The War At Home: Skirmish for the Upper West Side (Book 3)

by John McEveety Woodruff

In the third and final volume of The War at Home series, author John Woodruff sees the Prescotts off as they maneuver into adulthood during an era in which the Vietnam conflict seems endless. And as some of the family continue to navigate the material world, so do two of their own in the afterlife. Patiently waiting to be accepted into the Elysian Fields, Emily and Bartholomew Prescott explore Metacosma, the space and time held in between mortal death and eternity. Working toward an ending that crescendos with every passing page, Woodruff weaves together the earthly and otherworldly with searing prose and cutting imagination. The War at Home: Skirmish for the Upper West Side is a masterful conclusion that will leave you breathless long after the last page is turned.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-622-8

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Categories:Historical Fiction