The Adventures of Star Child and Solar Sister

by Monica Oliver and Jace Oliver

When an accident nearly claims Astronaut Luna Mare’s life, her team is forced to leave the moon without her, but she finds comfort and safety among the beings who secretly call the moon their home. She forms a bond with their leader, who she lovingly calls Moon, and it sparks romance. Although it breaks her heart, she must return to Earth, but little did she know that she was not alone. Luna was expecting twins.

Years pass, and Leo and Sola are always proud of their mother the astronaut. Luna does her best to give them a normal childhood, but she should have known they were never meant to lead ordinary lives. On their eleventh birthday, they discover that they inherited powers from their father, and their ancestry comes to light. Moon is ready to start teaching them what it means to be a Moonie, but what happens when other forces despise Moonie presence on Earth and Luna is taken in the crossfire? Together with Moon, Leo and Sola must travel the solar system and learn to use their powers as heroes Star Child and Solar Sister, all to protect the galaxy and rescue their mother.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-554-9

sku: 04-2347-01