The Fate of the Frog

ISBN: 978-1-684-01467-5

Product Description:

The winner of the 2018 Beverly Hills Children’s Fiction Book Award, this Dr. Seuss-inspired tale by Melissa Rooney follows one frog’s plight to escape its evaporating birth puddle in a setting plagued by drought. Richly illustrated and written with lyrical mastery, this heartfelt story emphasizes the importance of water resources and is sure to capture the imaginations of children and adults, alike.

From the Author:

The Fate of the Frog is the perfect supplement for required Kindergarten thorough fifth-grade science curricula (, which include:


K.E.1. Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year.

First Grade:

1.L.1 Understand characteristics of various environments and behaviors of humans that enable plants and animals to survive.

1.L.2 Summarize the needs of living organisms for energy and growth.

2nd Grade:

2.E.1 Understand patterns of weather and factors that affect weather.

2.L.1 Understand animal life cycles.

4th Grade:

4.L.1 Understand the effects of environmental changes, adaptations and behaviors that enable animals (including humans) to survive in changing habitats.

5th Grade:

5.L.2 Understand the interdependence of plants and animals with their ecosystem.

If you are near Durham, NC (within 2-hours-drive), author Melissa Rooney will come to your school and do the first reading, with a tadpole craft using recycled materials. Don’t hesitate to contact her via the links below:


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