Dragons of Wonder: The Big Change

by Reena Stevens

Icy Lakita is a regular, average Ice Dragon that has lived in peace in her home world, Navitee, for fourteen wonderful years. But, everything in her life is altered when she gets a letter that invites her to attend a unique school: Dragons of Wonder.

The school is perfect in the beginning. Icy’s best friend was also asked to attend the school, and Icy gets to experience so many new things alongside her friend. Suddenly, though, the circumstances at Dragons of Wonder begin to change for the worse. Icy meets a cruel professor, finds an ominous staircase that only she can see, and an odd, mystifying cloud attacks her school. So many more strange things keep occurring . . . and no one knows who—or what—is to blame.

While Icy learns to adjust to her new surroundings, she must also discover the source of the havoc all around her. Will she solve the mystery, or become the next target?

ISBN: 978-1-64543-138-1

sku: 04-2425-01