Jawbone Holler

Coming to grips with his troubled early adulthood just prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War, Perry Adams finds himself on a dramatic and spiritual journey in Jawbone Holler, a folkloric saga set against the backdrop of a nation in transition.

The great-great-grandson of a pirate, Perry taps into that spirit to make a harrowing trek across three states in pursuit of a farm to call his own in the fabled promised land known as Kansas. In his quest for life, love, and liberty amid the strife of antebellum America, this adventure leads him to northeast Kansas as an unprepared squatter during a brutal winter. Quickly becoming a living legend in the nearby boomtown settlement, he strikes up life-changing relationships with a memorable cast of characters on both the pro- and anti-slavery sides of the Missouri River: a constable, a pair of freed slaves, a priest, a shop owner, a bartender, and a man chained to alcohol who believes he is magical.

Despite the historical tensions along the borders, Perry’s growth matches his conviction to win the heart of an enigmatic young woman who tickles the ivories at a local saloon. But as he navigates personal and social turmoil, will he be drawn into the action of the war? And if so, will he survive in order to overcome the ghosts of his troubled past?

ISBN: 978-1-63755-998-7
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