Mirth Meets Earth

by Michelle Glasser

Mirth moves like a flash in the night, but she takes us on a global adventure that’s out of sight. She might look like your neighbor’s pet, but Mirth comes from a distant planet we haven’t discovered yet. As Mirth zips around the sky, she shows us Earth with a fresh set of eyes. From above, Earth looks peaceful and well; Mirth gives us an ambitious introduction to the continents on which we dwell. Mirth will return to see what more is in store; till then, she hopes we get curious about what lies beyond our front door. Mirth shows us we are connected by this one home, one we must care for and roam.

Read with your child while your fingers walk around the globe. Look things up. Encourage questions. Catch Mirth’s curiosity—it could last a lifetime.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-459-0

sku: 04-1795-01