The Dullest Pencil

by William T. Holt

Oh no!

Trouble awaits when Thomas

forgets to do what his mother

asked…AGAIN! He didn’t mean

to forget…he just kind of… forgot. If only he could remember everything like Pa’ Paw does! Over the summer, Pa’ Paw teaches Thomas his secret to remembering everything he has to do.

How will Thomas know it works?

Pa’ Paw comes up with a great plan

to see what Thomas learned. Along

the way Thomas discovers how rewarding it is to get things done and how others are dependable because they understand how the dullest pencil builds the sharpest mind.

The Dullest Pencil puts a simple concept everyone learns into a fun-filled tale that turns trouble into triumph!

ISBN: 978-0-98859-813-3

sku: 04-1187-01