To Every Page a Turning: One Life’s Journey

by Carl Buccellato

Whilst an older man is cleaning out documents from his messy garage collection, he stumbles upon a vintage text that he wrote decades before as part of his recovery treatment. It was a therapeutic tool to help him deal with difficult memories from his history. He was a younger man when he wrote those words, and as an elderly man near the end of his life, he begins to think about his entire journey through the years. As he peruses the manuscript, the things of the past begin to recall themselves in his mind. He comes to learn that our lifetimes are like pages moving from one place in our lives to another, each different, containing gems and trials of their own, and each a perspective into the knowledge of who we are and who we were fated to become. In this novel, the tale starts in the America of the fifties. Traveling amongst the decades and the ups and downs of war and prosperity, the story also details the temporal movement of an entire generation, as well. The reader will find in the protagonist a man perhaps not unlike themselves, in pursuit of tranquility. Perhaps they, like he, will have experienced the travails of the twentieth century both in amazement and anxiety of what is to come.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-522-8
SKU: 08-708-01
Categories:Fiction, Historical Fiction