Christmas Comes to Prairie Dog Village: A Christmas Adventure Story

by Rick Zuroweste

Pip is a prairie dog pup (the runt of the litter, mind you) who, like all prairie dogs, lives underground. Unlike all other prairie dogs, Pip is afraid of the world Up Top so he stays in his room, reading and dreaming of a Christmas he’s never known. That is until one night when Pip hears a cry for help outside his tunnel.

Soon, Pip finds himself on a Christmas adventure with Gretchen, a feisty dachshund, as they help the injured reindeer Thunderbolt get back to the North Pole. But treacherous terrain and all manner of hungry forest predators stand in their way. Will they make it in time for Christmas?

ISBN: 978-1-64307-251-7

sku: 04-2163-01