Court of the Dark Fae

by Aiysha Qureshi
The people of the magical realm Moira find themselves on the brink of war. Dwarf Queen Nessa will do anything to make sure that Dark Fae King Oren loses his seat as the High King, even at the cost of his life.
While traveling to the human realm in search of a gift for his daughter, Oren is severely wounded. Willow Blackplum, a seemingly ordinary human, finds the king and treats his injuries, and, fascinated by her kindness, Oren invites her back to Moira. There Willow faces the Dwarf Queen's peril and learns a shocking truth about her family and past. In the looming war, Willow’s role and the secrets she uncovers are beyond even her wildest dreams.

ISBN: 9781637556276


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