The Amazing Adventures of Little Right Sock

by: Brintha J. Gardner

Oh no! A little girl is missing her right sock!

It may have fallen off somewhere along the way…or could it have gone on an exciting elephant ride? Perhaps it’s hiding among sparkling jewels in a treasure chest! If you lost your very own little right sock, where do you think it would go? What would it do?

Share this whimsical story of imaginative sequences and thrilling adventures with the children in your life!

A Story Monsters Approved! Story 

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“A creative romp and a virtual sock hop!”

—Robert J. Blake, award-winning author and illustrator

A portion of the net proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to charity. Author Brintha J. Gardner believes in a world where everyone feels confident in themselves and their image. She is donating to the Love Your Natural Self Foundation (LYNS) which is “a non-profit dedicated to improving self-esteem and empowering others to be the best version of themselves possible.” Learn more about LYNS and their work here


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