A Boy Named Penguin: Different is the New Perfect

by Aaron LaPedis

Finalist in Colorado Author’s League 2019 Awards  

Different is the New Perfect features a character who uses a wheelchair. The book shows that everyone's differences make them unique and wonderful in their own way, and that these unique qualities should be celebrated and accepted.

Logan goes to school, where he and his friend, Austin, have a disagreement. They accidentally knock over the cages and containers in their class zoo, releasing frogs and butterflies into the classroom and down the hallway. With very little time to spare before class starts, Logan and his friends must work together to put things right before their teacher, Mrs. McG, discovers anything is amiss. While Austin refuses to help, Logan and his friend, Andrea, use their special gifts and secret super powers to round up the critters escaping their classroom. With the help of Frog Fetcher Girl and Super Penguin, the day is saved and a lesson is learned: people that are different are perfect in their own way.

In this book, children learn that not everyone looks the same; some people may have a different skin color, some may use a wheelchair or other medical devices, or some may just dress a little different. Every child is special and amazing in their own way, and they should be celebrated no matter what their differences are.

ISBN: 978-0-5784408-8-0
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