Nursery Rhymes for Kinder Times®

Volume 1

Pam Gittleman

A Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Book

Winner of a Gold Literary Titan Award

Winner of a Mom’s Choice Award

2023 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite

What happens when the Three Kind Mice put their heads (and bodies!) together to get some cheese on top of the kitchen counter? Will Humpty Dumpty be left in pieces when his friends notice that he’s fallen off the wall? And who will get bags of wool—and books and toys—from Baa Baa Bright Sheep?

Volume 1 of this endearing collection includes updated versions of eight traditional rhymes with beloved characters in new situations and stories that nurture empathy, kindness, and gratitude. Coupled with discussion questions and emojis to promote the social and emotional intelligence of preschoolers, each rhyme will delight and educate a new generation of children.

Nursery Rhymes for Kinder Times®️

Helping to Raise Kind Kids, One Rhyme at a Time!

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ISBN: 978-1-63755-802-7

sku: 14-3291-01