Our Journey, My Path Home

by Jim Yake

For most of us, the phrase “once upon a time” elicits fond memories of childhood stories. Yet as we grow older and mature, we most often forget perhaps the most essential aspect that such tales were meant to convey—the importance of believing.

Our Journey, My Path Home is not such a fairy tale. It is a deeply personal story of two people written as an atypical chronicle of their lives together. You are introduced to this couple through a series of anecdotes that provide insight into their backgrounds and personalities as evidenced during the first thirteen years of their relationship. The story then jumps forward in time to the recent past which begins with a decision the couple make as they travel home. At this stage (Part Two) the writing is akin to a journal which conveys each step in the process as they make their way back “home”. Here the author employs flashbacks to fill in the many critical events that transpired during the intervening years. His memories, both good and bad, come to mind as their journey home unfolds. The last portion of the book is introspective, reflecting upon and coping with the untimely loss of his dear spouse and the need to fulfill his promise to “continue”. Candid insights, personal opinions, and internalized beliefs are contained in Part Three—often in visceral terms. His remaining journey gives witness to a metamorphosis that occurs, one based entirely on faith and beliefs.

This is a true story that depicts their journey in life together along with the start of his remaining journey. Above all, this is a love story that shares with you their most joyous times as well as times of utter sadness. The book touches upon matters of the heart, mind, and soul. It is sure to affect you even if tragedy hasn’t entered your life. The candor and conversational style gives you rare insight into these individuals and perhaps may prompt reflection upon your life’s journey as well.

ISBN: 978-1-63177-436-2

sku: 08-195-01