From My Window I See… The Seasons

by Dr. Barbara Cavanagh

From My Window I See.. The Seasons will have children accessing their natural ability to wonder and think about the world outside their window. Using lyrical verses and beautiful illustrations, this book encourages the essential developmental growth of better visual and auditory skills that are necessary to building better reading skills, as well as necessary for vocabulary development. By unplugging from technology, kids will be able to celebrate the beauty of their environment and will allow parents and children to expand their practice of mindfulness, increase a child’s sense of well being, and help reduce anxiety.

Since many children must spend their time inside due to stay at home orders and COVID-19, and because parents often have to limit the amount of time children spend outside without careful supervision due to safety risks, the ability to spend time with an adult discussing and naming the elements and seeing the world from their window has become particularly important in today’s more restrictive, modern society.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-197-8

sku: 04-2218-01