The Weeping House

by F. P. LaRue
Ollie and his two best friends, Scotty and Mellie, learn that a local house may be haunted. Legend has it that a young woman, Eleanor, had a curse put on her by a spurned suitor, and is confined to the house for eternity. It is said that you can hear her sobbing from within the house.
Ollie, Mellie, and Scotty find the Weeping House and discover that the mystery and curse are actually true. Along their journey, they encounter ghosts and terrifying creatures. They discover an amulet, a diary, and a handkerchief with magical powers, but each only works for one of them. The three friends must work together to combine their powers, solve the mystery, and break the curse on Eleanor so that her spirit can be set free.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-936-9

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