Swamp Diva

by Brenda Farrington

Tourists travel from miles around to see the trendiest gator in the bayou, but where could she be? Lounging in her chair, polishing her pointy claws or reading the latest issue of Glamour Gator’s magazine?
With a love for all things sparkly and bright, Swamp Diva yearns to be beautiful, like she thinks a queen should be. But will glamour and jewels be enough to make this sassy gator a proper queen? Momma Gator doesn’t think so...
Let this light-hearted story with delightful rhymes and beautiful illustrations carry you to the bayou where Swamp Diva learns to sparkle from inside. Follow along as she discovers that a beautiful character can be seen by all, and is the most important element of style. 

ISBN: 978-1-64307-068-1
SKU: 04-2083-01
Categories:Picture Books