In Mommy’s Tummy

by Matthew E. Bass

In Mommy’s Tummy is a rhyming, simple story told from the perspective of expecting parents. Meant to be read to a young audience, it takes the reader through the phases of pregnancy. From the excited moment of discovery, through the extensive plans of clothes and nurseries, to sonogram pictures, debating over names, and the hopeful anticipation of birth, it is meant to help a young child process how they entered their parents’ lives before they came into the world. It is also meant to help young siblings understand what goes on before their baby sibling arrives. Artist Ashley Bittner brings this world to life with stunning, vibrant, expressive illustrations. The combination of short text and luscious art helps children conceptualize their parents preparing for birth, while evoking the heart and love with which we anticipate the newest additions to our homes.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-378-1

sku: 04-2583-01