Maradonia and the Guardians of the Portal

by Sofia Nova

After two siblings are shipwrecked off the coast of Maradonia, they are thrust into a treacherous journey involving fierce warrior mermaids. Maya and Joey soon realize their only way home is through a teleportation portal . . . that doesn’t work.

The two join the mermaids to find a way to reawaken the portal before it falls into the wrong hands. Just when their adventures seems to be going smoothly, a United States military expedition lands on the shores of Maradonia and starts their own search for the portal. To make matters even worse, the Dark Realm declares war on the mermaids. Fighting one enemy is bad enough, but battling two assaulting opponents may prove too much for the mermaids. In Maradonia and the Guardians of the Portal, Maya and Joey are in far more trouble than they ever imagined: the ultimate battle for control of the universe.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-761-7

SKU: 18-1152-01
Categories:Fiction, Fantasy, Teen/Young Adult