Aly Rutherford and the Ancients

by Mary Ann Eisenberg and Wendie Willson

Nine-year-old Aly has always been a tough, smart girl, but no kid is prepared to lose her mom. Aly’s mom disappears in the wake of a Mexico City earthquake. Aly knows her mom is alive, and Aly wants to find her. Instead, she’s sent to stay with her mysterious grandmother, MeMar, in California.

MeMar reveals that Aly is a member of a secret warrior family that’s responsible for protecting the world from evil. An unknown bad guy is plotting destruction, and Aly, her mom, and MeMar are part of his plan. Independent Aly will get help from her new friends, a pair of brothers and two talking white ravens, as she tries to save humankind.

ISBN: 978-1516888313

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