Leaving Gary

by John V. Amodeo

When one young man, arrested as a result of an entrapment drug sale, falls into a downward spiral, he is imprisoned in an Indiana state prison and destined for failure in society’s eyes. Kevin Bolton’s luck seems to have run out. But after a two-year sentence, a new man emerges from prison, wiser and changed, as a result of a dream from his late mother. Kevin returns to his hometown, Gary, and he rejoins his old boxing gym. There he is introduced to a trainer who molds him into a formidable contender. Kevin’s pugilistic accomplishments gain the attention of the boxing world and send him to Madison Square Garden for his debut fight. Leaving Gary is a journey, telling the story of perseverance against all odds and inspiring hope in the human spirit.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-272-8

sku: 18-968-01