A Quiet Hero

by Dwight Harshbarger

After seizing Europe, the Nazis begin to execute “the final solution” by conducting a census of Jews in each of the Occupied countries that is driven by IBM technology. After the census in Holland, the Nazis used the census to murder 75 percent of the Dutch Jews. After the census in France, the Nazis used the census to murder 25 percent of the country’s Jews. What made France different?
At Vichy France’s National Statistical Service headquarters in Lyon, General René Carmille and his aide Miriam Dupré know spies are everywhere. They race against time to sabotage the census-based lists of Jews and mobilize the Resistance to combat the Nazi death machine. In this novel, Miriam tells the true story of General René Carmille’s leadership in saving the lives of thousands of Jews—the story of A Quiet Hero.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-276-0
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