What’s College About Anyway?

by Betty Thomas Patterson   Have you ever dreamed of college? Today, Miss Sims is talking with her class about college and answering all of their questions. What can you study at college? Will you meet new people? Are there other things to do beside study? What's college about anyway? From Kirkus Reviews: "Patterson does a fantastic job of presenting the most important and thrilling parts of the college experience, which will surely motivate young students to later attend. The noticeable diversity among the students (black, white, and Asian; male and female) sends a clear message that anyone can pursue higher education (“You can be the first in your family to go”). Also, Prajogo’s (Banana Chronicles: The Lost Medallion, 2017, etc.) vivid illustrations with a chalkboard-green theme capture the excitement of education and even show the kids as young adults. An informative, exciting book about a truly valuable topic." ISBN: 978-1-68401-385-2  
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