Big Daddy and Friends on Fripp Island

by Mary T. Jacobs

This tale takes place on a small isle in South Carolina, and is where hundreds of types of birds and mammals roam. On one fine day, Big Daddy and Rico decide to look for some new animal pals on Fripp Island. Their odyssey starts when the run into Ollie Osprey, who is more than thrilled to join the posse on their adventure. After a long day of gathering new friends to their circle, Big Daddy, Rico, and all of their new buddies spend time on the shoreline to stare at the beautiful sun setting on the ocean. This lovely homage to friendship and community is the fourth installment on a series about Fripp Island, and continues to spark the imaginations of residents and visitors alike.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-563-1

sku: 04-2675-01