes she starts to wonder: what if the new baby is really loud and cries a lot? What if her parents forget about her because they’re too busy taking care of the new baby? What if her baby sister doesn’t like her?

Can you exchange a baby in the store for another baby?

Read through this heartwarming story about the queries, the doubt and the sheer joy of a girl turned-up big sister.

Knowledge is power, and kids with health conditions deserve to be empowered. The goal of the Health Stories for Kids is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters who are just like your child, discovering why they are different and learning they can overcome and lead normal lives.

ISBN: 978-1-63177-154-5

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