Billy Braveheart

by Marielle Pariseau

Based on the true story of a deer mouse who lived in the author’s kitchen for almost half a decade, Billy Braveheart is a tale of courage, survival, and above all else, friendship. When Billy narrowly escapes the clutches of a barn cat, he finds his way into an old farmhouse, where he struggles to find food, water, and nesting material. Just as things start to look up for the little deer mouse, his life is forever changed.

The irresistible scent of peanut butter lures Billy into a trap set by Jeanne, a young professional from the city who is determined to eradicate all mice from the porous old house she and her husband Franz have just moved into. When Jeanne, horrified at the sight of the wounded mouse, decides to save Billy’s life, he ends up her captive, confined to a round cage. As the two figure out how to live under the same roof in an environment totally foreign to both, Billy and Jeanne develop a mutual admiration and, as the seasons unfold, an unlikely friendship.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-665-2

sku: 04-2716-01